Using the Securus Technologies Monitoring System to Prevent Crime

My jail has the heaviest population of gang members in the country. The problem has become so bad that we have to separate the inmates now based on their gang affiliation in order to keep the peace. Even then, unsuspecting inmates who walk in and cross an imaginary line find themselves being attacked without eve knowing why.


To help control the violence, we have to eliminate things like drugs and weapons. The inmates use the drugs to sell to addicts and then use the cash to buy things. They use the weapons to control other inmates or to lash out at the guards. My team has to go through a number of processes each day to try and control contraband from getting to the inmates. If we were to stop for even a day, the problem would quickly go from dangerous to deadly.


When we set up my team in the visitor center, it is in an effort to stop people from the outside from bringing things to the inmates. We do several full body searches, even letting the dogs loose to see if they detect anything. We have another resource that proves to be even more effective.


Securus Technologies installed the telephone monitoring system we now use to listen to inmate calls. The LBS software is so effective it allows us to be in other place while the system scans calls for all sorts of verbiage. When inmates talk about drugs, we get an alert and can often spring into action immediately. The company is based out of Dallas, and all 1,000 employees work every day towards the single objective of making the work safe.


Now we can hear inmates talking about selling drugs, making others sell drugs, and even how they receive drugs, allowing us to nip things in the bud as they are happening.


Richard Mishaan Showcases the Quality Which Comes from Artistic Expertise

Over the years I’ve had a chance to enjoy quite a few custom designs. This ranges from portraits in a gallery to artistically crafted furniture. But there’s one name which I keep coming back to when I want to showcase some of the best talent in New York. That amazing artist is Richard Mishaan. What makes him particularly noteworthy to me is his range of vision. If my own impression of what constitutes art seems expansive, than it’s in large part due to learning from Mishaan’s impressive portfolio. He’s worked on a wide variety of different art pieces. And he’s also been able to take that vision into the realm of artistic home design. Richard Mishaan Design essentially turns the world itself into an artistic vision.


One of my favorite examples of his work can be found in Cartagena. Richard Mishaan Design recognized the strong natural beauty that’s present in this coastal location. He began with a 16th century residence which was in need of maintenance. The former owners had sectioned it off and Richard Mishaan Design needed to create a newly unified whole. But he also had to work within the constraints of historical preservation. This led him to create something that can best be thought of as a blend of natural beauty, historical elegance and modern aesthetics.


It’s one of the best examples of how Richard Mishaan Design integrates an artistic perspective into home design. Art is all about creating and guiding emotion. And his work at Cartagena does a wonderful job of guiding people’s emotions as they progress through the residence. The transition from nature is accompanied by beautiful wooden doors which marry antiquity and nature. This transitions into gentle and soothing pigments that mesh with the coastal aesthetic which one had previously soaked in.


This is only one example of what Richard Mishaan Design is able to accomplish. However, I consider it the perfect demonstration of what an artistic eye can bring to a home environment. It shows that art isn’t simply something confined to a small area. It’s something that can be a living environment in which one can feel at home.

Mishaan Statement

Taste a Difference in Interior and Architectural Design with Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan design is a household name in architectural and interior design industry. The firm, owned by Richard Mishaan has received immense reputation for magnificent interior designs in New York. Nearly, every luxurious design you spot in the city’s homes and commercial buildings is inspired and designed by Richard Mishaan.


A native of Columbia, Italy, Richard Mishaan attended Columbia University School of Architecture and later earned a BA from the New York University. Before founding Richard Mishaan Design, he worked in other companies that equipped him with invaluable skills, which helped him to launch and run his firm. Mr. Mishaan started career as an apprentice at Philip Johnson Offices where he accumulated great skill in interior and architectural design.


Each of the project undertaken by Richard Mishaan Design is given unwavering attention to ensure that the quality exceeds the client’s expectations. To impress his clients, Mishaan uses common designs techniques but adds creative twists from different ages to produce unique styles. Richard’s elegant designs featured in Richard Mishaan Design website speaks volume on his ability in interior decor. One of his stunning projects is 93RD Street Sales Center. Richard has given the rooms a unique ambience that can hardly be spotted in a brown room.


Besides his excellence in the design industry, Mishaan has authored books with an aim of sharing his extensive knowledge across the world. Artfully Modern is one of the books that has captured the attention of many readers. The captivating book, gives a different outlook about decorating small space or rooms. In this book, Mishaan dismisses the notion that only a collections of expensive items can bring out elegance in a room. He assures the readers that even ordinary assortment can be used to create classy space. He has also written another book titled Modern Luxury.

Improving Lives with Internal Medicine; Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran P. Haque is a medical doctor with offices in both Ramseur and Asheboro. The clinics provide care to the inhabitants of the two locations and the surrounding regions. He is an extremely established doctor of Internal Medicine, also referred to as an Internist. Dr. Imran Haque has been catering to patients for the past 15 years, if not more, and he is known to provide many medical options such as Venus Body Contouring, 360 resurfacing, weight management, Botox, dermal fillers, physical exams, and management of diabetes.



His deep knowledge as a seasoned internist allows for him to offer many such medical options to his patients. Patients go for appointments to Dr. Imran for specific help and also so he can be their preferred doctor and this is attributed to the various medical services he has. He is capable of treating his patients directly from his office which boasts of the capability of in-office ultrasound and laboratory services. Looking at some services provided at his facilities would give us a better understanding of these internal medicine procedures. 360 Resurfacing incorporates the use of lasers to revitalize the patient’s skin. It promotes the enhancement of skin texture, tone, color, and also tightens skin. It is carried out over a few weeks to allow the skin to heal.



They also offer Venus Body Contouring which has really helped the North Carolina residents of Ramseur and Asheboro, and Dr. Imran Haque is one of the leading specialists in this field. This procedure helps to enhance the shape of the body, and it is not an invasive treatment. It minimizes wrinkles, reduces cellulite, and also tightens the skin. The treatment entails the use of heat to awaken the body’s naturally occurring processes that are involved in fat removal. The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields along with multipolar radio frequencies warm the skin which in turn the body is made to release stress hormones found in fat cells in the hypodermis. It takes part of a day to complete this treatment and the healing period is also short.


Dr. Imran Haque studied Internal Medicine, Roanoke-Salem Program, at the University of Virginia Internal. He is a licensed medical practitioner in North Carolina and is also part of the of Accreditation Course for Internal Medicine.

Adam Milstein’s Dream for Israel

Adam Milstein is a man with a great dream and vision to see a better Israel. A desire to see the Jewish people thrive and be successful. For this reason, he has been involved in supporting numerous non-governmental organizations in Israel which have the aim of empowering the Israelite people in different ways.

It is to this effect that Adam founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an initiative which is keen in financially supporting organizations that are majorly involved in empowering and teaching the youth about issues to do with the western world. The organization seeks to teach students about ways they can embrace their Jewish background and connect with Israel as a country. By doing so, the people will develop their own country.

It is due to this involvement in empowering the Jews that Milstein has earned recognition as part of the 200 people in the world who have most power when it comes to philanthropy. The list which was compiled by a British magazine, Richtopia, alongside Rise, which is a system designed to rank the impact people make on social media. Milstein said that he was honored for the recognition and that he and his wife Mila will continue to do good to the Jewish people.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is currently the manager of Hager Pacific Properties which is a real estate company based in California. He holds an MBA which he attained at the University of Southern California which saw him develop his career in real estate development. Before going to the US, he served as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, particularly during the Yom Kippur war.

Currently, Milstein serves on boards of different organizations some which he has helped to fund. He chairs the Israeli-America Council. He is a board member of Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, and AIPC National Council among others. Together with his wife, they are partners at Sifriyat Pijama B’Amerrica which provides Hebraic books to the Jewish community living in the United States, to teach them the ancient Jewish values. Due to his efforts and commitment to the Jewish community, he has received recognition as a community leader by the Jewish communities he serves.

Getting The Buzz On Whitney Wolfe

Bumble BFF is the latest and greatest app to find your new bestie without having to set foot outside of your door. The app is a natural offshoot of the popular dating app Bumble, a company for women and run by women.

When the founder of Bumble Whitney Wolfe realized that users were making not just dating connections but friendship connections, she took the idea of creating a friendship app and ran with it. The app is targeted to the tech savvy, always on the go twenty something demographic that Whitney Wolfe identifies with. As a successful business owner with little free time for socializing Whitney Wolfe saw a need for a way to find girlfriends easily.

Here’s how easy Bumble BFF is: you download the Bumble dating app, Facebook pulls your information and you create a profile. Once you’ve initiated your profile you can switch to the Bumble BFF mode and easily check out potential BFF’s at your leisure. The dating mode is disabled so the user can relax while they look for friendly connections. If you find a profile that you like you have the option to chat. Bumble BFF puts women in control – if you decide you don’t want to continue the friendship you can simply ignore the message. All messages disappear after twenty-four hours.

With over eleven million users registered on Bumble you would think that Whitney Wolfe would be satisfied with her overwhelming success. But her lifelong passion for learning about the world drives her to seek new ways to look at old problems. Whitney Wolfe pulls from her experiences living abroad to fuel her desire to help people communicate more successfully.

Her first entrepreneurial success started when she was a sophomore at Southern Methodist University where she sold tote bags to fellow students in response to the British Petroleum oil spill in 2010. After time spent traveling in Cambodia Whitney Wolfe worked at Hatch Labs who launched the popular Tinder app. Whitney Wolfe will continue to give women the power to connect on their own terms in the world of social media.

Traveling Vineyard Business Model Details

Nowadays you can make money selling makeup, jewelry, athletic wear and skin care. Why not make money selling wine? As the old saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you love wine, a job with Traveling Vineyard might be a perfect fit for you.

Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 with the idea that it is hard to know what kind of wine you like without tasting it first. While taking a trip out to Napa Valley or another Traveling vineyard started  home is one way to sample some wines, doing it in your own home would be much easier. Each Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard is trained and prepared in order to be successful at their flexible in-home business. Their Sommology program provides top-notch wine education, preparing their wine guides to present professional wine tastings with an excellent selection of Traveling Vineyard boutique wines.

Traveling Vineyard equips each trained Wine Guide with a Success Kit that includes a selection of wines, tasting glasses and wine accessories. This Success Kit equips guides to conduct fun, entertaining, and educational wine tastings for friends, family, acquaintances and members of their community. The people who attend the tastings then have the opportunity to purchase bottles of their favorite wines. The support offered to Wine Guides doesn’t end after the initial training. Cheerleaders and local leaders continue to provide necessary support while Wine Guides embark on their exciting and flexible career doing what they love.

Even if you love drinking wine but know very little about its complexities, your Sommology Guide will fill you in on what you need to know. Everything from general information on wine, the unique profile of Traveling Vineyard wines, to information on how to pair wines with foods is provided.

A fun, online training center called the Tasting Room offers you even more of the support you need without forcing to travel out of town for training. This site includes introductions to Vineyard wines, instruction on growing a business and a team, and information on how to conduct a tasting. If you enjoy training in person, don’t fear. Your regional director can work with you directly or connect you with someone closer by who can be with you during your early days as a Wine Guide. Additionally, Traveling Vineyard offers an annual Harvest Conference for fun, learning and socializing. Team leaders can also offer regional meetings for additional community and support.

You never have to fear that you won’t be well equipped with the education and resources you need in order to rock your new business venture. You will also become one of the most popular destinations for friends, because a party centered around wine is sure to be a hit.

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Highland Capital Management: Leading Investment Sector by Innovation and Aggressive Strategies

Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based investment management and advisory firm, leads the investment sector by innovation and aggressive investment strategies. The company which is founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero as a mere startup in 1993, has grown tremendously over the last two decades, and currently, it holds assets more than $15.4 under its management. The leadership of the firm is futuristic and insightful, and that helped it to come up with innovative products and solutions with customization for clients. It started operations by targeting the fixed income markets that included senior secured bank loan management.


Highland Capital currently focuses on credit strategies, such as collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), credit hedge funds, special situation and distressed private equity, and separate accounts and long-only funds. Now, the firm is an industry leader in CLO operations, and as of today, it has structured or monitored more than $30 billion worth CLOs/CDOs. Interestingly, its every market portfolios and equity funds are providing excellent returns on customer investments. For instance, Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund has given three times the return of the S&P 500 Index in 2016. Michael Gregory, the fund manager of the Equity Fund, ensured some smart investments on energy stocks under the guidance of James Dondero, and that contributed half of the Equity Fund’s total return. Currently, Gregory is focusing on investing in the health-care sector considering the great rebound expected in the industry this year.


Highland Capital Management expanded its operations beyond the U.S., and it has offices in Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paulo in addition to New York and Dallas. The firm also provides alternate investment options such as long/short equities, emerging markets, and natural resources. Highland Capital is also known for its philanthropic commitments and community support programs. The investment firm has set up a charitable arm called Highland Dallas Foundation, to administer the giving and the support works efficiently. In October 2016, the investment firm made an exclusive challenge grant program with “The Family Place” worth $1 million. The Family Place is a non-profit group which supports the victims of family violence by various means including counseling, shelter, legal support, vocational training, and job assistance.

Cameron Clokie: the Crème de la Crème of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Canada

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an internationally renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon based in Toronto. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc., a company that researches on and develops new musculoskeletal reconstruction procedures.

He also taught at the University of Toronto for more than two decades until 2017 when he retired to concentrate on his research projects. Dr. Clokie holds a DDS and a PhD in bone regeneration from McGill University.

Canada’s Best

Cameron Clokie is one of the most highly sought-after oral and maxillofacial surgeons, not just in Canada but internationally as well. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

He is well known for his great achievements in the field. With over three decades’ experience in the industry, he is an expert at his job. His experience and expertise in the industry make him an invaluable resource in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, and he has served (and still serves) on the boards of a number of companies where he plays an advisory role.

New Bone Regeneration Procedure in Toronto

Dr. Cameron Clokie was one of the pioneers of a new bone regeneration procedure. The procedure has been done on 8 patients so far, and the results are simply amazing. Thanks to it, the patients’ quality of life has been greatly improved. It is currently performed at only two hospitals in Toronto but the technique is a great breakthrough and is expected to be adopted by surgeons all over the world to help their patients.

It is fast and painless and has eliminated the need for painful body reconstruction procedures. The recovery period is much shorter when compared to that of traditional procedures. A patient spends less than 5 days in hospital and can resume normal life in about two weeks.


Dr. Clokie’s achievements are truly changing the world of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He is determined to come up with more efficient medical procedures that are less uncomfortable for patients, and yield much better results than conventional procedures.

His passion for his job has driven him to become one of the biggest authorities in the field, with several published papers and local and international patents to his name.


Why Hiring a Rubbish Disposal Service is Crucial

An environment which is clean is a happy one. Regardless of it is your office or home surroundings, it’s crucial to ensure that the environment is de-cluttered frequently and items that are no longer required should be taken off the surroundings. This doesn’t mean taking away things only from your bedroom and living room and placing them in storage. To clean completely, you must eradicate all items that are unneeded entirely.



Nonetheless, it may be a bit difficult to pick all the things that are not required for the office and home, gather them in a vehicle and then take them to the dustbin numerous time till all the debris has been eradicated. A less difficult way to do this is getting the help of an expert rubbish removal specialist. The following are some things you should understand before hiring one.



If you have a massive heap of trash filling up your office or home, hiring a professional service is the ideal way to eradicate them. They ensure that there isn’t any piece of debris remaining and your surrounding is totally free of dirt. The vehicle will gather the waste whenever you desire and driving to dispose of it will be your duty.



It is very cost efficient to hire such a service. Asides from having the appropriate kind of vehicles for garbage disposals, they also take as many trips to the dumpster as needed to eradicate all the dirt.



Clearabee is a rubbish clearance company situated in the UK. Clearabee provides same day services and also include loading and labor services. They are also highly flexible in the eradication of waste streams with their rubbish removal.