A Recap of Highly Nutritious Dog Food Innovations

Dog food is seeing advancement as an industry again.

Freshpet CEO is leading the company into a new era with their gourmet dog food. The quality and fresh ingredients don’t use preservatives. Instead, they limit the amount of time that the food sits on the shelves so that the food still has plenty of flavor by the time your dog tastes it.

Keep in mind that this attention to detail is happening with dog food, not human food. What we’re talking about is a huge trend toward innovations that are attempting to make dog food so delectable that even humans will want a bite.

Traditionally, lamb and salmon have been used to make dog food more healthy. Now, the good news is that the healthy sector of dog food has become so competitive that even more new creations are being created. For example, Colgate has a new dog food to help your dog shed pounds. And Nestle on en.wikipedia.org offers a product where pet owners can select special blends for their pets which are completely personalized according to the dog and their owner’s needs. Another trend is the farm-to-table movement. Take Nutro Farm’s Harvest line, for instance, which folds rich cranberries and blueberries into the dog food.

If dessert and fruit aren’t enough, thee is always Italian for your pooch. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights now have beef stroganoff or lasagna on the menu. In addition to genres of food, if you have an older dog you can find a special mix as well. There is now something called Bright Minds which has medium-chain triglycerides. This ingredient is a fat that comes from coconut oil, which is easier for older dogs to digest. This lets them have more energy to play with you.

Beneful is another great dog food. They ensure that the quality of their product is the top priority using special, strict procedures. Beneful’s tracking system ensures that dog food is analyzed through every step of the process.

The ingredients of Beneful are highly nutritious and hand-selected. The high regulation of pet products ensures that only the best quality is delivered to your dog. Beneful is a clear choice for those who want to offer their pet the best.

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Explaining Beneful’s Dog Food Flavors

Dog owners are always looking for dog foods that are going to be the most palatable for their dogs and have the nutrients that their dog needs. Different dogs have different needs, and Beneful is one of the most accommodating brands of dog food on the market today. Beneful is easily found in stores, with more than 35 different products to choose from.

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists are great to give dogs because they make their breath smell better and they actually make dogs’ mouths cleaner by rubbing against their teeth to get all of the plaque and other types of nasty things off. This makes the breath of the dogs smell much better, and many owners are now able to spend more quality time with their pets because their mouths don’t smell so bad.

Chopped Blends is a line of dog food Beneful produces that has finely blended pieces of meat with various vegetables. These are available in both the large, resealable tubs that Purina places these Beneful dog foods in along with cans that are much smaller and intended for dogs to eat in one serving.

Prepared Meals are popular because of their great taste. Just like humans prefer, there are any different flavors on twitter.com of Prepared Meals to choose from for their dogs. Many of these flavors replicate types of foods that humans would eat, such as Beneful’s Beef Stew, Romana Style Medley, and other easily recognizable meals.

The Roasted Chicken Recipe is one of these kinds of Prepared Meals, which comes with spinach, carrots, chicken, and pasta that is safe for dogs to eat. Most dogs are not able to eat meals that are similar in flavor to their owners without eating people food, so these Prepared Meals truly do make dogs happier because they can eat whatever they wish.

Beneful Baked Delights are the dog treats that are produced by Beneful on wikipedia. Purina believes that Baked Delights should be the only kind of dog treat that Beneful produces because they appeal so well to all types of dogs. Baked Delights are made in four different shapes and five different flavors, giving the ability to dog owners to give their dog different foods every time they eat, but which all of them will love every time. Some of these types of Baked Delights are called Hugs, Heartfuls, and Stars. Check out Beneful’s Baked Delights as soon as possible.

How Purina PetCare is Positively Changing Your Work Environment

As traumatic as this can be for the pets, the owners are experiencing a degree of anxiety and stress too. Purina PetCare has taken great steps to make sure that this situation does not have to play out in homes around the region any longer. The annual bring your pet to work program originally started to bring awareness to an issue through Purina news, and has quickly become a solution that has benefited more than just the pets and their owners.

The pets of course were the first to benefit when the new program was initiated. These pets not only did not have to be anxious as their owners left the house for eight or more hours each day, they got to interact with their loved ones throughout the work day. The pets enjoyed their time in the vehicle on the way to work, and were able to get in some exercise with their owners during lunch breaks. By bringing the pets to work, it helped to reduce the stress levels in those animals, allowing them to live a more healthy lifestyle each day as they spent more time with their owners.

The pet owners were next in line to enjoy the huge benefits of the bring your pet to work program. No more leaving their friends behind each morning as they head off to work. Now the two can share the journey to work together, and interact throughout the day while on the job. It doesn’t feel like exercise, it feels like quality time being spent between animal and friend, a time that is valued and cherished.

The biggest winner in this PetCare program however and the one who was the recipient of more positive results was the business itself. By allowing employees to bring their pets to work with them, the entire workplace experienced a change in production and customer experiences. The employees were able to focus more on their jobs and their clients when they can rest knowing their pets are safe and secure. This allows them to increase productivity, providing a more pleasurable experience to the client and increasing the focus of the employee.

While this program has a far reaching positive experience for all involved, it might not be for every business. To ensure the business owner understands what is involved and what it takes to make this program successful, the Purina PetCare company has developed a package to introduce the concept to the work environment. The company feels with small changes to everyday procedures, this program can benefit everyone involved in your work place.