IAP Worldwide Setting Itself from the Ground to the Skies

Integrity and Purpose (IAP) has built its reputation to the public by being a market leader in provision of global-scale logistics, facilities management and advanced professional and innovative services. By offering dependable solutions to the most demanding challenges presented by public and private institutions, the company’s level of expertise makes it products and services unsurpassed by any other company. Always ready and on the wait for their next challenge, IAP Worldwide Services thrives in the unexpected, from overseas battlefields to natural calamities. Over the years the company has gained immeasurable experience to plan, facilitate and execute logistical and technical challenges. IAP has more over 2,000 employees on more than 25 countries from all over the world.

Since its founded in 1953, the company has for over sixty years built its corporate presence by being responsive and reliable. The company came about through the incorporation of a number of companies to make what is now known as Integrity and Purpose. IAP has built its strong reputation by not only meeting but surpassing the expectations of its extensive clientele. Among the clients who rely on the support of IAP Worldwide Services include energy companies, non-governmental organizations and other clients who work in adverse and remote environments. By offering such capabilities as infrastructure, disaster relief and construction the company’s experienced team is actively engaged to ensure clients get the very best in maintain their operations.

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The company has also partnered with the United States defense forces and its allies in ensuring that the country is safe and secure. Through the integration of proven technology and years’ worth of experience, IAP on Hoovers is able to ensure that civilian and defense agencies are able to perform in any dynamic environment there is. The United States armies and other organizations that operate in harsh environments also get the best tech products and systems that ensure everything is smooth and functional. A part from advanced technological solutions, IAP also ensures easy interactions between workmates by initiating fast and reliable communications.

Since all advanced technology is dependent on electricity, IAP does not fail at all when it comes to power solutions. Their solutions can be either temporary or permanent depending on the situation and challenges presented by the company’s extensive clientele. The company makes these power solutions available to their clients through partnering with equipment manufacturers and their customers. By doing this they are able to create, install and operate hybrid, dual fuel and renewable energy systems.

A part from dominating the ground, IAP has also established itself in the skies by offering aviation and engineering solutions. The company is also able to sustain aircraft programs with upgrades, acquire various parts and make repairs and also return or enhance automatic test equipment and test stations.

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