A Century of Evolving For OSI Industries

Today if you talk about OSI Industries, then you are talking about the world largest food provider. An organization that is having over 20,000 employees who work in the 17 countries and 65 facilities. The rise of OSI Industries came from a humble beginning up to a major corporation that is being referred to. It can be regarded as a significant slice that is from the 20th century in the American economic history. The company keeps growing and evolving technologically to become the modern story, a globalized economy.

The company’s root history is from an American immigrant experience. During the turn of 20th century, a German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky migrated to Chicago, Illinois. The quarter of the whole city population was made of German descent during that time. The city was thriving very well as a new entry point for the immigrants who were moving towards the west so that they could go to farms that were on the plains. The other reason for the thriving of the city is because it was a center for industries in the country. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

Kolshowsky opened a retail for selling meat that was small and located it in the Oak Park, Chicago western side. It was in 1909 two years after he had arrived in the US. The butcher shop was serving the community. He made the business to thrive well and within a decade, after the first world war ended, he had expanded the retail into a wholesale business. It included expanding his operations to Maywood, another Chicago superb. After another decade, the business had followed the similar storyline for the family which was then re-branded in 1928 as Otto & Sons.

It started as Otto & Sons and within decades later, the business had started stabilizing as a successful local business. The business was still small but a vital business for the American community. It continued growing even after world war II.

It was after many decades that the organization came to be called OSI Industries which is a global corporation, having started from a regional Otto & Sons supplier. OSI Industries ensures that there is consistency supply of products to each and every customer they have. It expanded as their loyal customer McDonald’s for hamburgers pressured them for his restaurants. They also had pressure from many customers and their aim was to produce consumer-driven, affordable and with a consistent product which could be transported far distances to the widening range of restaurants from McDonald.

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