Two reporters, a Sheriff, an Arrest and a Pardon

Presidential pardons are one of the powerful tools bestowed on the President of the United States. Often the pardons bring controversy and an outcry about why it should or shouldn’t have been done. President Trump used the power of his own pardon to issue a release of former Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was a sheriff in Maricopa County Arizona. He became well known for his arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the owners of Village Voice.

Over a decade ago Joe Arpaio ordered the arrest of Larkin and Lacey and took them into custody, arresting them for tampering with a grand-jury investigation.

But prior to that friction between the two reporters and the sheriff started when they made allegations he encouraged his employees to use racial profiling of Latinos and other groups. Reports also included stories about the bad conditions in the jails and mistreatment of certain prisoners.

The executive editor and CEO of the Village Voice ran a story at the time about a probe being done by the grand jury. In retaliation for all the negative publicity the two gave him Arpaio used his position to issue subpoenas that allowed to them investigate the paper’s readers and the browsing histories of their readers.

Larkin and Lacey chose to write about it so the public was aware of what Arpaio and his people were doing. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Instead of Larkin and Lacey being sent to jail the action and attention back fired and ended in the eventual arrest of the sheriff.

Although the two men were released from custody and all of the charges were dropped, Arpaio, Who called himself ‘The World’s Toughest Sheriff’, remained imprisoned for years. And then President Trump was elected. Arpaio had long been a Trump supporter and that action paid off for him big after the election when President Trump issued the pardon. Read more: Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Make The List of Civil Rights Protectors | Philly Purge and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The sheriff’s department, under Arpaio had started to get a lot of attention due the staff’s unusual law tactics and his handling of women and immigrant inmates.

Latinos, especially, were often mistreated by staff under the leadership of Arpaio. Although the press often failed to address his actions and interactions with the immigrant community, once Larkin and Lacey brought attention to the many wrongdoings by the sheriff, other news outlets picked up the stories as well. The negative publicity was not appreciated.

Lacey and Larkin spent 24 days in prison. The men sued Arpaio, and settled for $3.7 million.

To Understand Freedom Checks is to Understand Master Limited Partnerships

Most people’s first response to Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks video is to look him up on the internet. Once done, the second response is to try and figure out what a freedom check is. According to Badiali there is a lot of profit to be had, he even shows viewers a fat check as proof. But is it proof? Or are freedom checks just another on the laundry list of scams that have come down the pike? The answer is in of itself another question. Do you know what an MLP is?

Master limited partnerships are tradeable business commodities that serve in the capacity of a stake in whatever company offers them. These stakes have no controlling interest, but require capital to purchase. Capital for those laymen’s out there is the money and investor gives to a company to spend on whatever they need. In return the investor gets a stake, much like a stock, that gives a percentage of said company. When the company makes a profit they have to turn around and give part of it to the stakeholders who gave them capital. This is known as a return of capital payment. This is what freedom checks are.

Business within the natural resource market are taking advantage of MLPs. Mostly, this because they give them a significant tax advantage. MLPs are not taxed until after they pay their stakeholders, but a tax statute requires that payout to be 90% of their revenue. This means that said company will only get taxed on 10%. It also means that the money they funnel out comes back to them in the form of more investments. Mostly, from the shareholders of the company who posses the most stakes. John Q. Investor who owns a meager four get his payout and keeps it.

Badiali’s freedom checks allow you to become that John Q. Investor. They can be had for as low as $10 bucks, and can carry a lot of profit, especially considering the rise in production of American resources. This is why Badiali’s check is so fat, and also why Freedom Checks are as legitimate as they come.

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