Paul Mampilly Brings Hedge Fund Quality Research to Average Investors

Paul Mampilly has demonstrated an acumen for picking stocks that is far above average as he draws upon significant experience, market knowledge, and analytical skills all of which is forward-looking. He’s currently focused on the future and considers two important trends to be foundational for the years to come. Millenials and the Internet of Things will be the primary market drivers according to Mampilly. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

The apex of Paul Mampilly’s investing career occurred when he won the Templeton Foundation’s investing competition. His victory in this singular competition named after the legendary investor was an incredible triumph and highlighted his tremendous abilities as an investor and fund manager. The flair with which he accomplished this feat is also noteworthy as he pursued a long-only strategy when the market was in steep decline as a result of the Great Financial Crisis.

With the stellar results that Mampilly achieved in the Templeton Foundation contest, financial TV came calling and he was regularly consulted for an expert’s opinion by the likes of CNBC and Bloomberg.

Prior to this, Paul Mampilly had found success managing money with several different financial institutions such as ING and Deutsche Bank to name a couple. This after showing a knack for investing as an assistant portfolio manager with Bankers Trust. He also managed the hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Managment which was a 6 billion dollar firm.

The telling pace of Wall Street took its toll on Paul Mampilly however. The frantic, insistent schedule gave him pause to consider his future and how to proceed further in his career. At the end of the day, he fled Wall Street and its hectic pace to use his skills to help ordinary investors find success.


Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s answer for those struggling for success in the markets. This decorated hedge fund manager pours all his analytical skills into this newsletter and highlights stocks that could vastly outperform the market. This extraordinary research product is the edge that many investors have been seeking for years.

The philosophy that has brought Mampilly to a rarefied level of success and which he still practices today is taking a calculated risk. It has characterized his career on Wall Street and his personal investing as well. This involves determining when the odds are in your favor which is something he’s quite adept at. More often than not this has worked out quite well for him and the funds that he’s overseen. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

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