Slyce Expanding New Services to Retailers

Slyce has quickly become a major force in the industry of image recognition. What this does is someone is able to snap a picture with their smart phone of a particular product they like, such as a pair of shoes someone is wearing, and upload it to the application. The app is then able to scan through all of the connected retail outlets to find what stores carry the products, what the product name is (if the product specifications are not yet known) and also how much it costs. It has proven to be an especially helpful service that is allowing customers to expand their ability to shop and find the right product for their particular needs. But how is the company expanding this and offering even new services to both customers and retail outlets? By signing more outlets and giving stores the ability to better service their customers.

For starters, Slyce recently signed several additional major retail outlets. Now it is possible to search for products ranging form clothing to home repair. All of this makes it easier for a customer to find just what they need. As more and more Fortune 500 companies are signing up for the service, the company is also trying to incorporate new services that work better for their customers and for making sure their clients are able to find what works for them.

A new service Slyce is bringing into the fold is a product that makes it possible to inform retail outlets that their supply is starting to run low between different outlets. This way, the retail provider knows when to order more products and the manufacturer can stay better informed on when it needs to increase its own production. All of this means the products are less likely to run out and the customers are able to find exactly what they need, whenever they need it.

Other services Slyce is looking at bringing into the fold includes new product recommendation features. This way, a customer is able to see similar products that are available to the customer. These products might have a slightly different color or a different material. Either way, it gives the customers the ability to find what they want and to decide what works best for them and their budget. Whatever it is customers are looking for, they are able to find exactly what it is they need and what they are looking for.