Traveling Vineyard Business Model Details

Nowadays you can make money selling makeup, jewelry, athletic wear and skin care. Why not make money selling wine? As the old saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you love wine, a job with Traveling Vineyard might be a perfect fit for you.

Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 with the idea that it is hard to know what kind of wine you like without tasting it first. While taking a trip out to Napa Valley or another Traveling vineyard started  home is one way to sample some wines, doing it in your own home would be much easier. Each Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard is trained and prepared in order to be successful at their flexible in-home business. Their Sommology program provides top-notch wine education, preparing their wine guides to present professional wine tastings with an excellent selection of Traveling Vineyard boutique wines.

Traveling Vineyard equips each trained Wine Guide with a Success Kit that includes a selection of wines, tasting glasses and wine accessories. This Success Kit equips guides to conduct fun, entertaining, and educational wine tastings for friends, family, acquaintances and members of their community. The people who attend the tastings then have the opportunity to purchase bottles of their favorite wines. The support offered to Wine Guides doesn’t end after the initial training. Cheerleaders and local leaders continue to provide necessary support while Wine Guides embark on their exciting and flexible career doing what they love.

Even if you love drinking wine but know very little about its complexities, your Sommology Guide will fill you in on what you need to know. Everything from general information on wine, the unique profile of Traveling Vineyard wines, to information on how to pair wines with foods is provided.

A fun, online training center called the Tasting Room offers you even more of the support you need without forcing to travel out of town for training. This site includes introductions to Vineyard wines, instruction on growing a business and a team, and information on how to conduct a tasting. If you enjoy training in person, don’t fear. Your regional director can work with you directly or connect you with someone closer by who can be with you during your early days as a Wine Guide. Additionally, Traveling Vineyard offers an annual Harvest Conference for fun, learning and socializing. Team leaders can also offer regional meetings for additional community and support.

You never have to fear that you won’t be well equipped with the education and resources you need in order to rock your new business venture. You will also become one of the most popular destinations for friends, because a party centered around wine is sure to be a hit.

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