Ara Chackerian: Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

The startup industry continues to thrive as evidenced by the burgeoning of Silicon Valley and technology hubs around the world. Aside from the US, this boom has expanded to other industrialized countries and New Emerging Markets like India, Brazil, and South Africa. Examples of noteworthy startup scenes include Silicon Allee (Berlin), Silicon Plateau (Bangalore), Silicon Wadi (Tel Aviv), Hive Colab (Uganda), and Co-Creation Hub (Nigeria). While there are numerous challenges associated with startups, healthcare startups have flourished mainly due to the availability of funds. Venture capitalists are lining up to render support to ground-breaking ideas that promise to radicalize healthcare around the world.



Ara Chackerian is a well-known innovator in the healthcare startup industry. He is not at all fazed by the meteoric success of startups as he reckons that new players are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Even though new startups add plenty of value in healthcare, some investors are concerned that their efforts are yet to trigger initial public offerings. Chackerian is heralded for pioneering Precision/Personalized Medicine, a revolutionary trend that paves a safe path beyond financial difficulties that plague healthcare startups. Furthermore, the innovative edge of these enterprises has improved the efficiency of healthcare through Big Data computing and progressive diagnostics. These mature technologies promote the overall success and sustainability of healthcare and not just in industrialized countries but in the developing world as well. You can visit their website





Ara Chackerian is a man of many hats; he is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor based in San Francisco. He attained a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University. Over the span of his career, Ara has gained a wealth of executive level experience working for PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions in various capacities. These positions have exposed him to a range of business challenges and consequently honed his leadership skills. Presently, Ara serves as the MD of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. Together with his business associate, he developed Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a mental health treatment. Ara is also keen on environmental conservation as seen with his efforts to promote sound environmental practices through Limoapa Teak in Nicaragua. Ara Chackerian and his industry brethren continue to use innovation to elevate healthcare around the world.


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