The Role and Impact of Greg Secker in Entrepreneurship and Trade

Who is Greg Secker?

You might have heard about Greg Secker, but you may not have much information about him regarding his age, aspirations, growth process in his career and his achievements. Worry not because this article will provide that information and much more about this famous trader and entrepreneur.

Secker is a trader and entrepreneur based in London who was born on the eighteenth of February 1975. He is also an international motivational speaker, a philanthropist, and an incredible businessman.

Apparently, he considers all the financial milestones he has made as secondary as regards his role as a father the most important. As such he prioritizes his family and works hard to see his family enjoy quality life first before impacting the lives of others.

In 2003, he established The Knowledge to Action Group which was coming together of various companies like Smart Chart Software, The Greg Secker Foundation, Learn to Trade and Capital Index. The objective of this coming together was to teach people in various ways and strategies of excelling in trading for the financial improvement of their lives.

However, this is not how he started; he started at Thomas Cook Financial services before delving into the foreign exchange where he created a new business called Virtual Trading Desk. This platform was incredible as it would offer forex trading in real time something was not common then. His opportunity to work at Fortune 500 Investment Bank based in the US is what gave him the international feel and exposure as he would travel a lot.

The Exclusive Interview with Inspirery

During the interview, Greg brought many things to light. The Greg Secker Foundation was established to help people because most of them were struggling to trade. Further, leading my example and telling his customers of the programs he has used in his company was a great training strategy. Through Learn to Trade, he stated that making money is not hard as long as one knows how and when to invest.

Greg Secker suggested that making a decent income for him through trading would take three to six months which was better than the corporate world. The secret is reinvestment within the first few months. Another game changer, Greg stated, is endurance and patience even when it is hard, and one feels like giving up. In fact, in his early years, he felt the same. However, in the long run, his resilience is rewarded.

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