Tony Petrello Leads Nabors To Attain Success And Stability

As a highly skilled professional, Tony Petrello has been working diligently to ensure Nabors proceeds to rank as one of the best companies in the drilling industry.

To his satisfaction, the company became the leader in the U.S. and has been serving over 20 countries through its drilling subsidiaries as well as other subsidiaries that deal with the manufacture of equipment. The career of Tony Petrello has spanned more than 30 years and in all these years, he has worked with different companies, his longest span in a company being the service he has offered Nabors.

He was appointed at the company in 1991 and during elections for board members, he was chosen as one of the members to lead the team of strategists. He was installed as the President and CEO of Nabors in 1991 and during the same year he joined the Executive Committee. His leadership at Nabors has been full of growth and surprises that came from his vast ability to make decisions even in the face of the most complex challenges. He served as the CEO of Nabors until 2011 and after a short while, he was appointed back to become the CEO and President, a position he has held to date.

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Proved competence
It is due to his competence and proved results the company chose to retain him. He has seen Nabors grow from a small company to the successful land-based drill rig fleet it is today. Tony Petrello celebrates the success his effort has brought to the company and is optimistic about its growth to further serve bigger markets. With a coverage of over 20 countries, the company is in the process of expanding its services to other nations to achieve a coverage of over 100.

The educational qualifications of Tony Petrello can be traced back to the Harvard Law School, where he pursued a degree in Law. He also joined the Yale University for Bachelor of Science degree. He has worked for more than 30 years in various companies and positions, something that places him at a perfect position to offer leadership to a large company like Nabors.

Philanthropist and an Entrepreneur- Bruce Levenson

A lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on September 13th, by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment LLC the previous ownership of Franchise group of the NBA, against New Hampshire Insurance Company which is also described as AIG. The lawsuit filed against the insurance company was of the claims made by the former General Manager for breach of contract involving the settlement of applications. The lawsuit does not affect the current management of Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment LLC.

Atlanta Hawks Entertainment Basketball LLC, claims that the insurance company breached a civil action and insurance bad faith. AHEB argues that it was insured by AIG under a policy that involved certain losses that included employment practices but not limited to particular acts of wrongful terminations as well as working torts. Atlanta Hawks Entertainment Basketball believes that the claims that were proclaimed by Ferry were covered.

The court documents clearly showed that the filed case was confidential. The lawsuit stated that the Atlanta Hawks Entertainment Basketball claims were adequate to be paid by the sensitive limits of liability. The lawsuit also mentioned that AIG had denied the acceptance of the claims made and to admit that the policy was triggered. The court was also first to say that the insurance company has refused to participate in defense of the said claim or accept coverage. AHEB LLC is also seeking a compensation of about 50% for the Damages and Attorney’s fee. The current principals at AHEB said they are aware of the complaints.

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Bruce Levenson is an influential man and a go-getter. Mr. Bruce Levenson the co-founder and Partner at United Communications Group (UCG), a company that was founded in 1977 together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. He is also the owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC. Before establishing and co-founding UCG, Bruce was a writer at Washington Star and Observer Publishing. Levenson has also served as a director at TechTarget from February 10th to date. His leadership skills have seen him hold other top positions like he has been the president of “I Have a Dream Foundation” of Washington and he has also been involved in various philanthropic activities.

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The Future of Technology and Fashion

Christopher Burch is known as an entrepreneur and investor in the fashion industry. Born in 1953 and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Chris became a billionaire when he was the majority stakeholder in C. Wonder with a ten-figure net worth. He was featured in the Forbes Magazine column of The World’s Billionaires in 2012. Burch has founded and co-founded several companies, among them is Burch Creative Capital that deals with managing investments and development of brands and Tory Burch LLC, a fashion label where he served as the co-Chair with his then wife. Other investments that Chris ventured into include Voss Water, a bottled water company, BaubleBar, Internet Capital Group, Aliph and Powermat. He has partnered with famous people like James McBride and Ellen DeGeneres with whom they launched a lifestyles collection E.D.


Burch’s interest for fashion began way back in college. With the help of his brother, he bought sweaters at $10 each and made a profit of $5 from each sale. Chris Burch sold door-to-door on his campus and others. Within no time, his company Eagle’s Eye had its retail stores with sales of over $140 million. He later launched C. Wonder, a retailer for accessories and home decor.


Technology and fashion have changed over the years, and Christopher Burch explains why somehow they go in handy. Both need each other and help out where needed. If the past technology advances to the present, so do the fashion. For instance, in the 70s people had a different taste in music instruments which they took delight in, but as decades passed, the technology changed, and better music experience was invented. People embraced the change in technology which was way fashionable compared to the past. Technology is compared to a playground of experiments that rewards with possibilities that bring a higher standard in innovation and functionality. With technology, the fashion industry can design protection attires. Instead of helmets used bikes that can block visibility, some designers have come up with an airbag for cyclists that pops up out of the neck-wear to prevent any impact on the head. Inner bicycle tubes can also be recycled to create jackets and t-shirts and gowns from radiator copper.


Technology needs a hand from fashion because their future depend on what they learn from each other. If both industries worked together, people would feel protected, and the world would be a beautiful and creative place. For example, if any technology is invented, the fashion industry should use its popularity to showcase it to the world.

Anthony Petrello: Innovative Drilling

Tony Petrello is the president and chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, which is one of the world’s largest oil and gas drilling contractors. He specializes in large scale strategic planning initiatives and directions. This guidance enables the company to adapt and prosper in its dynamic competitive environment. Other CEOs praise Petrello’s devotion to proper management and hard work ethic that has generated over $20 million over the past five years. Anthony Petrello earned a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School and a M.S. degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

With these qualifications, Petrello has integrated computations into his standards of drilling, making his company’s measurements more precise than other methods. A terrific education has given Petrello the foundation to make these advanced choices with certainty. As an advocate for research and clinical programs, he has also helped children with neurological disorders. It is uncommon for a CEO to take such a humble approach; Anthony Petrello is truly a generous, sympathetic individual with common goals for society.

Petrello partially directs Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company; Nabors has a close relationship with these businesses. By combining forces in oil, gas, and energy, Petrello has simultaneously made progress for all these issues.

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In the 2000s, he was an active member of the field representative group and frequently visited the coast to examine the status quo. Today, he plays a more reserved role in the company and represents Nabors on social media and on national television. As a spokesperson, he ensures that Nabors has an outstanding reputation. Petrello’s image also recruits aspiring contractors who may be unsure of how to enter the industry without a brute force approach.

In the past few years, he has held additional positions such as member of the board of directors, executive committee of the board, and chief operating officer. With experience in all these different roles, Petrello has an incredible understanding of the intricacies of Nabors and how to move forward in the 21st century.

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To Incorporate Olympic Valley Isn’t Going To Happen

Summary From Reno-Gazette Journal:
There have been a lot of changes taking place in the Olympic Valley region in California. The snowfall in the area has been quite light in recent seasons, and this has made business difficult for the area’s ski resorts. The conditions simply haven’t been as good on the slopes in recent times. However, the past year, this trend appeared to have reversed itself.

This is merely one of the issues that the area has faced though. There was a period of time when a major company was considering coming into the area to manage all of the ski resorts. If this had happened, it wouldn’t have had positive effects on the area’s resorts. Instead, it would have put a serious drain on the local economy. Luckily, the opponents of the incorporation prevented this from happening.

If the ski resorts of the area had become incorporated, businesses of various types would have suffered. The ski resorts likely wouldn’t have done as well, and this would have made the area less attractive to tourists in the winter. This would have meant that there would be fewer people using the services of other sectors of the economy, such as hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

The damage to the economy would have had the power to be damaging to the public sector. The tighter budgets of the area would have meant the local municipalities wouldn’t be as easily able to maintain safe roadways in the winter. Dangerous travel conditions would have created an additional deterrent to tourism to the region, which would have created even more damage to the economy.

There was a very long debate about the incorporation of Olympic Valley’s ski resorts. Those that ran the area’s ski resorts were among the fiercest of opponents of the incorporation. One of the biggest opponents of it was Andy Wirth, who manages Squaw Valley ski resort. He provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to oppose the incorporation.

His effort to prevent it likely did have an impact. The debate finally ended when the incorporation plans were canceled. So, the area will be spared any negative economic effects from this. Hopefully, the weather will continue to cooperate during ski season. The snowfall was good this year, and we can only hope that will be the case in years ahead.

Some Information On Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has been a successful executive of Squaw Valley ski resort. However, he also is very well known for his opening up of the mountain to Navy Seals. The mountain serves a very important part in their training. Furthermore, Andy Wirth is a well known enthusiast of skiing and other sports himself

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Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

An In-depth Look into Andy Wirth and His New Position in Reno Airport Board

Andy Wirth is tasked with responsibility for overseeing daily operations and implementing the overall strategic plan at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He serves as the CEO and President of the company. He has worked determinedly to transform Ski area to a prominent tourist destination.

He financially supports community-based organizations that focus on maintaining a clean and sustainable environment. Wirth‘s goals are to better the lives of people of diverse ages in the community. At Squaw Valley, he leads a team of highly trained professionals to offer exceptional services.

The Reno airport board attained a new look after including three new members and appointing Andy Wirth as the chairperson. He will be leading nine members that include the newly sworn in members: Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli, and Sferrazza.

Andy Wirth expressed his gratitude for his new position and hinted that the Reno Airport will benefit from new ideas from the new appointees. He ascertained that the air travel services were going to be boosted to a top-notch level considering the new members are highly trained and experienced.

Andy Wirth became a member of Reno Board in 2013. He has a long-term experience in management of international resorts. Additionally, he has collaborated with several airlines in developing more airlifts for resorts in Colorado, Utah, and Canada.

As a board member, Wirth connected Reno-Sparks and Lake Tahoe, while serving as a representative of the airport that allows travelers to access Lake Tahoe.

Launch of Iron Team

Andy Wirth sustained serious injuries after being involved in a skydiving accident. He accidentally met and established a friendship with a team of Navy Seals who were training at Squaw Valley. He believes that their continued support played a significant role in his recovery. You can also learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Together with his friends, he established an Ironman team known as Wounded Warrior Support. The team accumulates funds to support programs of Navy Seal Foundation. In turn, the foundation helps men serving in the Navy as well as their families.

During his recovery period, Wirth took time and reflected the challenges that the Navy servicemen and their families endure. The stories from these groups of people motivated and gave him the strength to press on. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine and Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board