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Graeme Holm cofounded Infinity in 2012 in partnership with Rebecca. Graeme Holm is experienced in the financial sector and wanted to come up with ways to help families in various issues like management of their money, mortgage brokerage, planning financially and financial coaching. Apart from being experienced in the financial sector, he also has proper certification in the financial and real estate industry. Holm has over a decade of experience in the financial sector, and that is why he has the knowledge required to help his clients. It took his expertise to discover that there were unfavorable deals in Australia when it comes to financial brokers. That is how he was motivated to start his own company so that he can solve these problems and give customers the best.




He started Infinity Group to change the narrative in the financial industry and is so far helping to fix and improve the financial situation of most people. Graeme is hard working and starts his day by waking up early in the morning. He starts by doing things that can build him as a person and looks for ways to make the future of Infinity the best. Infinity is different from various financial brokers because once you seek their services; they will provide you with a personal banker who will help them to ease off their loan burden quickly. They have a goal to ensure clients more in the first three months of taking a loan. It helps to ensure clients do not end up being burdened with debts. Learn more: https://customerexperienceevent.iqpc.com.au/downloads/cem-awards-2018-nomination-form-for-overall-best-customer-experience-organisation




The experienced financial guru uses the analogy of personal banker to help customers to understand the benefits of seeking the services of Infinity Group. He explains that with a personal trainer who understands your financial strengths and weaknesses, you will get the best results than if you do not have one. Mr. Holm spent months researching the Australian Mortgage Market and discovered that clients faced various setbacks like working with institutions who do not offer support and advice to their customers. The company has so far attracted a wide range of customers from different industries. Their primary focus is to teach clients and make them understand the value of their stable financial situation. They make customers comprehend between buying what they want and what they need. Many customers have agreed that Infinity Group has the best approach when it comes to their customers. They always do everything to ensure customers are happy with the services they get from the company. By reading Infinity Group Australia reviews, you will understand more why people are trading with tis company.



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