Richard Mishaan Showcases the Quality Which Comes from Artistic Expertise

Over the years I’ve had a chance to enjoy quite a few custom designs. This ranges from portraits in a gallery to artistically crafted furniture. But there’s one name which I keep coming back to when I want to showcase some of the best talent in New York. That amazing artist is Richard Mishaan. What makes him particularly noteworthy to me is his range of vision. If my own impression of what constitutes art seems expansive, than it’s in large part due to learning from Mishaan’s impressive portfolio. He’s worked on a wide variety of different art pieces. And he’s also been able to take that vision into the realm of artistic home design. Richard Mishaan Design essentially turns the world itself into an artistic vision.


One of my favorite examples of his work can be found in Cartagena. Richard Mishaan Design recognized the strong natural beauty that’s present in this coastal location. He began with a 16th century residence which was in need of maintenance. The former owners had sectioned it off and Richard Mishaan Design needed to create a newly unified whole. But he also had to work within the constraints of historical preservation. This led him to create something that can best be thought of as a blend of natural beauty, historical elegance and modern aesthetics.


It’s one of the best examples of how Richard Mishaan Design integrates an artistic perspective into home design. Art is all about creating and guiding emotion. And his work at Cartagena does a wonderful job of guiding people’s emotions as they progress through the residence. The transition from nature is accompanied by beautiful wooden doors which marry antiquity and nature. This transitions into gentle and soothing pigments that mesh with the coastal aesthetic which one had previously soaked in.


This is only one example of what Richard Mishaan Design is able to accomplish. However, I consider it the perfect demonstration of what an artistic eye can bring to a home environment. It shows that art isn’t simply something confined to a small area. It’s something that can be a living environment in which one can feel at home.

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