The Mighty in the Industry

Having its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has expanded rapidly and now serves more than three thousand five hundred correctional agencies, law enforcement and public safety. Securus Technologies also serves one million five hundred inmates spread across the vast North America region. They are committed to connecting and serving by offering public information, biometric analysis, emergency response, information management, incident management and inmate self-service.


Securus announced that they had challenged their main competitors, GTL, to indulge to an independent judge so that they can determine who has the largest product set, ultramodern telephone calling platform and the best capital platform.


According to Richard A Smith, GTL has claimed that their customer service and technology was the same as Securus which is totally false. This is a very unfair deal to Securus since they have invested heavily into their enterprise for the past four years. It is estimated that they have used more than seven hundred million dollars into the acquisition of technologies, companies and the development of state of the art US Customer Service Center and Technology Center. GTL has only invested a fraction of what Securus has invested.


The kind of technologies acquired and built includes;

  • Location Based Services (LBS).
  • Video Visitation – Primonics.
  • Inmate Tablet Applications.
  • Domestic Call Center.
  • Payment Facilitation – Text to Connect.
  • Cottonwood Creek – S-Phone.
  • Voice Biometrics – JLG Technologies.


Richard continues that they clearly know the kind of technology used by GTL since they used to apply them in the past. That technology is less efficient, older, has decentralized storage and processing system, less feature rich and is primarily premise based system.


Smith challenges GTL’s management to take the offer or back off and retract their statement. The independent technology judge will compare the robustness of the information and technology work, investments made, scalability and calling platforms.

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