The Future Of Anti-Aging Research: Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a native to the state of Arizona. In the state of Arizona, he has built himself a reputation for being one of the most successful entrepreneurs and plagiarists in the region. Today he has helped to support the development of several new technologies by supporting various research organizations that are fighting the disease of aging. In fact, in 2010 Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to the discovery of new techniques and technologies that will limit the diseases of aging from hampering our lives. The organization believes that with the advent of new research that an individual’s lifespan may be extended to be in excess of 1000 years in the near future.

Jason Hope has close ties with the organization’s chief science officer Aubrey de Grey, and together they have targeted several cellular mechanisms that they believe are responsible for aging. For example, they have discussed strategies that are related to the improvement of the health of mitochondria. Mitochondria are one of the organelles found within cells that are responsible for providing organisms with energy.

Most recently there has been significant advancements in the understanding of chromosomes. At the end of chromosomes, telomerase protects them from unraveling. However, over time telomerase is broken down. The breaking down of telomerase is believed to be one of the principal causes of aging. There have been several studies which indicate that if telomerase is elongated, it will extend an organism’s lifespan exponentially and incredibly slow the process of aging. Not only that but it can also decrease the damages that are caused by oxidative stress and lower the risk of multiple conditions which are associated with chronic inflammation.

Chronic information is associated with a number of degenerative neuro- diseases. As cells age, they naturally produce inflammatory compounds. Over time these inflammatory compounds can accumulate to toxic levels. The toxic levels of these inflammatory compounds or one of the chief reasons behind diseases such as dementia. The SENS Foundation is working to discover ways in which that aging cells may be removed from the body in order to reduce the effects of information. By developing these medications that will remove damaged cells from the body not only, will inflammatory compounds be removed but healthy cells will be able to receive additional nutrition which in effect will increase an individual’s lifespan and to decrease the level of inflammation in an organism.

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Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope mostly believes in the internet of things. He is well known for being an entrepreneur and a commentator on the trends that involve the latest technology, and he is highly regarded as one of the most paramount in regards to the new technology. He recently wrote about ‘The IoT at Tech Co.

The IoT simply means how connected technology allows various devices to sync with each mainly electronic devices, street light, and even kitchen appliances. This phenomenon can revolutionize how business operates and could become the biggest achievement of industry for many years to come.

According to Jason, the internet of things is probably the biggest investment that companies will take, and it will become very important for other companies to follow suit and he predicts that this will lead to the world where any device can connect to another to learn more: click here.

Smart Technology fits for many now; Hope believes that in future, the internet of things will be the only option as people can sync activities like making coffee or switching off lights in their homes. He foresees that many companies will be in stiff competition to create apps that are both useful and relevant to consumers.

The greatest advantage is that there will be the reduction of waste and our lives will become safer. An example is monitoring public transport like trains and even real-time map public bus routes. There will be less congestion on roads and in time less pollution and road accidents.

Most examples of benefits of the internet of things are related to the urban life. However, rural areas will also benefit from this, for example, prompt emergency responses and GPS tracking of accidents. Jason Hope is optimistic the internet of things will greatly improve our lives.

About Jason

Jason Hope internet businessperson, a humanitarian, a financier and a futurist who is driven by his passion for technology and philanthropy. He is from Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason has a Finance degree from Arizona State Campus and an MBA from the School of Business. of ASU’s W.P Carey

Jason has invested in some fields like mobile technology, the health industry about stem cell medicine and he is also a great investor in the future.