George Soros Will Continue While Glenn Beck Fails

In his mission to achieve personal wealth and power, Glenn Beck has used a lot of unfair and unjust tactics. One of Beck’s favorite tactics is to attack perceived enemies with allegations of crimes that are essentially invented from whole cloth. Numerous times, Beck has used his national platform to attack George Soros, a major financier, public figure and philanthropist. Fortunately, a number of courageous journalists and commentators have taken Beck to task for his unwarranted character assassinations. Learn more about his profile at

As reported by the New Yorker, Glenn Beck has wrangled a number of Soros quotes in the pursuit of his bizarre conspiracy theories. Echoing many of the tropes of classical anti-Semitic theorists, Glenn Beck accused George Soros of heading some type of conspiracy to control the world. In making this paranoid claim, Glenn Beck utterly ignored the fundamental truths about Soros’ philanthropy and his political activism. Awarded and applauded by numerous important bodies, Soros has moved forward with absolute confidence as he works towards a more just global society. Glenn Beck’s ignorant attacks on George Soros would seem less alarming if Beck didn’t have such an exaggerated influence on the Republican discourse. Although Beck is something of an extremist, he has managed to win a fair amount of influence in the Tea Party sphere of the Republican party.

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And Now: Anti-Semitism

Like it or not, Fox News remains one of the highest-rated cable news networks. It is absurd that such a prominent voice as this allowed incredibly Beck’s paranoid Soros theories to broadcast worldwide in 2010. With nary a concern for accuracy or fairness, Beck aired three hour-long episodes specifically targeting George Soros with libel. The truth about Soros is far different from the paranoid facsimile Beck peddles. In all likelihood, George Soros contributed more to the downfall of European Communism than any other private Western citizen. Without doubt, Soros’ pro-democracy initiatives are creating positive results worldwide. With full respect for the law and international norms, Soros’ Open Society movement has taken thoughtful action to nudge countries towards transparency. Today, Soros is particularly focused on fostering democracy in Burma, a region long ripe for grassroots reform. As a major financier, Soros has the clout to raise millions for cutting-edge liberal policy institutes. This philanthropist also supports advocacy groups with real integrity. Worldwide, these groups use peaceful means to advocate for democratic change. In all of his dealings, Soros exemplifies the caring, modern attitude towards handling income inequality and structural inequity.

Moving forward, it is likely that George Soros has much to add to the national conversation about wealth and inequality. On the other hand, it is almost certain that Glenn Beck will continue to face commercial decline and waning influence. Since losing his flagship television program on Fox News, Glenn Beck has struggled to maintain relevance in the modern political scene. Fortunately for journalists and philanthropists worldwide, Beck’s influence will continue to dim.

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