How Todd Lubar’s Enthusiasm for Helping People in Need has Shaped His Professional Career

With reference to Todd Lubar’s success story, succeeding in any business venture requires no shortcuts. Lubar, who graduated with a speech communications degree from the Syracuse University, defied all odds to become a successful businessperson. Today, Lubar is the TDL Global Ventures’ general manager, and his role involves supervising market professionals.

Throughout his entire 20-year career, Lubar has been committed to assisting people in need to fulfill their innermost and ambitious dreams. His commitment to developing solutions for people has been applied in most of his professional work. For example, he founded Legacy Financial Group with the aim of assisting customers who were denied loans from other lending corporations. Lubar’s idea was to develop a product and program that provides clients with relief, which is what they usually seek. Visit Medium to know more.

Lubar believes that profitability in business depends on the dedication and hard work of an enterprise’s professional team. It took Lubar time to succeed in the ventures he was pursuing. During his tenure at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he learned how to develop his business skills by interacting with real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners.

Professional Trajectory

Before joining TDL, Lubar commenced his career in the mortgage banking sector as an agent for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked for the corporation from 1995 to 1999 and later he decided to start his company. Using the knowledge and experience he acquired from Crestar, he came up with a venture known as Legacy Financial Group.

As the founder and CEO of the Legacy Financial, Lubar enabled the company to expand its operations to Maryland and generate millions of cash in loan volume. Lubar joined Charter Funding as the SVP after his leadership tenure at Legacy Financial ended in 2005. Charter Funding is a subsidiary of one of the largest mortgage banking corporations in the planet known as Magnus Financial Corporation.

Investment Career

Even though his career majorly focused on the mortgage banking sector, Todd Lubar also pursued other business endeavors outside the industry. For instance, he ventured in the waste recycling business, demolition industry, and nightclub industry. Lubar also invested in the real estate developments as a way of diversifying his investments.


Richard Blair’s Knack for Wealth Management through Sound Investment Strategies

Wealth Solutions offers top services that allow its clients to grow, protect and manage their assets. Customers find an inventive advisor and partner in founder CEO Richard Blair of wealth solutions. Richard is extremely experienced and competent with numerous financial certifications including CES, CAS, CFS, and RICP.

Wealth Solutions is a registered Investment Advisory consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. They provide Financial Planning services geared towards management and protection of assets through a detailed process. Blair supposes that everyone needs a sound plan that permits him or her to track all his/ her financial goals. Therefore, he serves the Austin, Texas people by offering wealth management advice and retirement plans to his clients.

Wealth Solutions teaches a comprehensive three-pillar plan. It allows the company to realize their client’s financial state and their retirement requirements. Developing a solid plan tailored for each customer is easy through the following principles:
• Pillar 1: Is specially designed to help the client draft their financial requirement. It classifies their goals, strengths, risk tolerance and their growth prospects. By understanding an individual’s financial status, it is easy to help them forge an excellent financial roadmap to follow.
• Pillar 2: This component helps clients to develop a solid plan in line with their investment goals. It is personalized to meet a client’s financial needs and savings goals. Richard allocates and administers assets to guarantee the highest performance of a customer’s portfolio when the marketplace is right. He also manages the portfolio by reducing the financial impact of the investment during the low market seasons.
• Pillar 3: After establishing a customer’s financial objectives and laying sound strategies to accomplish them, Richard suggests an insurance policy. It may include a long-term plan, life insurance or annuities.

About Richard Blair

Blair’s choice to offer financial advice services was due to his family financial teaching background. His mother and grandmother were career teachers, and he grew up watching how coaching nurtures one’s self-belief and increases their awareness. Therefore, armed with his passion for finance, Richard Blair established his firm-Wealth Solutions in 1994 to provide financial solutions in Austin, Texas.
Today, his successful firm has continuously provided impartial, objective counsel to all his clients. Richard has vast experience and knowledge that allows him to convey financial advice to his customers enabling them to make informed investments decisions and meet their future financial needs.

Over the years, Richard has helped numerous people in retirement planning and assisted to bridge the gap between saving, investing and planning for retirement. His strategies help individuals in avoiding obvious financial difficulties and offer ideas for all occasions. His goal is to help people pursue their dream of a prosperous future.

The Midas Legacy And Customized Help

Things have changed a lot throughout the years. When programs were put in place for helping people, the only thing that they helped with was financial or business matters. In other words, they have focused on just the branch or the symptoms as opposed to getting to the root cause of problems. Fortunately, agencies are starting to take a holistic approach to helping people with their circumstances in life. Not only are they taking their time to go deeper than finances and business, they are also taking the time to talk to the individual in order to help them determine a path that is best for them.

Among the companies that are adopting this new approach is The Midas Legacy. The Midas Legacy is one of the most trusted agencies that help people with improving their lives. They have a ton of resources for different goals. Not everything they help with has that much to do with finance or business. Among the things they help with are diet, mental health, and plenty of other issues. This is one of the reasons that a growing number of people are starting to become drawn to them. This agency has something for everyone.

Not only do they offer help for people, but they also give them a taste of what they have to offer through their website. They have a lot of content that could inspire people of all walks of life. Among the topics they talk about is reaching one’s own potential and actually doing something fulfilling with his life. They are willing to be a part of the journey. It doesn’t matter what the journey is. They are willing and available to be a part of it.

One thing that makes The Midas Legacy stand out the most is that it is able to offer customized help for the client. Therefore, the client has a lot to look forward to with this agency. Even those that are looking for spiritual enlightenment are going to be satisfied with what they have to offer. This is one of the reasons that The Midas Legacy is actually one of the most successful agencies.

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