Lori Senecal: Taking the World by Storm

Lori Senecal never had success handed to her, but this global CEO is without a doubt one of the most prominent figures in marketing, leadership, and professionalism. Gcre Report highlights Senecal’s career from the very start, when she graduated college with a degree in Sales and Marketing. Shortly after, she rose to the top at a rapid rate.

Back in 2003, Lori Senecal began TAG Ideation, a marketing company for young adults. She took the field by storm and provided marketing services for some of the world’s top brands, such as Staples, Sprint, and Nabisco, to name a few. After launching her own successful company, she went on to work for Coca-Cola and was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer for a global corporation, and soon after received another promotion to becoming head of the Sales and Marketing Department.

Senecal’s success does not end there, though. She has served as a director and member of multiple marketing boards and is the recipient of numerous trailblazing and leadership awards. Every company that she has worked with has seen exponential growth due to Senecal’s innovative techniques and high quality leadership skills.

According to PRNewswire Senecal doesn’t let her achievements get to her head though; she attributes her success to hard work and her older siblings, whom she states provided inspiration for her while she worked to achieve her dreams. Senecal graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance, and used her degree to her advantage when she took the marketing field by storm. Some of her marketing tips include ensuring social media sites are mobile optimized, creating compelling visual content, using bright colors to make an impression, and trying to make personal connections with potential clients. Brendon Fergeson describes her as “a brilliant mentor” and thus far, all of Senecal’s achievements have proven that to be true. Whether she is providing marketing plans and strategies, serving as president of a board, creating her own business, or fulfilling her current position as CEO of Crispin Porter+Bugowsky, Seneca exhibits a rare tenacity that makes everything she touches turn to gold.

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Lori Senecal’s Tips on Good Advertising Skills

Lori holds an important position in one of the creative and digital marketing industries. With all her knowledge on advertising trends, Lori believes that educating people concerning venturing in new businesses is the generous thing to do. She tipped off those who would like to advertise for their business by revealing to them that the best place to present one’s advert right now is social media. This is because a huge percentage of the population uses it. Also, one needs to figure out which platform has the most users and how they can reach their target audience. You can subscribe on YouTube

Facebook consist of the most social media users and research has it that a bigger percent log in using their mobile devices. This will make it almost impossible for them to stop and look at anything that presents itself as news. This will require a new strategy to outsmart Facebook users into grasping their attention with an interesting advert. Visit Forbes for more info.

It would almost be accurate to say that everybody is fascinated by colors especially when put together. So an advertisement that would have numerous conspicuous colors has a higher chance of getting a larger audience than a dull one. It should also be noted that including a call to action, the audience would relate to the information, thus, creating an unforgettable image. It is important for advertisers to know that people are more interested in reality nowadays. Try making the advertisement intensely realistic with actual people who would reflect ordinary people. Diversity should be a key factor to realism. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Lori’s Career and Education Background

She sets a perfect example for women in power. Lori Senecal stands in the position of Global CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She has an intriguing way to do things which make her unique. Her intelligence won her a Quantum Leap Award for Innovative Leadership and Advertising Age. She has impressed a lot of people with her achievements and stands as a challenge to all women yet their inspiration.

According to Adage, being Canadian, she attended McGill University. Before CP&B, she worked for McCann Worldgroup holding incredibly many titles there. With much determination, she worked her way up and became President of McCann. When she left to join Kirshenbaum Bond, she was made President and CEO of the organization. Evidently, for her prosperity, she had to go through a lot of hardships and frustrations.

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American Business Woman Susan McGalla

Many women want to enter the field of business. Doing so can mean balancing competing needs of all kinds. A successful business woman is someone who will be able accomplish many kinds of tasks. She may need to spend one week working directly on marketing strategies for customers in a given area and then the next working closely with suppliers to make sure that the company’s supplies are available at all times even in the event of a shortage. Many business women must also work with other areas of business development including accounting, money flow management and hiring the right employees to make sure that the business is able to function initially and then expand in the future.

A business woman who has managed the many roles required of her is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is a native of the American Midwest where she enjoyed a pleasant upbringing in suburban Ohio. Here, she learned firsthand what consumers want and need when they are going to the local mall in order to purchase clothing. Her time here also taught her what it takes to run a business in order to satisfy clients of varied backgrounds who are likely to enter any given contemporary American mall. As a result, she was fully prepared to enter college and begin her career in the field of business. She also realized that she wanted to specifically focus on the field of retail apparel as she knew she could do what was required of her when entering this field.

McGalla decided to earn a degree in the field in marketing and business from Mount Union College in Ohio. After graduation, she found herself drawn to the field of retailing where she realized she could make her mark. Her first job was with the Joseph Home Company, a highly respected company devoted to providing people in America with access to high quality consumer goods. Her work here was widely hailed for her ability to help the company reach out to consumers and figure out what they want as well as her work in creating new marketing campaigns for the company consumer base.

After her work here, McGalla decided to move on to American Eagle Outfitters company. This company provides consumers with products to wear that are hip and trendy and yet comfortable as well as affordable. Her work here focused on various areas of company management and expansion including merchandise buying for many stores. She worked hard to help the company expand in new areas of the nation and reach out to new buyers from many varied backgrounds. He work was noticed and she was able to rise within the ranks of the company, eventually becoming the Chief Merchandising Officer as well as the president of the company.