Yeonmi Park Reveals North Korean Escape In Memoir

The memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Jounrey To Freedom” an Amazon best seller and has proven a success around the world after details of the life lived by author Yeonmi Park were revealed through her public appearances and media articles. Yeonmi Park began her life as a member of the government elite owing to the position held by her father in North Korea; life changed dramatically for the Park family when her father was forced to sell goods on the black market in a bid to provide food for his family during one of the regular periods of famine.
The change in lifestyle Yeonmi Park saw as she moved from the very top of North Korean society to the bottom gives her memoir an added insight into the problems that affect each area of life in this closed society; Park also reveals the issue of food shortages can affect members of the society at all levels in her detailed memoir.

Since enduring what can only be described as a harrowing journey to freedom that is detailed in her memoir the life of Yeonmi Park has changed in a variety of different ways. Since finding her way to freedom Yeonmi has detailed her story in a number of different ways and highlighted the plight of refugees in public appearances and articles written prior to the completion of her memoir.

One of the moments that can be credited with prompting the change in life Park has seen in recent years was her appearance at the One World Summit in Dublin, Ireland; Park’s appearance at the summit was uploaded to YouTube and prompted her rise in popularity as a speaker across the globe.