Clayton Hutson – article recap

Clayton Hutson is a 28-year-old production assistant in Hollywood and owns a business that natures the musicians and organizers. He’s from Nashville, Tennessee. Clayton started knowing music right from a young boy.

He auditions various roles for televisions and film. As a business owner, Hutson is very considerate of the artists’ experience, always seeking perfection and unparalleled live music experience and working from dawn until the next dawn.

His educational experience was that he acquired university courses in Central Michigan University and Stephen Moss School of Business and theater design, he is a rare gem.

Clayton Hutson’s work of live sound engineering and production managerial Hutson provides services like production design, production management, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics management, stage management and rigging. He did some rigging systems for OneRepublic’s”Honda Civic Tour.

Clayton Hutson’s work requires a lot of experience that includes tour production, live entertainment, and music industry; which made him what he is through the several years he worked. He works for Kid Rock, to Garbage and Guns N’Roses and Pink in his managerial tasks.

The one thing that motivated him to start his own business is that he had previous jobs (as mentioned) made him develop skills that he perfected and allowed him to create his path in music. He does a lot of CAD design in bringing sound, lighting to become one of his professional kinks in his work. He attended concerts in North America and Asia.

For Clayton Hutson’s work to be successful, he must check and double check and triple check everything that he does. The roles that Clayton Hutson did was being a sound engineer and project manager giving him tools to set up a plate of getting his own company.

At some point, Hutson called to come over to the altar of rock n’ roll. Hard work and paying attention to details is one of the aspects that Hutson has that made him grow to what he has become; both in his fame and popularity.

Once Clayton has a grab of new technology, he gives his employees and clients satisfaction and further changes in his music and sound. He can use that technology to bring about the boast massive video walls and more creative arts like he said with Lady Gaga and Pink they are so willing to try new things.

Hutson also featured in the SD7 of the summer tours with Jim Roach; Clayton experienced new dynamics. He said that the SD7 was the only console which motivated him; right from the outputs and inputs, the further stealth processing that provided a stable platform. Clayton Hutson reads books like Richard Carlson’s “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” Learn more:

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