Ted Bauman and Jeff Yastine Help Banyan Hill Publishing Share Valuable Investment Opportunities

Each day more than 400,000 readers rely on advice from a panel of experts at Banyan Hills Publishing to assist them in identifying favorable investment opportunities. The fast-growing website publishes daily advice that includes promising investment opportunities while focusing on… Read this article at Medium.com.

  • natural resources
  • commodities
  • asset protection trusts
  • global investment strategies
  • foreign residency
  • creating and running bank accounts, offshore
  • small/mid-cap stocks
  • international business corporations
  • private foundations
  • option plays
  • U.S. dollar diversification
  • second citizenships
  • undervalued U.S. companies
  • and tips on how to maintain personal financial privacy.

The company that started as “The Sovereign Society,” when founded in 1998, now known as Banyan Hill Publishing as of 2016, soon became a leading investment and global asset protection organization due to their personal sovereignty and self-reliance values.

Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing In September 2013, as an editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert specializing in things like low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues, and privacy, and asset protection. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

In 2015, Jeff Yastine joined the party as editorial director, bringing along over 20 years of experience as a financial journalist and stock market investor. Jeff Yastine now serves as editor of Total Wealth Insider and contributes weekly to Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily.

Not only does Jeff Yastine assist investors by helping them understand economic, business, and monetary trends, but he also highlights moneymaking opportunities passed on from the financial editors.

From 1994 to 2010, Jeff Yastine served as a correspondent and anchor for PBS Nightly Business Report where he interviewed some of the biggest entrepreneurs and financiers of our time, such as Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Michael Dell, among others.

In doing so, Yastine learned some valuable investing secrets that include biopharmaceutical and agricultural sector developments, big box retail, large company turnarounds, small-cap growth stocks, and other successful investment opportunities.

Through his reports, Jeff Yastine was able to warn about the 2000 dot-com bubble and the real estate crisis in the mid-2000s.

Yastine did a report on Cuba’s economy and the role of foreign investors while visiting Cuba in 1994 and again in 2003. Thus, he also reported on many national major events like the 1999 handover of the Panama Canal, the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Hurricane Katrina’s financial crisis of 2005, and more.

In addition, Jeff was nominated for a Business Emmy Award in 2007 for his report on underfunded road systems, bridges and more forms of public infrastructure in America.

Moreover, he was part of an NBR journalist team who did a special report about the nation’s bond market that they won the excellence in financial journalism award for, in 2002.

Check: https://www.investmentu.com/investment-experts/jeff-yastine

Paul Mampilly Brings Hedge Fund Quality Research to Average Investors

Paul Mampilly has demonstrated an acumen for picking stocks that is far above average as he draws upon significant experience, market knowledge, and analytical skills all of which is forward-looking. He’s currently focused on the future and considers two important trends to be foundational for the years to come. Millenials and the Internet of Things will be the primary market drivers according to Mampilly. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

The apex of Paul Mampilly’s investing career occurred when he won the Templeton Foundation’s investing competition. His victory in this singular competition named after the legendary investor was an incredible triumph and highlighted his tremendous abilities as an investor and fund manager. The flair with which he accomplished this feat is also noteworthy as he pursued a long-only strategy when the market was in steep decline as a result of the Great Financial Crisis.

With the stellar results that Mampilly achieved in the Templeton Foundation contest, financial TV came calling and he was regularly consulted for an expert’s opinion by the likes of CNBC and Bloomberg.

Prior to this, Paul Mampilly had found success managing money with several different financial institutions such as ING and Deutsche Bank to name a couple. This after showing a knack for investing as an assistant portfolio manager with Bankers Trust. He also managed the hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Managment which was a 6 billion dollar firm.

The telling pace of Wall Street took its toll on Paul Mampilly however. The frantic, insistent schedule gave him pause to consider his future and how to proceed further in his career. At the end of the day, he fled Wall Street and its hectic pace to use his skills to help ordinary investors find success.

Learn: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/tag/paul-mampilly/

Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s answer for those struggling for success in the markets. This decorated hedge fund manager pours all his analytical skills into this newsletter and highlights stocks that could vastly outperform the market. This extraordinary research product is the edge that many investors have been seeking for years.

The philosophy that has brought Mampilly to a rarefied level of success and which he still practices today is taking a calculated risk. It has characterized his career on Wall Street and his personal investing as well. This involves determining when the odds are in your favor which is something he’s quite adept at. More often than not this has worked out quite well for him and the funds that he’s overseen. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Randal Nardone Tries New Opportunities for His Business

As the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone knew there were things he’d need to do if he wanted to make a difference. He also knew there were times where people wouldn’t have to worry about the issues that came from investing the right type of money. He planned to always give them what they were looking for so they didn’t need to worry about how they were going to make more money in the end. It was his job to give people the help they need and he felt good about what he did to make those things happen. Even though things changed with the company and people saw how well he was working with the business, Randal Nardone felt he still had a lot of things to do. He relied on the company and on the standards people were looking for.

As long as Randal Nardone felt good about himself and about the things that were going on, he was capable of making all the right moves. It was his goal to give back and his goal to give people the help they needed no matter what. For Randal Nardone, the company continued thriving and people saw how well he was working in different situations.Thanks to the hard work Randal Nardone did, Fortress Investment Group succeeded. Even after they became part of Softbank, they saw there were things they could do to create even more success in the business. The company was responsible for helping others and that’s what made them better.

It was also something most people could feel Randal Nardone was helping them with. His job as the co-founder of the company was to help people understand how well the business worked and what they were getting out of the business. Despite some of the issues people had with Fortress Investment Group, they were happy. Their issues were not with the group or the way the group worked. Instead, they were with the problems people had in different situations. For Randal Nardone, this meant he had to try and help others have a good time with the opportunities he came up with. By helping them, he was successful and gave the industry what they needed. He also made sure everyone understood how important it was to create new opportunities. These things combined with his wealth and landed him on a Billionaire list for the money he made with the company.

Source of the article : https://seekingalpha.com/article/3971849-fortress-investment-groups-fig-ceo-randal-nardone-q1-2016-results-earnings-call-transcript

Congratulations to Madison Street Capital for Their Top Achievements

As an international banking firm that specializes in global investments, Madison Street Capital is considered a leader in providing corporate financial services in mergers, acquisitions, business valuation services and other financial options. Madison Street Capital has global wealthy clients that look to this firm to grow their market portfolios and investment assets. Due to their reputation, Madison Street Capital was nominated for the 16th Annual M & A Advisor Award.

The awards gala was held on Monday, November 13th at the 2017 at the New York Metropolitan Club. The category that the banking firm was named is as a finalist for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Madison, at the same time, was also nominated in two other categories identified as the Financials Deal of the Year and the Debt Financing of the Year award.

Respectfully, both awards recognized Madison as acquiring financially succesful deals and for the debt financing award, Madison was recognized as an outstanding advisor in the WLR Automotive transaction. The Annual M & A Advisor Award program was created in 1998. The M & A Advisor Awards recognize leaders in various financial industries that have introduced innovative products and integrated services. The Annual M & A Gala is the financial industry’s top celebration of the year for over 500 industry M & A Dealmakers and M & A professionals and which is also held in conjunction with the M & A Advisor Summit.

In the acknowledgement of these awards, Charles Botchway, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Madison Street Capital stated that their goal is to provide quality service to the middle marketplace that is often underserved and to be recognized for it makes their efforts a wonderful event. For the WLR Automotive award Mr. Botchway thanked Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital for leading this transaction.

The 16th Annual M & A Advisor Award consists of ten top sectors and many subset categories were global firms which are recognized for their varied deals of the year, product/service of the year, acquisitions of the year, etc (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmbzaVSuCmU). The M & A judges acknowledge the highest levels of achievement for companies representing middle market to multi-billion-dollar deals by the M & A Awards which took place on November 13, 2017 at the Metropolitan Club. Madison Award Capital won the Debt Financing of the Year Award for their role in the WLR Automotive transaction.