Why the Medical Field Celebrates Dr. Saad Saad Career Life

Following his successful medical career, Dr. Saad has taken the medical field to a whole new level with his innovations and expertise. This has attracted various medics to join hands with hands with him to help the public. He is a renowned pediatric surgeon in New Jersey specifically in Eatontown. He has more than 20 years of experience with Board Certifications of operating in the Pediatric Surgery field.

Saad has been involved in various surgeries in Palestine especially that involve children. He has worked with a vast number of non-political and non-profit firms and organizations (NGOs) and revived the hope of living in many children. Within a decade, Dr. Saad performed 3 surgeries related to Palestine.

One of the outstanding surgical operations involved a girl born with her abdominal organs exposed externally. The Palestinian doctors tried their best to ensure the survival of the kid for over one and a half years but could not solve the problem. This made the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) send the girl to Dr. Saad in the United States in 2010. After a five-hour surgery, the girl regained her normal condition thanks to this Surgeon.

Another surgery that was unique involved a boy who was shot in the stomach at West Bank and the doctors in Palestine couldn’t handle his unique condition. The 15–year-old boy was flown to Dr. Saad Saad in 2002 that perfectly performed a seven-hour surgery on the tummy of the boy and the normal condition of the boy was restated. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

In 2013, this heroic doctor helped a boy from Gaza Strip undergo a nerve transplant surgery on his legs after being hit by a bomb that paralyzed his legs. The boy was flown to the US and Dr. Saad connected him to a qualified nerve doctor who did his work and after 11 months the boy was on his stable feet and ready to play and enjoy his favorite soccer game. All these 3 surgeries were enhanced by the PCRF.

After PCRF saw the expertise of Dr. Saad Saad, they requested him to come and help the children locally. And in 2008 he flew to West Bank, Palestine with a mission of helping the poor and less privileged who had no access to medical care locally. In addition, he had a mission of mentoring the upcoming local surgeons in his field and also to help the Palestinian economy. Since then, this doctor has been traveling to Palestine more frequently for up to 8 trips.

Dr. Saad Saad studied at Cairo University where he received his medical degree. He happens to be among the 36 and of the 27 doctors at Jersey Shore University and Monmouth Medical Center respectively who specialize in Surgery operations. He has received Gold Medal of Palestine, and various Humanitarian Awards from PCRF.

Dick Devos – article recap

Dick DeVos loves his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has contributed to the spectacular growth in this Second Largest Michigan City. The effort has borrowed from lessons learned from the state’s largest City—that downtown can be a magnet for growth. While working his way up the ladder to CEO at Amway, he foresaw the tremendous advantage of locating commercial assets in the center city area.

In 1991, the City of Grand Rapids considered the development of new sports arena, and the planners seemed pointed towards lower costs of land and development in the suburbs. Dick DeVos immediately joined the discussion strongly urging placing the facility in the heart of the City. He saw the potential to synergize the downtown area with a sports and hospitality venue. He had seen the poor results in neighboring Detroit which mistakenly sent its football and basketball venues to its remote suburbs.

Dick DeVos envisioned the center city is a hub for business and social activities that can essentially define a community. When shaping the direction of future growth, DeVos saw that many communities default into growing larger, having a larger footprint, and falling into patterns of suburban sprawl. The direction he inspired led to later core city developments including the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, and the Grand Rapids City Market. The city’s skyline and byline have changed for the better; it is a city with a forward view and remarkable signs of progress.

Taking time during and after his time as CEO of the Amway family Business, Dick DeVos has championed causes in which he believes. He has done far more than speak and complain, he has taken action and provided leadership. Dick DeVos has practiced his philosophy of creating opportunity. He expressed his lifelong interest in aviation by starting an aviation charter school at the Grand Rapids International Airport. This outstanding example of career education follows the philosophy and long history of educational activism by both Dick and Betsy DeVos.

Dick DeVos put the public interest at the center if his activities. In the year 2000, he and Betsy DeVos sponsored a proposed State Constitutional Amendment to create rights to access school vouchers. The DeVos’ have been tireless proponents of charter education, and school choice for taxpayers.

Dick DeVos ran for Governor of Michigan, and his campaign offered voters a clear choice towards economic growth and a more diversified educational system. His political ideas still resonate with those that foresaw the importance of technological innovation, increased investment, and economic diversity. He brought a sharp focus to the political arena on preparing young people to become skilled workers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Learn more: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Improves Patient’s Care Through Collaboration

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)has once again thought outside the box in relation to cancer care. A new collaboration was announced between Allscripts, NantHealth, and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America that would cut down on the guesswork in choosing the proper treatment pathway for a patient’s cancer diagnoses. The Clinical Pathways program is composed of Allscripts’ Sunrise, electric health record, and NantHealth’s “eviti“, a comprehensive support program, listing all data complied regarding any type of cancer and cross referencing this information with all possible treatment plans.

This program allows a more efficient exchange of information, while not interfering with the doctor’s work flow. Eviti also allows the patient greater access of information surrounding the type and stage of their cancer diagnosis, help them choose the best plan of care for their situation. The Eviti portion of Clinical Pathways has been developed compiling the most comprehensive and up to date treatments, medical research, and pharmaceutical information available. Eviti is kept updated by a team of oncologists, oncology nurses, a board of certified oncology experts, and technical experts.

This collaboration is the latest step in offering the best in cancer care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with buildings in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa, Cancer Treatment Centers of Americahas been consistently ranked as one of the top hospitals for a high standard of patient care several years running.

CTCA believes in treating the patient as a whole (mind, body, and soul) offering treatments to support the patient while they are going through cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America even offers aftercare therapy for when a patient has finished their course of treatments. CTCA specializes in: precision cancer treatment, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and genomic testing. To read more about the partnership, please click here.

Richard Mishaan Showcases the Quality Which Comes from Artistic Expertise

Over the years I’ve had a chance to enjoy quite a few custom designs. This ranges from portraits in a gallery to artistically crafted furniture. But there’s one name which I keep coming back to when I want to showcase some of the best talent in New York. That amazing artist is Richard Mishaan. What makes him particularly noteworthy to me is his range of vision. If my own impression of what constitutes art seems expansive, than it’s in large part due to learning from Mishaan’s impressive portfolio. He’s worked on a wide variety of different art pieces. And he’s also been able to take that vision into the realm of artistic home design. Richard Mishaan Design essentially turns the world itself into an artistic vision.


One of my favorite examples of his work can be found in Cartagena. Richard Mishaan Design recognized the strong natural beauty that’s present in this coastal location. He began with a 16th century residence which was in need of maintenance. The former owners had sectioned it off and Richard Mishaan Design needed to create a newly unified whole. But he also had to work within the constraints of historical preservation. This led him to create something that can best be thought of as a blend of natural beauty, historical elegance and modern aesthetics.


It’s one of the best examples of how Richard Mishaan Design integrates an artistic perspective into home design. Art is all about creating and guiding emotion. And his work at Cartagena does a wonderful job of guiding people’s emotions as they progress through the residence. The transition from nature is accompanied by beautiful wooden doors which marry antiquity and nature. This transitions into gentle and soothing pigments that mesh with the coastal aesthetic which one had previously soaked in.


This is only one example of what Richard Mishaan Design is able to accomplish. However, I consider it the perfect demonstration of what an artistic eye can bring to a home environment. It shows that art isn’t simply something confined to a small area. It’s something that can be a living environment in which one can feel at home.


Mishaan Statement

Taste a Difference in Interior and Architectural Design with Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan design is a household name in architectural and interior design industry. The firm, owned by Richard Mishaan has received immense reputation for magnificent interior designs in New York. Nearly, every luxurious design you spot in the city’s homes and commercial buildings is inspired and designed by Richard Mishaan.


A native of Columbia, Italy, Richard Mishaan attended Columbia University School of Architecture and later earned a BA from the New York University. Before founding Richard Mishaan Design, he worked in other companies that equipped him with invaluable skills, which helped him to launch and run his firm. Mr. Mishaan started career as an apprentice at Philip Johnson Offices where he accumulated great skill in interior and architectural design.


Each of the project undertaken by Richard Mishaan Design is given unwavering attention to ensure that the quality exceeds the client’s expectations. To impress his clients, Mishaan uses common designs techniques but adds creative twists from different ages to produce unique styles. Richard’s elegant designs featured in Richard Mishaan Design website speaks volume on his ability in interior decor. One of his stunning projects is 93RD Street Sales Center. Richard has given the rooms a unique ambience that can hardly be spotted in a brown room.


Besides his excellence in the design industry, Mishaan has authored books with an aim of sharing his extensive knowledge across the world. Artfully Modern is one of the books that has captured the attention of many readers. The captivating book, gives a different outlook about decorating small space or rooms. In this book, Mishaan dismisses the notion that only a collections of expensive items can bring out elegance in a room. He assures the readers that even ordinary assortment can be used to create classy space. He has also written another book titled Modern Luxury.




Improving Lives with Internal Medicine; Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran P. Haque is a medical doctor with offices in both Ramseur and Asheboro. The clinics provide care to the inhabitants of the two locations and the surrounding regions. He is an extremely established doctor of Internal Medicine, also referred to as an Internist. Dr. Imran Haque has been catering to patients for the past 15 years, if not more, and he is known to provide many medical options such as Venus Body Contouring, 360 resurfacing, weight management, Botox, dermal fillers, physical exams, and management of diabetes.



His deep knowledge as a seasoned internist allows for him to offer many such medical options to his patients. Patients go for appointments to Dr. Imran for specific help and also so he can be their preferred doctor and this is attributed to the various medical services he has. He is capable of treating his patients directly from his office which boasts of the capability of in-office ultrasound and laboratory services. Looking at some services provided at his facilities would give us a better understanding of these internal medicine procedures. 360 Resurfacing incorporates the use of lasers to revitalize the patient’s skin. It promotes the enhancement of skin texture, tone, color, and also tightens skin. It is carried out over a few weeks to allow the skin to heal.



They also offer Venus Body Contouring which has really helped the North Carolina residents of Ramseur and Asheboro, and Dr. Imran Haque is one of the leading specialists in this field. This procedure helps to enhance the shape of the body, and it is not an invasive treatment. It minimizes wrinkles, reduces cellulite, and also tightens the skin. The treatment entails the use of heat to awaken the body’s naturally occurring processes that are involved in fat removal. The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields along with multipolar radio frequencies warm the skin which in turn the body is made to release stress hormones found in fat cells in the hypodermis. It takes part of a day to complete this treatment and the healing period is also short.


Dr. Imran Haque studied Internal Medicine, Roanoke-Salem Program, at the University of Virginia Internal. He is a licensed medical practitioner in North Carolina and is also part of the of Accreditation Course for Internal Medicine.





Why Hiring a Rubbish Disposal Service is Crucial

An environment which is clean is a happy one. Regardless of it is your office or home surroundings, it’s crucial to ensure that the environment is de-cluttered frequently and items that are no longer required should be taken off the surroundings. This doesn’t mean taking away things only from your bedroom and living room and placing them in storage. To clean completely, you must eradicate all items that are unneeded entirely.



Nonetheless, it may be a bit difficult to pick all the things that are not required for the office and home, gather them in a vehicle and then take them to the dustbin numerous time till all the debris has been eradicated. A less difficult way to do this is getting the help of an expert rubbish removal specialist. The following are some things you should understand before hiring one.



If you have a massive heap of trash filling up your office or home, hiring a professional service is the ideal way to eradicate them. They ensure that there isn’t any piece of debris remaining and your surrounding is totally free of dirt. The vehicle will gather the waste whenever you desire and driving to dispose of it will be your duty.



It is very cost efficient to hire such a service. Asides from having the appropriate kind of vehicles for garbage disposals, they also take as many trips to the dumpster as needed to eradicate all the dirt.



Clearabee is a rubbish clearance company situated in the UK. Clearabee provides same day services and also include loading and labor services. They are also highly flexible in the eradication of waste streams with their rubbish removal.

A Team That Gets Results

If a person is looking for a Florida injury lawyer that knows how to win the case, then they need to look no further than Dan Newlin. Dan Newlin is an injury lawyer that is very well known in Florida because of the success that he has had in many personal injury cases. Dan Newlin and his partners have a very well-known law firm in the Florida area. They have been fighting for the rights of accident and injury victims for over a decade and they have been able to really help them recover everything that they are entitled to. Dan Newlin and his team are committed to protecting the rights of those injured in accidents and getting their compensation. Apart from helping accident victim Dan and his team have helped hundreds of family members as well to recover money from wrongful death lawsuits. Dan Newline and his team have been able to work to recover over $150 million on behalf of his victims. Because of that they have established a reputation of being winners in the game a law.

Dan Newline and his team do something quite different than the majority of law firms. They are dedicated to hearing out all of their clients. They are always ready to listen to their concerns when it comes to the damages that they have suffered from after an accident. Dan Newlin and his team realize that after an accident a person suffers a lot more than just their physical injuries. Quite often there are emotional issues as well that have to be taken into consideration. Accidents can be very tragic causing an individual to lose their job, their dignity, their self-esteem, and sometimes even their loved ones. Since that is the case, a lot more has to be recovered than just compensation for lost items.

Since there are so many personal injury lawyers an individual may ask themselves why should they go with Dan Newlin and his team. The reason is because Dan and his team have proven over the last 10 years that they are a superior firm. Not only have they helped their clients win millions of dollars, but they have helped them by using their experience and knowledge in the legal field. They have help their clients receive compensation for medical bills, time lost at work, personal injuries, and loss of a vehicle. All throughout the Florida area Dan Newlin and his team are very well-known. They are known as a team of lawyers that is successful, professional, and experienced.