Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Giving Tinder A Run For Their Money

Being two of the most popular dating apps around the globe, Bumble and Tinder are always at war with each other. Barely a month ago, Match Group, the company to which Tinder is a subsidiary, filed a complaint against Bumble. The basis of the complaint was that Bumble was using patents that are trademarked by Bumble. Bumble, however, denied the claims and pointed out that they were based on bitterness because Whitney Wolfe had refused to sell Bumble to Tinder. Tinder had earlier wanted to purchase for 450 million dollars, yet the company is currently reported to be over a billion dollars in worth.

The grumble between Tinder and the Bumble founder and Chief Executive Officer goes beyond Bumble. Whitney is a former employee of Tinder who left the company in bad blood.

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Whitney Wolfe in Tinder
When Whitney was 22 years old, she began working for the Hatch Labs where she met Sean Rad of Tinder. When the projects at the lab were abandoned, the two joined Tinder. Whitney became the Vice President of the Marketing department of Tinder and is supposedly the person behind the name Tinder. Whitney helped make the app popular in colleges and eventually the entire country.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe resigned from her position in Tinder due to constant tension with the other executives of the company. Upon her departure, she filled a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual harassment which was settled for over one million dollars.

The birth of Bumble
The founder of Badoo, knowing the potential of Whitney Wolfe sought after her with the idea of coming up with the app Bumble. In December 2014, Whitney founded Bumble which is owned by Badoo. Bumble is a dating app that is specially designed for female users only. Bumble has grown to become one of the most successful in the business recording more than 15 million subscribers one year after it was launched.

The company continues to expand launching more services time and again. Bumble started Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF which is an app where people make friends.

Whitney’s personal life
Whitney Wolfe was born in Utah. She attended the Southern Methodist University where she got her degree in International Studies. She is 28 years old, married to Michel Herd and has a net worth if 250 million dollars.


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