Debt Elimination Through CCMP Capital

People always wonder about the best way to go about planning the path to prosperity. Who wouldn’t want to live a peaceful retirement life that is free of health and financial concerns? Certainly according to Fortune Magazine, for some this means investing in some of the venues that will help in getting superior returns. More important than that is building a stable future, financially, so that the investment is sound and wealth is bound to grow.

CCMP Capital is one such firm that is specialized in investment plans and strategies. Its founder Steve Murray has a number of years of experience in the finance industry. The firm has a wide range of products and services in areas including, but not limited to, stock investment, estate planning, retirement planning, mergers, acquisitions, underwriting and asset administration. CCMP Capital experts like Steve Murray are well-versed in providing advice and solutions to many financial problems on both individual and corporate levels. These advice and support are helpful in eliminating your debt, living within your means, adopting a discipline, investing wisely, thinking in long term and much else.

As is evident, being in debt is the worst thing that can happen to anyone who have no clear-cut financial plan. This is especially true when the debt is related to credit card. Most credit card holders with debt pay nearly to 20 to 30 percent per year in interest rate. It is highly impossible to get risk free return on investment that is anywhere close to this interest rate. With that in mind, a debt holder should not try to save money before paying off the debt that is ruining his or her financial life. If your debt is scattered and out of control, it is best to consolidate it with the help of a professional financial expert like CCMP Capital. Once the debt is consolidated, it is time to live under the interest-free period of a new card or other form of financing. The bulk of the savings should go in paying off as much of your debt as possible. This means, all expenses other than the ones that are absolutely necessary for living are avoided. Every month of you remaining in debt is the time moving in the opposite direction in terms of savings and reaching your financial goals. Debt elimination is one of the most important ways to start creating wealth. Saving as much as possible every month is another way to building wealth, This means living within your means – not spending more than you earn. It is important to strike a balance so that you can meet most crucial financial obligations through this way. CCMP Capital experts will show you how to do this and what you need to achieve your goals.

Politifact confirms George Soros has not donated to Kasich campaign

Campaign ads running during the Wisconsin primary accuse billionaire George Soros of backing the campaign of Republican John Kasich, former governor of Ohio, according to the Politifact website. Although the campaign has received donations from two people connected to the Democratic billionaire, Soros has not donated to the Kasich campaign directly on The political fact checking website rated the claim as false earlier this week.

With only three candidates left in the Republican primaries, the campaign attack ads on have become more focused and more vicious. The candidates have not chosen to attack the party’s frontrunner. Instead, they are attempting to persuade the former Ohio governor to drop out of the race.

Representatives from the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz campaigns have asked Kasich to pull out of the race because he is taking away votes that could be going to either candidate. Some conspiracy theorists believe the former Ohio governor is remaining in the race in the hopes of causing a contested Republican convention.

Radio talk show hosts have accused the Republican establishment of wanting neither Trump sides believe that this year has seen a political rebellion against party establishment candidates. Trump leads the Republican side on Bloomberg, but pundits are still guessing about the outcome of the Democratic primaries. Clinton has the most delegates at the moment, but later races have gone to Sanders.

Both George Soros on politico and the Kasich campaign issued statements denying any connection between Soros and Kasich. Conservative media routinely criticizes Soros, and former Fox News Host Glenn Beck refers to him as “the spooky dude.”

Although George Soros donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign, he has not donated to any candidate since 2004. He donated heavily to the John Kerry campaign to prevent the re-election of former president George W. Bush. He is the founder, and he provides financial backing to the Media Matters website.

The Role of Investor Funds in FreedomPop’s Expansion

Many upcoming firms especially in the telecoms sector find it difficult to expand due to lack of capital injection. Such funds help the startups to expand operations to frontiers that were previously unexplored. Due to stiff competition in the sector need money to acquire the latest technology so that they can fairly compete in the marketplace with more established firms. FreedomPop is one of the firms banking on this latest craze. It recently embarked on a go-getting growth plan, which is likely to see it take the sector by storm.

During a recent media interview, the firm’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Stokolos shared his insight about where the company is headed. He acknowledged that the virtual mobile network provider had snapped up funding amounting into tens of millions of dollars over the past few months. This money was raised from investor funding and played a significant role in its extensive local and global development strategies. The money was also used to keep the company afloat and independent amid the takeover rumors, which have dogged it in the past. This was originally reported on RCR Wireless. For further reading, click on this link:

FreedomPop in Summary

The firm was founded in 2011 by visionaries who wanted to provide free mobile services. It is based in Los Angeles, California and provides free mobile services including free data, text and voice. It is also in the business of retailing mobile phones, tablets and broadband gadgets such as modems and Internet routers.

Since its inception, FreedomPop has managed to garner almost 110 million dollars in funding. The company is backed by major corporations including Intel, Partech Ventures and Mangrove Capital. It also utilizes Sprint’s connections for its operations in the US. In line with its plans to expand into the global scene, its management recently announced that the company is branching out to the UK.

Autism Rocks Founder Sanjay Shah Brings In New Trustees

Sanjay Shah has brought in two new trustees to his live music charity, Autism Rocks. As announced through The Sunday Times, the London-based charity organization has appointed brothers Will and Pete Best to the Board of Trustees.
Autism Rocks founder Sanjay Shah is a longtime acquaintance of the brothers, and is confident they will have a positive effect on the charity. The Best brothers will oversee general managerial process, funding management, and live fundraising events.

About Pete Best

Pete Best has 21 years experience in finance, notably as brokerage firm Icap’s Chief Operating Officer until changing his focus to family and charity in 2015. His deep experience in finance is particularly important for his new role with Autism Rocks.

About Will Best

Will Best is an international TV presenter specializing in music events, with experience in advertising. His knowledge of live events is a critical skill for live fundraising events, which are the core focus of Autism Rocks conceptually. The charity puts on events including such luminaries as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Snoop Dogg, and Shah believes Will is a great choice to organize these large events.

About Sanjay Shah

Financial services expert and longtime philanthropist Sanjay Shahof Solo Capital founded Autism Rocks in 2014, in response to his son Nikhil’s autism diagnosis. Using contacts in the music industry, Shah stages live concerts to raise funds and build awareness for autism research. The proceeds from each event go to various organizations that specialize in researching autism.

Shah is also founder of Solo Capital Markets, a London-based, international boutique financial services company. With years of experience under his belt working for Credit Suisse, Merill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, Shah started the company in the wake of the 2009 financial crisis. Although he considers himself retired, Shah continues to oversee Solo Capital Partners as CEO.

The 2008 Meltdown Is Over But Another One Is Coming According To George Soros


It was less than 10 years ago, but the remnants of the 2008 recession are still present is certain parts of the United States. That recession was the deepest, and the most all-encompassing meltdown since the 1920s and 1930s Great Depression. When the U.S. stock market crashed in 2008, investors licked their wounds and healing those wounds was a slow and painful challenge.

The S&P 500 index has risen by more than 92 percent since then. That increased seemed to be the new norm until the second half of 2015 sounded a wake-up call. The S&P index dipped by 9 percent at the beginning of 2016 and it has recovered, but George Soros says the recovery won’t last long.

George Soros is the guy other investors want to be. Soros is a billionaire 27 times over, and he made all that money investing. His hedge fund has returned 20 percent, year after year. Soros is known for his humanitarian efforts as well as for his investment prowess. Soros recently told that the economy of the United States may look like it will continue to grow in 2016, but it is going to hit a wall, and it may not get up for a while.

Even though recent unemployment figures show that almost all employable American are working that could change in the months ahead. One of reasons for Soros dismal outlook for the U.S. economy is the fact that most of the economic growth was fueled by government bailouts, huge injections of capital disguised as quantitative easing, and loose monetary policies. The expansion, according to Mr. Soros can’t continue because of central bank support and cheap money. The basic fundamentals of the economy must catch up with the stimulus that will create real economic growth. The real economy is covered in mirrors, according to Bloomberg, and those mirrors are going to break under the pressure of the current global issues.

Those issues are easy to see. The European Union is drowning in its own narcissistic behavior. The migration crisis coupled with the EU’s weak economic performance and the euro debacle has caused a major riff in the Union, and some members think it is not repairable. If the EU collapses, Europe will be thrown into a deep recession.

When the Chinese economic fiasco is added to the EU debacle, the result will likely be a global recession, according to Soros. Soros told that China’s economy is not going to grow by 6.5 percent in 2016. Soros believes the growth might be 3.5 percent at best. China has already put Asian and South American countries into the recession mode, and the next target is the rest of the world, according to Mr. Soros.

All Things Public with Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs, a firm that focuses on online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing. The firm is well-known for the damage control of one’s online crisis situations. Darius is a mastermind with high profile clients as well as your everyday person. He is known as the Olivia Pope of the online marketing world. Not only does he specialize in fixing what is broken, he also helps business owners rank on the first page of Google to maximize their bottom line, and assists individuals – who may be entering the workforce – create a positive image for potential employers.

Being that Darius Fisher has previously worked as a consultant to political figures, and having a firm that handles public relations, his advice is one to adhere to when it comes to reducing turnovers by increasing employee satisfaction in the workplace. Darius has laid out a few solutions to tackle this matter, in order to cut down the cost of turnover rates.

First, it is important to have a goal for employees to work toward. If you incentivize people in the workplace, you make for a more production-driven and healthily competitive atmosphere. People just don’t want to show up for work, but they want to be rewarded for it too. You must know what makes them happy, in order for the incentivizing to be effective. Give them a free vacation, spa package or dinner and a movie.

Next, don’t overlook your employees. Workers appreciate being praised for their accomplishments. Acknowledging them in front of the team or even through a simple email blast will bring their confidence up to a new level. There’s nothing better than going to a job where you feel like you’re more than a worker bee. Positive acclamation will take your company a long way.

Lastly, it is very important to have consideration for your staff. Though some may not express it often, they really do want to know what changes occur within the company. The way to cut down the number of disgruntled employees is to keep them in-the-know when it comes to new hire potentials, new developments, hot topics and highlights, and new services that the company may be offering. This can be done by holding meetings every week or every month. One may also consider starting a company newsletter to take care of these same topics.

Brenda Wardle and Woke Twitter analysis of Racist Online Statements

Racism is one of the biggest challenges that have been facing South Africa. With a large number of the white settlers still living as citizens of the country, the problem seems far from being sorted. The issue of whites terming blacks as an inferior race in the country remains a stumbling block to a free and equal South Africa as envisaged by Nelson Mandela.

One incident that has since attracted public uproar is that of Penny Sparrow, a real estate agent in South Africa. Through her social channels, she referred to the black race of South Africa as monkeys. When people learned of the statement, a public outrage followed, both from online and beyond. She lost her job since the statement was greatly publicized and greatly criticized.

A twitter community, Woke Twitter criticized Sparrows statement after they caught the racist rant she posted online. According to Woke, the idea of racism is a thing of the past and only occurring in exception is false. Racism is real and exists largely. Woke recognizes and tries to respond to racism existence, in a way that will promote consciousness as well as social action. Its representatives do their best to expose racist comments that are posted on social channels like twitter and face book. Woke fights for transformation of South Africa to a racism free country, and says that very drastic action should be taken against those who will stand in the way of this transformation.

Sparrows’ rants also caught the attention of a legal analyst in South Africa, Brenda Wardle. According to Wardle, every person has the right to free speech. But the right should not infringe on other people’s humanity and dignity.

Brenda Wardle has been known for her passion in legal analysis. She loves interpreting the relationship between law and people’s daily life. Wardle holds three law degrees: in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Laws and Masters of Laws Degree in forensic medicine. She is also an author and has written a book called ‘To Kill a Fragile Rose.’ The book is an analysis of the state trial against Carl Pistorious. Her analysis on several matters including the Pistorious issue never falls far from truth.

Batman v. Superman Sets Up A D.C. Comics Reboot

D.C. Comics plans on riding the wave of popularity Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is sure to bring forth. A prequel comic book series is being published to tie-in with the film.

Tie-ins are not the only way in which the D.C. shared universe is going to impact the published books. D.C. Comics has revealed a total reboot of the D.C. Comics publishing history is in the works. Basically, the comics are going to be connected to the movies. The old history of D.C. Comics is being wiped out one more time.

Jon Urbana and other fans are not exactly thrilled at the arrival of a new publishing reboot. D.C. Comics doesn’t have much of a choice. Urbana is quick to note on that the last reboot, The New 52, led to a major decline in sales.

Dr Sergio Cortes Tour Flood Ravaged Xerém

Xerém, Duque de Caxias is the epicenter of the recent storms that have caused extensive flooding in Brazil. The Xerém, Duque de Caxias area is being visited by the State Sec. of Health Sergio Cortes was medical expert and leading the governments’ fight against the likely spread of several diseases associated with large reservoirs which contain contaminated water and mosquitoes. The government sent Dr. Sergio Cortes and he is serving the area along with teams from the Department of Health. Dr. Sergio Cortes met with the Municipal Health Secretary, and according to an article in
they are coordinating with the National Health Force Conception de Mendonca to help combat
the emerging health crisis. It was agreed upon that the state would deliver emergency kits in Cazias along with 3000 antibiotic tablets to help with the early intervention and early-stage treatment of leptospirosis.
The majority of the measures taken place here concentrate on preventing the proliferation of these diseases spreading through the contaminated water. Hepatitis A and diarrhea, meningitis and dengue plus alarming Zika Virus that Dr. Sergio Cortes says on twitter may be linked to 4000 birth defects among Brazilian women. So far seven shelters have been erected in Xerém alone. The Health Surveillance Secretary of State has also sent out teams from the Department of Health and deliver 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochiorite to help with daily disinfection of the water. Also tons of all water has been trucked into the area and all residents have been urged only use the bottled water for drinking and for food hygiene.
There is a special situation room were Sec. Sergio Cortes and other Linked In officials can meet in a centralized location to monitor the information coming in from the outpost and emergency shelters under their management.
Department of Health Sec, Dr. Sergio Cortes has been instrumental in coordinating the efforts combat series of mosquito transmitted diseases affecting the area.  The World Health Organization has begun testing people infected with the Zika Virus. Dr. Cortes is running a campaign to help educate the residents in the area about the dangers of the Zika Virus and now both the governments of Colombia and Brazil have called on a voluntary moratorium on pregnancies.

For Update you can now follow Dr. Sergio Cortes on


A Recap of Highly Nutritious Dog Food Innovations

Dog food is seeing advancement as an industry again.

Freshpet CEO is leading the company into a new era with their gourmet dog food. The quality and fresh ingredients don’t use preservatives. Instead, they limit the amount of time that the food sits on the shelves so that the food still has plenty of flavor by the time your dog tastes it.

Keep in mind that this attention to detail is happening with dog food, not human food. What we’re talking about is a huge trend toward innovations that are attempting to make dog food so delectable that even humans will want a bite.

Traditionally, lamb and salmon have been used to make dog food more healthy. Now, the good news is that the healthy sector of dog food has become so competitive that even more new creations are being created. For example, Colgate has a new dog food to help your dog shed pounds. And Nestle on offers a product where pet owners can select special blends for their pets which are completely personalized according to the dog and their owner’s needs. Another trend is the farm-to-table movement. Take Nutro Farm’s Harvest line, for instance, which folds rich cranberries and blueberries into the dog food.

If dessert and fruit aren’t enough, thee is always Italian for your pooch. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights now have beef stroganoff or lasagna on the menu. In addition to genres of food, if you have an older dog you can find a special mix as well. There is now something called Bright Minds which has medium-chain triglycerides. This ingredient is a fat that comes from coconut oil, which is easier for older dogs to digest. This lets them have more energy to play with you.

Beneful is another great dog food. They ensure that the quality of their product is the top priority using special, strict procedures. Beneful’s tracking system ensures that dog food is analyzed through every step of the process.

The ingredients of Beneful are highly nutritious and hand-selected. The high regulation of pet products ensures that only the best quality is delivered to your dog. Beneful is a clear choice for those who want to offer their pet the best.

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