Smooth can be Shimmery with the new EOS lip balms!

EOS lip balms are known for their smooth creamy formulas, as well as their orb-like shells that are simple to grab, use and find in your purse. The company’s name, EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, and their products are guaranteed to make anyone’s lips hydrated and smooth during a rough, dry winter.

One of the most well-known EOS is the “Sweet Mint” flavor, with a subtle aroma, and an attractive mint green color that’s easy on the eyes. “Sweet Mint” gains popularity through the colder months, as people battle raw lips and nose-stuffing colds, this variety is available on Target. Winter can be as tough on your lips as it is on the rest of your skin, and “Medicated Tangerine” is a soothing favorite as well, with a scent that makes you feel as though you’ve gotten your daily dose of vitamin C.

With the colder months being so rough on the lips, most people tend to stay away from products that can draw attention to raw patches. There’s much grief among the lipstick wearers among us from October to March – when balms seem to be the only product that works.

Now, thanks to EOS lip balm, there’s good news for all us lip gloss junkies! Along with making your lips smooth and healthy, EOS products now also contribute a little bit of shimmer to your smile. The new casing is a nice matte black with cut-outs that reveal the type of balm beneath. EOS shimmer balms come in a “Pearl“, with a white iridescent shimmer, or in “Soft Pink“, which is a little more rose-toned, and will bring out the natural beauty of any lips, no matter how chapped.

Strawberry sorbet variety:

So don’t sacrifice shimmer over smooth this winter! The products are available on select stores like Racked and Ulta. Grab a new EOS Shimmer orb and get yourself a lip balm that can do both!