Shaygan Kheradpir Takes The Lead Of Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the key figures in Coriant Networking Company. The firm was formed through a series of events where the original name of the Company was Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir is an electrical engineer who specializes in offering solutions to the control systems and mobile networking platforms. He has encountered several achievements such as in the provision of a common network to serve the investors and employees on an everyday basis. The efforts and commitments have led to the success of Kheradpir.


He is currently the Chief Executive of Coriant Solutions, a firm that offers networking solutions to more than one hundred and twenty countries in the whole world. This company serves as the best providers of communication services in the entire world. Kheradpir has been providing telecommunication services and technological support services in more than twenty-five years. In return, he has encountered considerable experience and expertise in the field. He has been working with Juniper Networks as the Chief Executive Officer before signing a commercial deal with the Coriant Solutions Limited.


Kheradpir has dedicated his efforts to raise the company standards to higher heights in the optical communications networks. According to Kheradpir point of view, distance achievements and capacity building have a significant role to play in the counteracting of optical communication systems. Coriant Solutions Limited and the Orange team have joined forces to make a vivid demonstration of a flex-rate modulation by the use of an interface that supports the Information and Technology rates. The achievements encountered led to a realization of an efficient and reliable network that can be used by firms and institutions that used the 100G network model.


Coriant solutions offer networking solutions to more than one hundred countries at a global level. The use of Coriant Cloud Wave Optics enhances n empowerment of the adaptability and the flexibility of the networking solutions. The cloud wave is in demand by the technologically advanced countries to improve reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of the products they offer. The networking solutions will also bring a tremendous change in the banking sector. The cloud wave optics will bring about the flexibility of frequency and enhanced scalability.


The former JP Morgan’s partners separated from the JP Morgan Chase to form the CCMP Capital Company. The company is the among the largest private investment firms focusing on leveraged growth and capital transaction. Mr. Steve Murray is remembered as the man who took the president of the company after the separation. The company ranks in the world biggest and influential invest firms. With over fifty employees, CCMP operates offices all over the world in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The company is among the leading the top in the competitive investment banking industry.

The former president is remembered for as a private institutional investor and philanthropist. Steven is a graduate of the Boston College where he graduated with an economic degree. The skilled and experienced business mogul acquired his masters from the Columbia business school in 1989. Right from the world of academics, Murray began building his prosperous career at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He worked as a credit analyst in a training program from the Corporation. Before chemical bank purchased the firm in 1991, he joined the MH equity organization.

Murray joined the JP Morgan partners in 2005 and became the head of the buyout business at the company. He co-founded his investment firm currently known as the CCMP Capital that was a spin out of the JP Morgan Chase. Murray became the CEO of the company in 2007.

Steve was a shrewd entrepreneur who built the new CCMP Company to reach the top private equity firms in the country. He is more remembered for his philanthropic acts in the construction of a better life for the society. Murray supported the make a wish foundation in metro New York. The Foundation in a non-profit making organization registered in the United States. It specializes in organizing aid for children with life-threatening medical condition aged between 3 to 17 years. The physician treating the children is the determinant of the child’s eligibility.

Murray also supported other causes including his former school the Boylston College. He supported the Stamford Museum and the Columbia business school where he attained his master’s degree. The museum location is in Stamford Lincolnshire in Britain. The museum had its original place in the Victoria building and was run by the local city council. It houses the collections from the 18tyh century pottery from Daniel Lambert and Stamford ware. It also contains Stamford’s Eleanor cross collections.


In the just concluded Black Friday shopping bonanza, FreedomPop launched an incredibly tempting offer for its clients. The promotion saw devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 go at a $350 discounted price of $ 100. The Moto E was also going at a throwaway price of $40. Both devices came with a 1GB data, unlimited texts and SMS for one month before getting 500 MB from Freedom Pop with unlimited SMS and voice calling for a month.


The company also disclosed it had received additional funding from Intel Capital. It will use the capital to expand its smartphone sales department. It will also launch a wireless fixed network that will be modelled on Intel. It is expected the new network will propel it to greater heights as it launches experienced one of the strongest times in its history.


The company CEO Mr Stokols revealed the company had received several M & A offers but chose to remain independent. It has been on a growth path and it feels it is on the cusp of a takeoff. It also so confirmed its recent $ 54 million funding from Axiate group. Axiate is an Indian company with over 230 million customers in India and Singapore. The new partnership is expected to see FreedomPop became one of the leading service providers of quality network and mobile services in the world.


Freedom Pop is a Californian based company founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Sesar Steven. It is headquartered in LA but has expanded nationally and is now entering the European market through the UK. It is funded by Mangrove Capital, DCM Capital, Atomico Partech Ventures and Axiata.The CEO is Stephen Stokols, and the COO is the Steven Sesar.


In begun by offering mobile and WIFI services using Clear wires 4G network. It plans to build a nationwide WIFI network with 10 million hotspots and will be billed at $ 5 per month. In May, it announced an expansion to the UK with its free data, voice and text. It seeks to replicate it success in California there too.


It has raised nearly $ 100 million in a series of funding since inception. It has received a mostly positive market feedback and is enjoying a renewed growth in the market. It recently introduced a 4G everything unlimited plan in select locations in The US.


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How to Stay Safe Online

They 1st Google you before they meet you. Online is the new 1st impression. These are some of the warnings Status Labs founder and CEO, Darius Fisher, may give you if you meet up for Coffee. He recently appeared in an article talking about online reputation management.
He recommends logging out your browser, clearing your history and cache and goggling your name to see what people see when they Google you. It is a good 1st step to learn about your impression online. Look at your search results and see if there is any negative review online. You should also know that your social media profile is public by default, and only you can change that. It is done by manually changing your status to private.
Should you find less than flattering content, you can seek to develop new content. It is then optimized for Google’s search algorithm and will, in essence, be displayed on the 1st page.89% of users rarely go past the 1st page. The content depends on you. You can treat a personal website with your name. You should also buy your name domain and close associates. You should regularly update your site content and create content that optimizes all your social media sites. It makes them optimized for that specific site.
You should approach data companies like People Smart, Intelus and White pages and request your data be removed. Another company called Safe Shepherd automates the data removal process for you. If you find less than ideal photos, have them removed by the site owners.
Fisher also recommends not sharing private data online. If you are out on vacation, it is best to keep that private. Kidnappers have been known to use social media information to kidnap unsuspecting victims.
Status Labs is a digital PR firm that provides services in online reputation management. It is based in Austin Texas and has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Sao Paolo.It works with leading brands and companies online to optimize their online presence.

Slyce Expanding New Services to Retailers

Slyce has quickly become a major force in the industry of image recognition. What this does is someone is able to snap a picture with their smart phone of a particular product they like, such as a pair of shoes someone is wearing, and upload it to the application. The app is then able to scan through all of the connected retail outlets to find what stores carry the products, what the product name is (if the product specifications are not yet known) and also how much it costs. It has proven to be an especially helpful service that is allowing customers to expand their ability to shop and find the right product for their particular needs. But how is the company expanding this and offering even new services to both customers and retail outlets? By signing more outlets and giving stores the ability to better service their customers.

For starters, Slyce recently signed several additional major retail outlets. Now it is possible to search for products ranging form clothing to home repair. All of this makes it easier for a customer to find just what they need. As more and more Fortune 500 companies are signing up for the service, the company is also trying to incorporate new services that work better for their customers and for making sure their clients are able to find what works for them.

A new service Slyce is bringing into the fold is a product that makes it possible to inform retail outlets that their supply is starting to run low between different outlets. This way, the retail provider knows when to order more products and the manufacturer can stay better informed on when it needs to increase its own production. All of this means the products are less likely to run out and the customers are able to find exactly what they need, whenever they need it.

Other services Slyce is looking at bringing into the fold includes new product recommendation features. This way, a customer is able to see similar products that are available to the customer. These products might have a slightly different color or a different material. Either way, it gives the customers the ability to find what they want and to decide what works best for them and their budget. Whatever it is customers are looking for, they are able to find exactly what it is they need and what they are looking for.

Darius Fisher Discusses How You Can Clean Up Your Image On Google

The man behind the startup reputation management company Status Labs, Darius Fisher, has several tips on who you can clean up your image on Google’s search engine results. Fisher co-founded Status Labs after working as a copywriter and political consultant. His prior work experience has helped him turn Status Labs into the premier online reputation management company that services an international clientele.

The first step in cleaning your online presence on Google is to put yourself in the seat of what the average Google user searching for your name or company is going to see. This involves logging out of your browser, and clearing your browser history and cache. If you do not do this, you will get customized search results about yourself, that do not reflect what people searching for you actually see.

The next step is to comb through the first few pages of search results that come up when you google yourself or your company. Pick out any negative publicity, reviews, old postings on forums, photos or personal information that you would like to remove. Social media posts and photos can be removed by you. All you have to do is login into your account and remove or delete them. You can also change your privacy settings so that personal information you do not want revealed remains private. It is important to keep in mind that most social media sites make your profile and contact information public by default. Make sure you edit this setting if you do not want your personal information or activity made available to everyone on the internet.

The third step you can take to clean up your image involves the creation of new content about yourself or company. Create a personal webpage or company page. Add a blog to the site or create a separate blog page where you write about yourself and highlight the positive things you have done. Get some press releases out, and create some social media profiles that describe who you are. Create social media accounts and keep them updated.

The fourth step you can take to clean up your image online is to opt out of data broker companies such as Zoominfo, Whitepages and Intelius. These companies collect information about you through the internet and try to create a profile based on the information available on the internet. By opting out of such companies’ services you are eliminating the possibility that they will create negative profiles about you based on some negative information floating around the net.

Finally, you have to be proactive and monitor your online reputation constantly. Check your online image frequently and be sure to add new content to your blog, page or a new press release every once in a while. Negative publicity tends to stay for a long time and the creation of new content will allow you bury it in a way.

Darius Fisher works with clients in private industry and the government. His firm status labs, serves politicians, businessmen, athletes and companies. Mr. Fisher is proud to be able to help people regain and recover their online reputation and dignity through his online reputation management services. His company has went from a two man team, to a company with dozen of employees in New York City, New York, Austin Texas and overseas in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Explaining Beneful’s Dog Food Flavors

Dog owners are always looking for dog foods that are going to be the most palatable for their dogs and have the nutrients that their dog needs. Different dogs have different needs, and Beneful is one of the most accommodating brands of dog food on the market today. Beneful is easily found in stores, with more than 35 different products to choose from.

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists are great to give dogs because they make their breath smell better and they actually make dogs’ mouths cleaner by rubbing against their teeth to get all of the plaque and other types of nasty things off. This makes the breath of the dogs smell much better, and many owners are now able to spend more quality time with their pets because their mouths don’t smell so bad.

Chopped Blends is a line of dog food Beneful produces that has finely blended pieces of meat with various vegetables. These are available in both the large, resealable tubs that Purina places these Beneful dog foods in along with cans that are much smaller and intended for dogs to eat in one serving.

Prepared Meals are popular because of their great taste. Just like humans prefer, there are any different flavors on of Prepared Meals to choose from for their dogs. Many of these flavors replicate types of foods that humans would eat, such as Beneful’s Beef Stew, Romana Style Medley, and other easily recognizable meals.

The Roasted Chicken Recipe is one of these kinds of Prepared Meals, which comes with spinach, carrots, chicken, and pasta that is safe for dogs to eat. Most dogs are not able to eat meals that are similar in flavor to their owners without eating people food, so these Prepared Meals truly do make dogs happier because they can eat whatever they wish.

Beneful Baked Delights are the dog treats that are produced by Beneful on wikipedia. Purina believes that Baked Delights should be the only kind of dog treat that Beneful produces because they appeal so well to all types of dogs. Baked Delights are made in four different shapes and five different flavors, giving the ability to dog owners to give their dog different foods every time they eat, but which all of them will love every time. Some of these types of Baked Delights are called Hugs, Heartfuls, and Stars. Check out Beneful’s Baked Delights as soon as possible.

Health Care Companies; improving provision of health care

Health care is in most cases equated to treatment of diseases. In reality, it is a procedural process that begins with diagnosis through to the treatment of diseases, illnesses, both physical and mental disorders and illnesses. Apart from diagnosis and treatment, prevention of such conditions is also part of healthcare. Health care providers come from a wide scope of medical areas each having a unique area of specialization. Health care providers range from those in medical set ups such as doctors and nurses to those who work in fields such as emergency medical technicians. Provision of healthcare is by far the most expensive sector in any nation and in that case requires high amounts of money to ensure quality is of standard. This is normally not the case especially in developed countries where their budgets have to be spread across to other sectors leaving the health sector short of funds hence making health care provision of lesser quality than is expected. However, all hope is not lost because companies that specialize in provision of healthcare are formed thus improving the general quality of health care provided. Such are the many health care companies in existence. In order to increase the number of surgery facilities so as to reduce the length of surgery lists and also provide a cheap surgery option, Athas Health merged with Nobilis healthcare to from Nobilis Health Corporation. During its formation and years since, the corporation has focused on improving access to healthcare and c patient outcomes by providing low cost, minimally invasive procedures which can be carried out in outpatient settings. They therefore partner with able practitioners from the medical field to develop and manage ambulatory facilities together with acute care centers. Nobilis Health boasts of having various healthcare facilities, some in Texas and Arizona. They also own several ambulatory surgery centers in addition to the MRI centers, urgent care center and the surgical hospital. Apart from this wide range of facilities, Nobilis Health also work hand in hand with board-certified surgeons from different medical fields who are known for their advanced skill. These surgeons are specialized in fields of expertise that are related to the kinds of services offered by Nobilis Health. In addition to spine, general and orthopedic surgeries, Nobilis also specializes in podiatry, gastrointestinal scopes and otolaryngology. For this, Nobilis is known to provide good medical healthcare at low prices and satisfy their patients. Surgeons who have worked with Nobilis Health Corporation have also been able to collaborate in different occasions and better their medical skills. Nobilis Health Corporation is not the only health care company in existence offering surgery services to those requiring them. Similarly, there are other many health care companies providing services in other dockets of health care. Pharmaceutical companies providing medication for vaccine and treatment, heath insurances, health clubs, all these with one aim of making health care better in both quality and provision.

A Team That Gets Results

If a person is looking for a Florida injury lawyer that knows how to win the case, then they need to look no further than Dan Newlin. Dan Newlin is an injury lawyer that is very well known in Florida because of the success that he has had in many personal injury cases. Dan Newlin and his partners have a very well-known law firm in the Florida area. They have been fighting for the rights of accident and injury victims for over a decade and they have been able to really help them recover everything that they are entitled to. Dan Newlin and his team are committed to protecting the rights of those injured in accidents and getting their compensation. Apart from helping accident victim Dan and his team have helped hundreds of family members as well to recover money from wrongful death lawsuits. Dan Newline and his team have been able to work to recover over $150 million on behalf of his victims. Because of that they have established a reputation of being winners in the game a law.

Dan Newline and his team do something quite different than the majority of law firms. They are dedicated to hearing out all of their clients. They are always ready to listen to their concerns when it comes to the damages that they have suffered from after an accident. Dan Newlin and his team realize that after an accident a person suffers a lot more than just their physical injuries. Quite often there are emotional issues as well that have to be taken into consideration. Accidents can be very tragic causing an individual to lose their job, their dignity, their self-esteem, and sometimes even their loved ones. Since that is the case, a lot more has to be recovered than just compensation for lost items.

Since there are so many personal injury lawyers an individual may ask themselves why should they go with Dan Newlin and his team. The reason is because Dan and his team have proven over the last 10 years that they are a superior firm. Not only have they helped their clients win millions of dollars, but they have helped them by using their experience and knowledge in the legal field. They have help their clients receive compensation for medical bills, time lost at work, personal injuries, and loss of a vehicle. All throughout the Florida area Dan Newlin and his team are very well-known. They are known as a team of lawyers that is successful, professional, and experienced.

FreedomPop Strikes Deal with Motorola

FreedomPop is rapidly ascending the charts in terms of popularity for alternative mobile carrier options in the United States. The company was started out in L.A. back in 2011 and since then they’ve picked up great partnerships, heavyweight investors, and solid expansion plans in order to broaden their reach. With one million stateside subscribers and counting, it only makes sense that CEO Stephen Stokols wants to increase his grasp on his demographic while he has their attention. So in order to bring in an influx of new customers FreedomPop has struck a deal with Motorola in order to offer their Moto E (2nd gen) phone, according to Android Authority.

FreedomPop hasn’t quite implemented their own brand of FreedomPop phones yet so the move to incorporate Motorola into their business makes a ton of sense. Subscribers who want in on FreedomPops revolutionary free phone plan can get the Moto E for only $49.99. The Moto E deal will give subscribers a free month of premium FreedomPop usage (unlimited talk, text, along with expanded data allowances). This deal is comparable and even better than most premium plans for twitter followers by more established companies on the market. Consider U.S. Cellulars basic phone plan with 1 GB of data: $60 a month, not including your phone choice.

For those unfamiliar with the FreedomPop business design, this plan will be a great entry into the system. FreedomPop is changing the way that MVNO companies operate by putting the onus of earning on the company, not the customer. FreedomPop offers their basic plan completely free to subscribers. This plan includes 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data — free with no strings attached.  Without any infrastructure in place, FreedomPop doesn’t have to nickel and dime their customers every step of the way with their phone plan.