Sheldon Lavin the CEO of OSI

Sheldon Lavin’s meat industry profession could be characterized by saying, “Rome wasn’t implicit a day.” Lavin entered the business over 43 years after having had a fruitful vocation as a speculator and official in the managing account industry and owning his money related counseling firm. From that point forward, Lavin progressed toward becoming Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group, LLC and has changed the little, “McDonald’s centric” burger provider into an overall provider of nourishment items to an assortment of foodservice and retail marks.

OSI Group numbers almost 20,000 representatives all around, and Lavin is most pleased with the workers and the corporate culture he has possessed the capacity to channel down through the positions of the organization. Lavin’s way to meet industry achievement started in 1970 when he organized financing for Otto and Sons, the forerunner organization of OSI Industries.In 1975, Lavin was winding up plainly generous as Otto and Sons taken a gander at abroad speculations.

He turned into collaborating with the two children as the father had resigned from the business. McDonald’s, In the late year 1970s, asked that Lavin comes into the firm full time all together for OSI to keep on growing with McDonald’s. With a profound gratefulness for the company culture and techniques utilized by McDonald’s, Lavin concurred and joined the OSI Group full-time.At age 81, Lavin is still effectively seeking after further development for the OSI Group with particular concentrate on Asia and Europe. “Growing and expanding the business was likely the most energizing part,” he says. Lavin survived his better half of 55 years, with whom he brought up three kids, every one of whom is hitched with offspring of their own He likewise primarily views the workers of OSI as a feature of his worldwide more distant family.

Securus Technologies: Providing Safe Technology Nationwide

Securus Technologies has been dedicated to providing the best in safety and security software for inmate communications, public safety, and penal institutions since 1986. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus also has three other offices (two more in Texas, and one in Georgia) to serve over 3400 facilities across the nation.


Recently, the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith announced that Securus has been receiving many emails regarding their technology used in facilities. Users were praising the software for catching criminal acts before they happen, and in some cases catching inmates confessing crimes to their friends or family. Mr. Smith did offer to any customer, whether theirs or any competitors, to come take a tour of the Securus headquarters and see the technology in action.


Securus employees were also praised as responding quickly to investigation inquiries and providing information needed to stop and penalize criminal acts. Mr. Smith praised the Securus staff for constantly updating, refining, or inventing new technology on a weekly basis. Securus holds and applies for more technological patents than any other inmate communications company. And that strategy has paid off with the most up to date network of security systems and inmate communications services.


Securus Technologies specializes in: emergency response, biometric analysis, incident management, investigation, information management, and inmate self service. Securus currently serves over 1,000,000 inmates nationwide and strives to bring the best in technology with more affordable per minute prices for friends and family to communicate with incarcerated inmates. To read more about the technology and Securus, please click here.


Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development is a leading company serving the real estate company. For the company, they always engage in developing the most sophisticated properties to give them massive adoption in the market. For this reason, their advantage is perceived in every part of the country. The Brooklyn-based company has more than three subsets.

JMH Development also has more than two decades of professional experience in developing and selling real estate properties in the luxury and commercial categories. JMH Development has an innovative approach to develop their properties. Because of their dedication to success and innovation, they are now adopted as the best real estate development company in the United States.


JMH Development is now a pioneer in the development of well-positioned properties in the country. For the company, they have recently completed the 184 Street as a major construction in New York. They developed this property with the highest level of technology.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

The outcome was even better than the original architectural design. For this reason, they attained better business capabilities to activate their original attitudes. JMH Development has also developed the Cobble Townhouses in Brooklyn to give them a major landmark in the region. JMH Development is always devoted to successful, high-quality, and enduring properties.

Jason’s Working Partners

Jason Halpern leads JMH Development. Jason Halpern has also announced that the company has attained the topping off of the construction. This is a major achievement for the enterprise in such a structure. The 235-room Hotel was developed with the highest level of technology and innovation. It is set to be open by the beginning of 2015 in Miami Beach.

Jason’s Family

JMH Development was awarded the project construction. For this reason, they ended up activating their high-end solutions in a manner that is not anchored in this real estate industry. Because they felt that they will lag behind the schedule, they decided to hire Madden Properties Company to assist them to complete the development of the project. During that time, the company activated their business through solutions and assessment. JMH Development hired Plaza Construction to assist them in the actual construction process. ADD Architectures were hired to help JMH Development get the best architectural design.


Tammy Mazzocco Loves Her Job in Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco loves her work because she is good at it and she enjoys helping people. She is a residential real estate professional in Pickerington, Ohio which is in the central part of the state. She began her career as a secretary for a group of agents who operated a commercial real estate office and worked in supportive capacities for the next ten years. More details can be found on her

In 1999, she decided to move into the sales portion of the real estate business and joined the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX in Pickerington. She works in Pickerington and the four counties in the surrounding area.

Tammy is often asked how she maintains her high level of production and her answer is always the same. She likes to plan her days, and she is very focused on setting goals. She likes to break her goals down into smaller steps so that they are easier to achieve.

The main goal is to be out showing houses to prospective homebuyers because that is where the sale is made. She always gets an early start in the morning to get as much paperwork, email, and other office duties out of the way. Then she is on the phone making appointments with prospective buyers.

Even though Tammy gets most of her business from referrals and current customers, she likes the leads that she gets from companies such as Zillow and These are people who are interested in looking at homes, so it is easy to schedule times to see them and spend the day looking.

One cardinal rule that Tammy abides by is to make certain that she treats prospective customers just as she would prefer to be treated herself. People know when you are looking out for them and they tend to respond in kind, which creates more home sales.

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