Reliable and Customer Driven

Securus Technologies is an information technologies corporation that directly stands by its customers, serving them with powerful answers to their communication and security issues. The company recently received the highest of honors from the Better Business Bureau, who accredited the company with an A+ rating, allowing it to outshine the competition around it. Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoyas, attributed an increased in customer appreciation to working alongside the Better Business Bureau, with this accreditation undoubtedly going to provide additional customer base in the near future.


Securus Technologies provides incredible products to customers that are normally ignored as a consumer base by other corporations. The company focuses its attention on the United States penal system, those working directly for item as well as those currently serving time within it. Inmates are given communication support through Securus products in order for them to remain connected to their loved ones and family members on the outside. Products such as a free video chat streaming application make communication not only simple but fun and personal. This allows family members to successfully bypass the annoyance of visitation times, which normally include long drive times and security checks that can take hours to finish. This new application allows them to remove the middle man and immediately talk to one another, which is a huge advantage over the more traditional visitation methods. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


As a company Securus technologies is already providing excellent products and services to their customers, with this accreditation only increasing their ability to serve customer needs. New customers will be able to see this accreditation and have peace of mind knowing that their choice to choose Securus was the right one for the service that they need. It is a bright time for this company.


Release of Investigator Pro 4.0 Software by Securus Technologies

Recently, Securus Technologies officially announced the release of investigator Pro 4.0 the latest software by JLG Technologies. This software is an amazing package with searchable voice. Investigator Pro 4.0 software is designed to enable investigators select voice samples from either the called party side of inmates or inmate’s telephone calls. These samples are then to be used in the search of other calls with the same voice. Investigator Pro 4.0 assists investigators uncover potentially nefarious activities, gang related activities and high-interest activities likely to happen by identifying the parties communicated to through the voice samples.

Amazing Features of This Software

According to Michael Kester, who is the chief operating officer of JLG Technologies, Investigator Pro 4.0 also identifies other suspected inmates that might have called the party. This software brings a new and updated level of biometric sophistication that aims at assisting investigators curb and stop crime before happening. In addition to its ability to identify the ID, pin and telephone of the suspects, Investigator Pro 4.0 through its searchable voice features makes it easy and possible to follow up the individual voice.

The searchable voice feature is designed in a way that it is compatible with other analysis features such as voice identification confidence ratings and high-interest group tagging. This therefore makes it a powerful and sophisticated toolkit for verifying criminal activities being planned over inmate telephones.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading service providers of cutting edge criminal justice and civil technological solutions to correctional facilities. This company serves over 3450 correctional agencies across North America. Being in the industry for over 30 years, Securus Technologies has delivered amazing solutions to its clients thus building a good reputation.