What The Wessex Institute Of Technology Does In The Scientific Community

Located in the South of England, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a highly respected facility in the world of academics. They offer educational opportunities to students and also perform research in a large number of fields of study. The institute’s main goal is to help facilitate communication about scientific topics and the latest research. They do this through holding several conferences a year and publishing research articles and conference proceedings.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences has up to 12 conferences a year across the UK and Europe. These conferences cover a wide range of scientific disciplines on everything from timber engineering to how to sustain coastal cities in the era of climate change. The conference proceedings are then published by their in-house publishing company, WIT Press. WIT Press also publishes scientific journals and other edited works.

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes The Lead Of Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the key figures in Coriant Networking Company. The firm was formed through a series of events where the original name of the Company was Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir is an electrical engineer who specializes in offering solutions to the control systems and mobile networking platforms. He has encountered several achievements such as in the provision of a common network to serve the investors and employees on an everyday basis. The efforts and commitments have led to the success of Kheradpir.


He is currently the Chief Executive of Coriant Solutions, a firm that offers networking solutions to more than one hundred and twenty countries in the whole world. This company serves as the best providers of communication services in the entire world. Kheradpir has been providing telecommunication services and technological support services in more than twenty-five years. In return, he has encountered considerable experience and expertise in the field. He has been working with Juniper Networks as the Chief Executive Officer before signing a commercial deal with the Coriant Solutions Limited.


Kheradpir has dedicated his efforts to raise the company standards to higher heights in the optical communications networks. According to Kheradpir point of view, distance achievements and capacity building have a significant role to play in the counteracting of optical communication systems. Coriant Solutions Limited and the Orange team have joined forces to make a vivid demonstration of a flex-rate modulation by the use of an interface that supports the Information and Technology rates. The achievements encountered led to a realization of an efficient and reliable network that can be used by firms and institutions that used the 100G network model.


Coriant solutions offer networking solutions to more than one hundred countries at a global level. The use of Coriant Cloud Wave Optics enhances n empowerment of the adaptability and the flexibility of the networking solutions. The cloud wave is in demand by the technologically advanced countries to improve reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of the products they offer. The networking solutions will also bring a tremendous change in the banking sector. The cloud wave optics will bring about the flexibility of frequency and enhanced scalability.


In the just concluded Black Friday shopping bonanza, FreedomPop launched an incredibly tempting offer for its clients. The promotion saw devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 go at a $350 discounted price of $ 100. The Moto E was also going at a throwaway price of $40. Both devices came with a 1GB data, unlimited texts and SMS for one month before getting 500 MB from Freedom Pop with unlimited SMS and voice calling for a month.


The company also disclosed it had received additional funding from Intel Capital. It will use the capital to expand its smartphone sales department. It will also launch a wireless fixed network that will be modelled on Intel. It is expected the new network will propel it to greater heights as it launches experienced one of the strongest times in its history.


The company CEO Mr Stokols revealed the company had received several M & A offers but chose to remain independent. It has been on a growth path and it feels it is on the cusp of a takeoff. It also so confirmed its recent $ 54 million funding from Axiate group. Axiate is an Indian company with over 230 million customers in India and Singapore. The new partnership is expected to see FreedomPop became one of the leading service providers of quality network and mobile services in the world.


Freedom Pop is a Californian based company founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Sesar Steven. It is headquartered in LA but has expanded nationally and is now entering the European market through the UK. It is funded by Mangrove Capital, DCM Capital, Atomico Partech Ventures and Axiata.The CEO is Stephen Stokols, and the COO is the Steven Sesar.


In begun by offering mobile and WIFI services using Clear wires 4G network. It plans to build a nationwide WIFI network with 10 million hotspots and will be billed at $ 5 per month. In May, it announced an expansion to the UK with its free data, voice and text. It seeks to replicate it success in California there too.


It has raised nearly $ 100 million in a series of funding since inception. It has received a mostly positive market feedback and is enjoying a renewed growth in the market. It recently introduced a 4G everything unlimited plan in select locations in The US.


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