Batman v. Superman Sets Up A D.C. Comics Reboot

D.C. Comics plans on riding the wave of popularity Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is sure to bring forth. A prequel comic book series is being published to tie-in with the film.

Tie-ins are not the only way in which the D.C. shared universe is going to impact the published books. D.C. Comics has revealed a total reboot of the D.C. Comics publishing history is in the works. Basically, the comics are going to be connected to the movies. The old history of D.C. Comics is being wiped out one more time.

Jon Urbana and other fansĀ are not exactly thrilled at the arrival of a new publishing reboot. D.C. Comics doesn’t have much of a choice. Urbana is quick to note on that theĀ last reboot, The New 52, led to a major decline in sales.