Lori Senecal’s Tips on Good Advertising Skills

Lori holds an important position in one of the creative and digital marketing industries. With all her knowledge on advertising trends, Lori believes that educating people concerning venturing in new businesses is the generous thing to do. She tipped off those who would like to advertise for their business by revealing to them that the best place to present one’s advert right now is social media. This is because a huge percentage of the population uses it. Also, one needs to figure out which platform has the most users and how they can reach their target audience. You can subscribe on YouTube

Facebook consist of the most social media users and research has it that a bigger percent log in using their mobile devices. This will make it almost impossible for them to stop and look at anything that presents itself as news. This will require a new strategy to outsmart Facebook users into grasping their attention with an interesting advert. Visit Forbes for more info.

It would almost be accurate to say that everybody is fascinated by colors especially when put together. So an advertisement that would have numerous conspicuous colors has a higher chance of getting a larger audience than a dull one. It should also be noted that including a call to action, the audience would relate to the information, thus, creating an unforgettable image. It is important for advertisers to know that people are more interested in reality nowadays. Try making the advertisement intensely realistic with actual people who would reflect ordinary people. Diversity should be a key factor to realism. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Lori’s Career and Education Background

She sets a perfect example for women in power. Lori Senecal stands in the position of Global CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She has an intriguing way to do things which make her unique. Her intelligence won her a Quantum Leap Award for Innovative Leadership and Advertising Age. She has impressed a lot of people with her achievements and stands as a challenge to all women yet their inspiration.

According to Adage, being Canadian, she attended McGill University. Before CP&B, she worked for McCann Worldgroup holding incredibly many titles there. With much determination, she worked her way up and became President of McCann. When she left to join Kirshenbaum Bond, she was made President and CEO of the organization. Evidently, for her prosperity, she had to go through a lot of hardships and frustrations.

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