Mikhail Blagoskloony’s Groundbreaking Research on Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is popularly known for his groundbreaking research for finding cures for cancer patient alongside therapies for advanced stages of the same. He works at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute, New York at the Department of Oncology. As a professor, he has created awareness about Rapamycin and enlightened his students and other people about the curative and anti-aging properties of the drug. Commonly known as Rapamune in the drug market, Rapamycin has proved to be an effective drug administered to patients who have undergone organ transplant to prevent the body system from rejecting the new transplanted organ or tissue.This drug surfaced in 1972 when scientists discovered its immunosuppressive properties and its ability to cure certain types of cancer. Patients suffering from hemolytic uremic syndrome also have the advantage of evading the complications that result from kidney failures and low levels of blood in their body. This is because Rapamycin helps in curbing these effects. Other diseases that the drug cures include lymphangioleiomyomatosis which is a lung condition prevalent in a few percentages of pregnant women.

As an oncologist, Dr. Mikhail has advice his fellow doctors to use more of Rapamycin in cancer patients who undergo the procedures of organ transplant. Not only does it enhances tumor regression but has also proven to cure specific types of cancer that these patients have been diagnosed with. However, Dr. Mikhail is still conducting studies and research about the anti-aging properties of the drug, the curative properties of the drug when it comes to patients with Alzheimer’s and much more. In addition, scientists are in their quest to find drugs for Muscular Dystrophy and immunosuppression of systemic lupus erythematosus using Rapamycin. Dr. Mikhail being at the forefront of the scientific research is positive that this drug will help in treating many diseases considering their research findings on Rapamycin.Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny believes that the world has the best drug at their disposal and hopes that the number of cancer patients will reduce effectively with time. His medical research on the drug, Rapamycin has rescued many who are not able to afford expensive treatment because he offers treatment on very affordable terms. His major interest has been on the anti-aging properties of the drug as well as its ability to cure cancer.

The students that he lectures have had one of the best professors of their lifetime. His mode of teaching is more of an inspiration rather than the normal serious class setting. These students are anticipating finishing their studies and continuing the research that their renowned professor established.Most of all, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s lifelong desire is to advance his cancer research and find an easier way of treating cancer without having to damage another body cell considering how first cancer spreads alongside the therapies that may overlap into the healthy tissues.The contributions that this passionate oncologist has put into cancer research have helped in upgrading the treatment that existed before and even advancing the equipment used for cancer therapies. Indeed, the number of cancer patients has reduced gracefully with increased awareness about the tragic disease. Thanks to Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s.

Health Care Companies; improving provision of health care

Health care is in most cases equated to treatment of diseases. In reality, it is a procedural process that begins with diagnosis through to the treatment of diseases, illnesses, both physical and mental disorders and illnesses. Apart from diagnosis and treatment, prevention of such conditions is also part of healthcare. Health care providers come from a wide scope of medical areas each having a unique area of specialization. Health care providers range from those in medical set ups such as doctors and nurses to those who work in fields such as emergency medical technicians. Provision of healthcare is by far the most expensive sector in any nation and in that case requires high amounts of money to ensure quality is of standard. This is normally not the case especially in developed countries where their budgets have to be spread across to other sectors leaving the health sector short of funds hence making health care provision of lesser quality than is expected. However, all hope is not lost because companies that specialize in provision of healthcare are formed thus improving the general quality of health care provided. Such are the many health care companies in existence. In order to increase the number of surgery facilities so as to reduce the length of surgery lists and also provide a cheap surgery option, Athas Health merged with Nobilis healthcare to from Nobilis Health Corporation. During its formation and years since, the corporation has focused on improving access to healthcare and c patient outcomes by providing low cost, minimally invasive procedures which can be carried out in outpatient settings. They therefore partner with able practitioners from the medical field to develop and manage ambulatory facilities together with acute care centers. Nobilis Health boasts of having various healthcare facilities, some in Texas and Arizona. They also own several ambulatory surgery centers in addition to the MRI centers, urgent care center and the surgical hospital. Apart from this wide range of facilities, Nobilis Health also work hand in hand with board-certified surgeons from different medical fields who are known for their advanced skill. These surgeons are specialized in fields of expertise that are related to the kinds of services offered by Nobilis Health. In addition to spine, general and orthopedic surgeries, Nobilis also specializes in podiatry, gastrointestinal scopes and otolaryngology. For this, Nobilis is known to provide good medical healthcare at low prices and satisfy their patients. Surgeons who have worked with Nobilis Health Corporation have also been able to collaborate in different occasions and better their medical skills. Nobilis Health Corporation is not the only health care company in existence offering surgery services to those requiring them. Similarly, there are other many health care companies providing services in other dockets of health care. Pharmaceutical companies providing medication for vaccine and treatment, heath insurances, health clubs, all these with one aim of making health care better in both quality and provision. With proper coexistence of these health care companies over the years, health care provision has become better and many have been able to acquire it more cheaply.