The Future Of Anti-Aging Research: Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a native to the state of Arizona. In the state of Arizona, he has built himself a reputation for being one of the most successful entrepreneurs and plagiarists in the region. Today he has helped to support the development of several new technologies by supporting various research organizations that are fighting the disease of aging. In fact, in 2010 Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to the discovery of new techniques and technologies that will limit the diseases of aging from hampering our lives. The organization believes that with the advent of new research that an individual’s lifespan may be extended to be in excess of 1000 years in the near future.

Jason Hope has close ties with the organization’s chief science officer Aubrey de Grey, and together they have targeted several cellular mechanisms that they believe are responsible for aging. For example, they have discussed strategies that are related to the improvement of the health of mitochondria. Mitochondria are one of the organelles found within cells that are responsible for providing organisms with energy.

Most recently there has been significant advancements in the understanding of chromosomes. At the end of chromosomes, telomerase protects them from unraveling. However, over time telomerase is broken down. The breaking down of telomerase is believed to be one of the principal causes of aging. There have been several studies which indicate that if telomerase is elongated, it will extend an organism’s lifespan exponentially and incredibly slow the process of aging. Not only that but it can also decrease the damages that are caused by oxidative stress and lower the risk of multiple conditions which are associated with chronic inflammation.

Chronic information is associated with a number of degenerative neuro- diseases. As cells age, they naturally produce inflammatory compounds. Over time these inflammatory compounds can accumulate to toxic levels. The toxic levels of these inflammatory compounds or one of the chief reasons behind diseases such as dementia. The SENS Foundation is working to discover ways in which that aging cells may be removed from the body in order to reduce the effects of information. By developing these medications that will remove damaged cells from the body not only, will inflammatory compounds be removed but healthy cells will be able to receive additional nutrition which in effect will increase an individual’s lifespan and to decrease the level of inflammation in an organism.

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The Inspiring Life of Eric Pulier

Did you know that Eric Pulier has established over 15 companies in his entire life? This might be the reason why he is referred by many titles such as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker and published author. Beyond this, Eric Pulier referred to as a technologist and as a columnist by his peers. All these are titles that Eric Pulier has proudly embraced. These roles have played a part in Eric Pulier becoming a billionaire. All said and done, some of these ventures that define Eric Pulier include Desktone, ServiceMesh, Media Platform, US Interactive and Digital Evolution. The other firms that Eric Pulier has established are TM Forum, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council and other firms. As a venture capitalist, Eric Pulier is known to fund startups in the technology industry as well as the media industry. Most of the startups that he has funded have gone on to become successful corporations.

In all the titles above, the one of a family man was left behind. Eric Pulier is a family man and has been blessed with four children. Together with his family, he is currently living in Los Angeles, California. As a philanthropist, Eric Pulier has helped children suffering from chronic illnesses access the necessary medication. He has made this possible through the Painted Turtle Foundation and the XPRIZE Foundation. He acts as a board member in the last foundation.

Eric Pulier is well known for establishing vAtomic systems several years ago. He acknowledges that it is very difficult to rest when he is at home as his four kids are all over him. When he wakes up in the morning, he tries to read before he can prepare his children for school. Eric Pulier is a man who believes in delegating tasks that do not require his direct involvement. One thing that Eric Pulier would love to repeat is writing ideas and solutions on a piece of paper. He says that this helps him gain some confidence. The worst job that Eric Pulier has ever had is working for Coca Cola. He encourages people starting new businesses to be patient and learn the art of persistence.

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What The Wessex Institute Of Technology Does In The Scientific Community

Located in the South of England, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a highly respected facility in the world of academics. They offer educational opportunities to students and also perform research in a large number of fields of study. The institute’s main goal is to help facilitate communication about scientific topics and the latest research. They do this through holding several conferences a year and publishing research articles and conference proceedings.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences has up to 12 conferences a year across the UK and Europe. These conferences cover a wide range of scientific disciplines on everything from timber engineering to how to sustain coastal cities in the era of climate change. The conference proceedings are then published by their in-house publishing company, WIT Press. WIT Press also publishes scientific journals and other edited works.