Getting The Buzz On Whitney Wolfe

Bumble BFF is the latest and greatest app to find your new bestie without having to set foot outside of your door. The app is a natural offshoot of the popular dating app Bumble, a company for women and run by women.

When the founder of Bumble Whitney Wolfe realized that users were making not just dating connections but friendship connections, she took the idea of creating a friendship app and ran with it. The app is targeted to the tech savvy, always on the go twenty something demographic that Whitney Wolfe identifies with. As a successful business owner with little free time for socializing Whitney Wolfe saw a need for a way to find girlfriends easily.

Here’s how easy Bumble BFF is: you download the Bumble dating app, Facebook pulls your information and you create a profile. Once you’ve initiated your profile you can switch to the Bumble BFF mode and easily check out potential BFF’s at your leisure. The dating mode is disabled so the user can relax while they look for friendly connections. If you find a profile that you like you have the option to chat. Bumble BFF puts women in control – if you decide you don’t want to continue the friendship you can simply ignore the message. All messages disappear after twenty-four hours.

With over eleven million users registered on Bumble you would think that Whitney Wolfe would be satisfied with her overwhelming success. But her lifelong passion for learning about the world drives her to seek new ways to look at old problems. Whitney Wolfe pulls from her experiences living abroad to fuel her desire to help people communicate more successfully.

Her first entrepreneurial success started when she was a sophomore at Southern Methodist University where she sold tote bags to fellow students in response to the British Petroleum oil spill in 2010. After time spent traveling in Cambodia Whitney Wolfe worked at Hatch Labs who launched the popular Tinder app. Whitney Wolfe will continue to give women the power to connect on their own terms in the world of social media.

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