Role of Funding in NBA Games

Investment is a concept that pays handsome returns when grasped with great mastery. It is the decisions made by the individual that has funds to boost potential success that has not been tapped. By so doing, the investor will make a lot of returns, but it depends on the kind of decision made and facts taken into consideration. It is common to find investors crying foul over lost money or denied opportunities. It is a widespread concept that goes in money making opportunities. All industries from the media, manufacturing, sports and entertainment among many others, present these opportunities in everyday life.

Sports have taken the world by storm as a possible way to make money and get rich. Many sports people and making millions of dollars doing what they like. It is the important to note that the sports industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. The amount of appreciation and recognition has changed, and they are now accorded celebrity status. On the same note, the owners of these teams hit it big. The gain more fame money in the course of undertaking their business. The role they play is significant to the success of a team and the players themselves.

Good management skills from the owner of the team will trickle down and have a good effect on the success of the team. Teams whose owners are badly behaved or have no regard for others are seen to have a long span of success. It is because the kind if manager and coach that will be chosen to run the team will equally be biased or simply plays the tune of the owners. On the same note, it is common knowledge that team owners do not have the highest knowledge about the specific sport, but work for money. In the cases where they allow emotions and self-interest to overtake their decision making, they tend to lose it and scatter the team. It is in such cases that players are seen departing the team for betting playing environment and guarantee of wages. Therefore, the good conduct of the club owner brings forth possible success to the team.

Bruce Levenson is one such entrepreneur. The billionaire entrepreneur has extensive knowledge on issues business and making of partnership deals. He has been into many ventures across the United States, but the most significant being the ownership of Atlanta Hawks. He acquired the team back in 2004 and managed to grow it both in performance and value. The team won various games and had many successful players play for it. On the same note, the team and players have earned millions in sponsorship deals and advertising roles.

After owning the team for around ten years, Bruce Levenson saw an opportunity to sell off the team and make huge profits. After several bidders had presented their desires, the team was sold off for $730 million.