Reasons why Securus Technologies is the Leading Supplier of Technology in Correctional Facilities.

Securus Technologies is a private company that is well-known in the corrections sector and telecommunication industry. The company was primarily established to provide technological solutions and security services in prisons across the United States and Canada. Rick Smith currently heads the firm since his appointment in 2008 as the chief executive officer. The quality of services offered by Securus Technologies attracted over two thousand law enforcement facilities that hold over one million inmates across North America. The firm uses most of its resources in investing in technology that helps to reduce crime by increasing safety of individuals, parole constables, and detainees. The company prides itself on having over one thousand skilled professional employees.


Since its inception, Securus Technologies continues to serve locals and correction facilities situated in Carrolton, Allen, Georgia, and Atlanta. The company is singled out in the United States as a leading communication provider for inmates. The firm offers product monitoring services through software, which helps several industries in identifying contraband commodities. The LBS software that was designed by the corporation helps parole officers on investigation matters. Inmates across North America communicate with their loved ones through calls offered by Securus Technologies. Technological solutions provided by the company help parole officers monitor inmate activities, which reduces cases of substance use in correctional facilities. The firm ensures that programs are updated weekly to ensure that security is beefed up in law enforcement institutions.


Several organizations and individuals who contracted Securus Technologies praise the company through letters and emails. The incredible reputation earned by the company saw it awarded a five-star rating from the Better Business Bureau. The firm meets and exceeds the needs of its clients who seek technological solutions related to security. Transactions within the company have been automated through an online platform established after acquiring JPay Incorporation. Securus Technologies is currently the top supplier of Offender Management Systems across the universe.


Using the Securus Technologies Monitoring System to Prevent Crime

My jail has the heaviest population of gang members in the country. The problem has become so bad that we have to separate the inmates now based on their gang affiliation in order to keep the peace. Even then, unsuspecting inmates who walk in and cross an imaginary line find themselves being attacked without eve knowing why.


To help control the violence, we have to eliminate things like drugs and weapons. The inmates use the drugs to sell to addicts and then use the cash to buy things. They use the weapons to control other inmates or to lash out at the guards. My team has to go through a number of processes each day to try and control contraband from getting to the inmates. If we were to stop for even a day, the problem would quickly go from dangerous to deadly.


When we set up my team in the visitor center, it is in an effort to stop people from the outside from bringing things to the inmates. We do several full body searches, even letting the dogs loose to see if they detect anything. We have another resource that proves to be even more effective.


Securus Technologies installed the telephone monitoring system we now use to listen to inmate calls. The LBS software is so effective it allows us to be in other place while the system scans calls for all sorts of verbiage. When inmates talk about drugs, we get an alert and can often spring into action immediately. The company is based out of Dallas, and all 1,000 employees work every day towards the single objective of making the work safe.


Now we can hear inmates talking about selling drugs, making others sell drugs, and even how they receive drugs, allowing us to nip things in the bud as they are happening.


Securus Technologies: Providing Safe Technology Nationwide

Securus Technologies has been dedicated to providing the best in safety and security software for inmate communications, public safety, and penal institutions since 1986. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus also has three other offices (two more in Texas, and one in Georgia) to serve over 3400 facilities across the nation.


Recently, the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith announced that Securus has been receiving many emails regarding their technology used in facilities. Users were praising the software for catching criminal acts before they happen, and in some cases catching inmates confessing crimes to their friends or family. Mr. Smith did offer to any customer, whether theirs or any competitors, to come take a tour of the Securus headquarters and see the technology in action.


Securus employees were also praised as responding quickly to investigation inquiries and providing information needed to stop and penalize criminal acts. Mr. Smith praised the Securus staff for constantly updating, refining, or inventing new technology on a weekly basis. Securus holds and applies for more technological patents than any other inmate communications company. And that strategy has paid off with the most up to date network of security systems and inmate communications services.


Securus Technologies specializes in: emergency response, biometric analysis, incident management, investigation, information management, and inmate self service. Securus currently serves over 1,000,000 inmates nationwide and strives to bring the best in technology with more affordable per minute prices for friends and family to communicate with incarcerated inmates. To read more about the technology and Securus, please click here.


Securus Technologies Wins Major Accolade with Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies won a major award for its customer service and contributions to the community as a whole. At the 11th annual Gold Stevie Awards, Securus Technologies received the Gold StevieĀ® Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas, based company that specializes in the development and implementation of technology solutions for the civil and criminal justice systems. The company serves 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies in the North America. At the present time, serves the needs of over 1.2 million inmates located in correctional facilities in North America.


Sponsors of this year’s Stevie Awards include Sales Partnerships, Inc. and ValueSelling Associates, Inc. The Stevie Awards are one of several international awards programs undertaken internationally each year. Other awards programs include the International Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.


The 11th annual Gold Stevie Awards were held in Las Vegas an Caesar’s Palace in March. The event gathered over 600 corporate executives from across the globe, including the CEO of Securus Technologies, who accepted the distinction on behalf of the company.


The awards program involved over 77 judges who reviewed over 2,300 nominations for the 2017 cycle. The number of nominations was up 10 percent over the previous year. In the category in which Securus Technologies won an award, the judges analyzed a company’s customer service operation. The examination included a consideration a company’s responsiveness to issues and problems, and whether the company demonstrates improvement in its customer service practices from one year to the next.


The judges also paid attention to a company’s more general contribution to the community. In the case of Securus Technologies, a major focus of its technological solutions, products, and services is public safety.