George Soros Fighting the Trump Administration

George Soros is busy. Early in the election cycle, when it became clear that Trump would be the nominee, Soros, as a fellow billionaire to Trump, became a clear hope for the Democrats longing to defeat the foul threats pouring from Trump’s mouth. Soros is very wealthy. He gained some of his wealth from making risky currency trades. Soros is also a devoted progressive. He wants to see change and improvement come to government. It grieves him that small minded and racist conservatives are still such a prominent force in America.

Applying billions of dollars can bring about phenomenal change, as Trump’s election has shown. It takes billions to defeat billions, so the left is turning to Soros as their champion. One of the main grievances of the Trump administration is Trump’s promise to block Mexican workers who have questionable immigration status from entering the United States. As an immigrant himself, this deeply bothers Soros. America is a nation of immigrants. It is unfair that the recent immigrants should be oppressed by the older ones. George Soros has a large fortune. It can be put to use well in fighting the dirty deeds of the Republican Party and their xenophobic mentality.

Democrats are still in shock after Trump’s surprise election. It seemed so improbable that the dirty mouth of Trump would carry the day, but such is the state of American politics.

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George Soros has stood firmly with the progressive agenda. His liberal friends are delighted that Soros remains committed to spreading the value of equality to America. George Soros understands that risk is the path to wealth. When other investors are scared of ignoring the experts, George Soros did so, and became an influential American tycoon.

Donald Trump should pay closer attention to the consequences of having such a large portion of the American population disaffected with his lewd and crude election methodology. If Trump carries his potty mouth into the White House, he can expect further opposition from wise investors like George Soros.

America needs more friends, not more enemies. It seems that the world is very sad that Trump was elected. Recent international reactions to it included the Prime Minister of Canada welcoming Americans who want to resettle in his country, and North Korea praising Trump for making the United States wise.

Soros role in the drama is to fight the excesses of Trump. Keeping Trump from fulfilling his grandiose schoolyard dreams of bullying power. The world is not a playground. It is a battleground. And Soros knows that well.

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