Luiz Carlos Trabuco Shows Hard Work Does Pay Off

Born October 6, 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is best known for his nine years as the president of Bradesco bank. This bank is the second largest private bank in Brazil by assets.

Trabuco started out his career at the age of seventeen by working at the bank he would one day run. For the next fifteen years, he held multiple positions and managed to get a college degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters of São Paulo de Marília (now UNESP). Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Trabuco.

It wasn’t long before Bradesco bank recognized Trabuco as an important leader in their company and made him the bank’s marketing director. He held this position for many years, when an offer from of Bradesco Vida e Previdência could not be refused, as he became their CEO.

Six years later he went back to the bank he first started at, acting as their Managing Director. A year later Trabuco became the Executive Vice President.

Four years later he was to become the president of Bradesco Seguros. While serving his position, he managed to more than double its size. Part of the way he was able to do so was by focusing in on the insurance portion of the company and making it the largest sector in Latin America. He also was able to bring Bradesco Seguros to the New York Stock Exchange. Learn more about Trabuco at Crunchbase.

Seeing his accomplishments, it was no wonder when they announced him the fourth president of the entire Bradesco Bank. During his time as president, Trabuco helped with the purchase of HSBC which lead him to receive entrepreneur of the year in the finance industry by Isto É Dinheiro Magazine. He also helped create a University within the bank’s system to qualify the employees and executives in a more personal way.

In October of 2017, he was appointed Chairman of the Board and handed over his rights as the President. He has also won best CEO in Brazil by Forbes Magazine.


David McDonald Successfully Takes OSI Group Global

David McDonald graduated in 1987 from Iowa State University earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree while majoring in Animal Science. After college David McDonald became apart of OSI Group, throughout his career he was promoted multiple times based on his determination to succeed and McDonald’s consistent hard work. After joining OSI Group, he had a constant desire for growth and won over the hearts of the management which brought him the opportunity to land an executive role as President of the company.

David is currently the president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OSI Group LLC (a privately owned and operated food processing company). OSI Group is a company providing food facilities and retailing to alike food service businesses globally. They provide worldwide networking with their branches with over sixty-five amenities employing over twenty thousand workers in about seventeen countries. Their employees ensure customer satisfaction in obtaining high quality customized food products that reach the requirements of OSI customers. With 30 years of being president of OSI, he commits to working efficiently with his employees to ensure the company’s success and maintaining the brand and image of being best in the food sector. OSI Group’s success is owed to David McDonald. Due to McDonald, OSI Group celebrated the expansion of its capacity to countries like China. This establishment brought OSI Group an invaluable input and fundamental role in developing the economy. While interviewing with CEOCFO, David stated he wasn’t part of the beginning of OSI Group, (though the company has registered excellent growth since the company established) when asked about the establishment of OSI Group. The hunger for growth and development at OSI Group is astounding.

In 2008, while collaborating with OSI China, David McDonald supplied food products throughout the Beijing Olympic Games. The company has since been a key contributor providing healthy food for Beijing citizens. This action greatly improved McDonald’s record of providing highest quality assistance.

OSI Group has the abundance and managerial team that administers excellent services for clients and is positioned strategically in a market niche with strong entrepreneurial networks that contribute to a large customer base. With worldwide offices, McDonald stated that OSI Group has an exceptional systematic management that has potential to supply the entire state and countries across the globe. Service delivery is not a matter to OSI Group.

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Equities First Holdings LLC: Equities-based Capital in the UK

Equities First Holdings LLC EFH has a 15-year history of securities-based lending practices. Founded by Al Christy Jr. the organization is based on unique investment strategies and guidelines. The award-winning techniques were designed by the CEO and have been effective in markets around the world. EFH has expanded significantly based on the success of their investment strategies and proprietary techniques. The founder involved his own resources and capital to test this methodology. The results are valuable for businesses and investors alike because of the consistently low cost capital that possible with EFH investment practices. The core values of the company are patience, integrity and discipline. By following unique guidelines and rules, they have helped customers receive over a billion dollars. Equities based lending and customized solutions can help businesses achieve their goals through alternative financing and funding methods. EFH has offices around the world including in the UK, USA, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

Adam Milstein’s Dream for Israel

Adam Milstein is a man with a great dream and vision to see a better Israel. A desire to see the Jewish people thrive and be successful. For this reason, he has been involved in supporting numerous non-governmental organizations in Israel which have the aim of empowering the Israelite people in different ways.

It is to this effect that Adam founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an initiative which is keen in financially supporting organizations that are majorly involved in empowering and teaching the youth about issues to do with the western world. The organization seeks to teach students about ways they can embrace their Jewish background and connect with Israel as a country. By doing so, the people will develop their own country.

It is due to this involvement in empowering the Jews that Milstein has earned recognition as part of the 200 people in the world who have most power when it comes to philanthropy. The list which was compiled by a British magazine, Richtopia, alongside Rise, which is a system designed to rank the impact people make on social media. Milstein said that he was honored for the recognition and that he and his wife Mila will continue to do good to the Jewish people.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is currently the manager of Hager Pacific Properties which is a real estate company based in California. He holds an MBA which he attained at the University of Southern California which saw him develop his career in real estate development. Before going to the US, he served as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, particularly during the Yom Kippur war.

Currently, Milstein serves on boards of different organizations some which he has helped to fund. He chairs the Israeli-America Council. He is a board member of Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, and AIPC National Council among others. Together with his wife, they are partners at Sifriyat Pijama B’Amerrica which provides Hebraic books to the Jewish community living in the United States, to teach them the ancient Jewish values. Due to his efforts and commitment to the Jewish community, he has received recognition as a community leader by the Jewish communities he serves.

Sheldon Lavin the CEO of OSI

Sheldon Lavin’s meat industry profession could be characterized by saying, “Rome wasn’t implicit a day.” Lavin entered the business over 43 years after having had a fruitful vocation as a speculator and official in the managing account industry and owning his money related counseling firm. From that point forward, Lavin progressed toward becoming Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group, LLC and has changed the little, “McDonald’s centric” burger provider into an overall provider of nourishment items to an assortment of foodservice and retail marks.

OSI Group numbers almost 20,000 representatives all around, and Lavin is most pleased with the workers and the corporate culture he has possessed the capacity to channel down through the positions of the organization. Lavin’s way to meet industry achievement started in 1970 when he organized financing for Otto and Sons, the forerunner organization of OSI Industries.In 1975, Lavin was winding up plainly generous as Otto and Sons taken a gander at abroad speculations.

He turned into collaborating with the two children as the father had resigned from the business. McDonald’s, In the late year 1970s, asked that Lavin comes into the firm full time all together for OSI to keep on growing with McDonald’s. With a profound gratefulness for the company culture and techniques utilized by McDonald’s, Lavin concurred and joined the OSI Group full-time.At age 81, Lavin is still effectively seeking after further development for the OSI Group with particular concentrate on Asia and Europe. “Growing and expanding the business was likely the most energizing part,” he says. Lavin survived his better half of 55 years, with whom he brought up three kids, every one of whom is hitched with offspring of their own He likewise primarily views the workers of OSI as a feature of his worldwide more distant family.

Richard Blair’s Knack for Wealth Management through Sound Investment Strategies

Wealth Solutions offers top services that allow its clients to grow, protect and manage their assets. Customers find an inventive advisor and partner in founder CEO Richard Blair of wealth solutions. Richard is extremely experienced and competent with numerous financial certifications including CES, CAS, CFS, and RICP.

Wealth Solutions is a registered Investment Advisory consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. They provide Financial Planning services geared towards management and protection of assets through a detailed process. Blair supposes that everyone needs a sound plan that permits him or her to track all his/ her financial goals. Therefore, he serves the Austin, Texas people by offering wealth management advice and retirement plans to his clients.

Wealth Solutions teaches a comprehensive three-pillar plan. It allows the company to realize their client’s financial state and their retirement requirements. Developing a solid plan tailored for each customer is easy through the following principles:
• Pillar 1: Is specially designed to help the client draft their financial requirement. It classifies their goals, strengths, risk tolerance and their growth prospects. By understanding an individual’s financial status, it is easy to help them forge an excellent financial roadmap to follow.
• Pillar 2: This component helps clients to develop a solid plan in line with their investment goals. It is personalized to meet a client’s financial needs and savings goals. Richard allocates and administers assets to guarantee the highest performance of a customer’s portfolio when the marketplace is right. He also manages the portfolio by reducing the financial impact of the investment during the low market seasons.
• Pillar 3: After establishing a customer’s financial objectives and laying sound strategies to accomplish them, Richard suggests an insurance policy. It may include a long-term plan, life insurance or annuities.

About Richard Blair

Blair’s choice to offer financial advice services was due to his family financial teaching background. His mother and grandmother were career teachers, and he grew up watching how coaching nurtures one’s self-belief and increases their awareness. Therefore, armed with his passion for finance, Richard Blair established his firm-Wealth Solutions in 1994 to provide financial solutions in Austin, Texas.
Today, his successful firm has continuously provided impartial, objective counsel to all his clients. Richard has vast experience and knowledge that allows him to convey financial advice to his customers enabling them to make informed investments decisions and meet their future financial needs.

Over the years, Richard has helped numerous people in retirement planning and assisted to bridge the gap between saving, investing and planning for retirement. His strategies help individuals in avoiding obvious financial difficulties and offer ideas for all occasions. His goal is to help people pursue their dream of a prosperous future.

Stephen Murray CEO of CCMP Capital Left an Amazing Legacy

Stephen Murray, the founder and CEO of CCMP capital left a huge gap when he died last year at the age of 52. He had recently left the prestigous firm due to health issues. Besides being an excellent private equity investor, he also was a philathropist. As a philanthropist, he gave to a variety of causes that were near and dear to his heart.

Stephen Murray helped build the firm and was a founding partner when CCMP capital was first started in 2005. The firm grew out of the merger of Chemical Venture Partners and MH Capital Partners after a merger in the early 80’s. Stephen Murray was one of the first partners signed on to the firm, and continued to help it grow into the well respected firm it is today. He joined the parent companies, which included JP Morgan, fresh out of business school in 1989.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics in 1984 and in 1989 he went on to earn his Master’s degree in business administration from Columbia’s Business School. Shortly after graduating he became one of the founding partners at CCMP capital, a firm he stayed with until shortly before his death. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

During his tenure at CCMP capital he rose through the ranks, and made some major accomplishments along the way. Among some of his accomplishments include work as the head of the business buyout devision at JP Morgan. A few years later, in 2005, he helped form CCMP as a partner and quickly became the CEO.

In addition to his work at CCMP, he also served on the board of a number of companies. Most recently he had been on the board of Jetro JDMH Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Infogroup INC, among others, several of which he served on until his health issues requried him to step away.

One of the best things that Murray is known for is his work as a philanthropist. This is one of the reasons why it will be so hard to find someone to fill his shoes. He supported the Metro New York Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and many other organizations.

To Incorporate Olympic Valley Isn’t Going To Happen

Summary From Reno-Gazette Journal:
There have been a lot of changes taking place in the Olympic Valley region in California. The snowfall in the area has been quite light in recent seasons, and this has made business difficult for the area’s ski resorts. The conditions simply haven’t been as good on the slopes in recent times. However, the past year, this trend appeared to have reversed itself.

This is merely one of the issues that the area has faced though. There was a period of time when a major company was considering coming into the area to manage all of the ski resorts. If this had happened, it wouldn’t have had positive effects on the area’s resorts. Instead, it would have put a serious drain on the local economy. Luckily, the opponents of the incorporation prevented this from happening.

If the ski resorts of the area had become incorporated, businesses of various types would have suffered. The ski resorts likely wouldn’t have done as well, and this would have made the area less attractive to tourists in the winter. This would have meant that there would be fewer people using the services of other sectors of the economy, such as hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

The damage to the economy would have had the power to be damaging to the public sector. The tighter budgets of the area would have meant the local municipalities wouldn’t be as easily able to maintain safe roadways in the winter. Dangerous travel conditions would have created an additional deterrent to tourism to the region, which would have created even more damage to the economy.

There was a very long debate about the incorporation of Olympic Valley’s ski resorts. Those that ran the area’s ski resorts were among the fiercest of opponents of the incorporation. One of the biggest opponents of it was Andy Wirth, who manages Squaw Valley ski resort. He provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to oppose the incorporation.

His effort to prevent it likely did have an impact. The debate finally ended when the incorporation plans were canceled. So, the area will be spared any negative economic effects from this. Hopefully, the weather will continue to cooperate during ski season. The snowfall was good this year, and we can only hope that will be the case in years ahead.

Some Information On Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has been a successful executive of Squaw Valley ski resort. However, he also is very well known for his opening up of the mountain to Navy Seals. The mountain serves a very important part in their training. Furthermore, Andy Wirth is a well known enthusiast of skiing and other sports himself

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Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

All Things Public with Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs, a firm that focuses on online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing. The firm is well-known for the damage control of one’s online crisis situations. Darius is a mastermind with high profile clients as well as your everyday person. He is known as the Olivia Pope of the online marketing world. Not only does he specialize in fixing what is broken, he also helps business owners rank on the first page of Google to maximize their bottom line, and assists individuals – who may be entering the workforce – create a positive image for potential employers.

Being that Darius Fisher has previously worked as a consultant to political figures, and having a firm that handles public relations, his advice is one to adhere to when it comes to reducing turnovers by increasing employee satisfaction in the workplace. Darius has laid out a few solutions to tackle this matter, in order to cut down the cost of turnover rates.

First, it is important to have a goal for employees to work toward. If you incentivize people in the workplace, you make for a more production-driven and healthily competitive atmosphere. People just don’t want to show up for work, but they want to be rewarded for it too. You must know what makes them happy, in order for the incentivizing to be effective. Give them a free vacation, spa package or dinner and a movie.

Next, don’t overlook your employees. Workers appreciate being praised for their accomplishments. Acknowledging them in front of the team or even through a simple email blast will bring their confidence up to a new level. There’s nothing better than going to a job where you feel like you’re more than a worker bee. Positive acclamation will take your company a long way.

Lastly, it is very important to have consideration for your staff. Though some may not express it often, they really do want to know what changes occur within the company. The way to cut down the number of disgruntled employees is to keep them in-the-know when it comes to new hire potentials, new developments, hot topics and highlights, and new services that the company may be offering. This can be done by holding meetings every week or every month. One may also consider starting a company newsletter to take care of these same topics.