The Future of Technology and Fashion

Christopher Burch is known as an entrepreneur and investor in the fashion industry. Born in 1953 and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Chris became a billionaire when he was the majority stakeholder in C. Wonder with a ten-figure net worth. He was featured in the Forbes Magazine column of The World’s Billionaires in 2012. Burch has founded and co-founded several companies, among them is Burch Creative Capital that deals with managing investments and development of brands and Tory Burch LLC, a fashion label where he served as the co-Chair with his then wife. Other investments that Chris ventured into include Voss Water, a bottled water company, BaubleBar, Internet Capital Group, Aliph and Powermat. He has partnered with famous people like James McBride and Ellen DeGeneres with whom they launched a lifestyles collection E.D.


Burch’s interest for fashion began way back in college. With the help of his brother, he bought sweaters at $10 each and made a profit of $5 from each sale. Chris Burch sold door-to-door on his campus and others. Within no time, his company Eagle’s Eye had its retail stores with sales of over $140 million. He later launched C. Wonder, a retailer for accessories and home decor.


Technology and fashion have changed over the years, and Christopher Burch explains why somehow they go in handy. Both need each other and help out where needed. If the past technology advances to the present, so do the fashion. For instance, in the 70s people had a different taste in music instruments which they took delight in, but as decades passed, the technology changed, and better music experience was invented. People embraced the change in technology which was way fashionable compared to the past. Technology is compared to a playground of experiments that rewards with possibilities that bring a higher standard in innovation and functionality. With technology, the fashion industry can design protection attires. Instead of helmets used bikes that can block visibility, some designers have come up with an airbag for cyclists that pops up out of the neck-wear to prevent any impact on the head. Inner bicycle tubes can also be recycled to create jackets and t-shirts and gowns from radiator copper.


Technology needs a hand from fashion because their future depend on what they learn from each other. If both industries worked together, people would feel protected, and the world would be a beautiful and creative place. For example, if any technology is invented, the fashion industry should use its popularity to showcase it to the world.

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