Latest Communication Fashion- Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was named WebRTC Product of the year, Communication Solution Product of the year 2016 as well as #1 communication app. It is known to be a leader company in the international market for video chat communication. The organization recently released its latest version and upgrade of the video app, that has twice won awards. The company’s primary purpose of the new version is to modernize users communication as it assists business people to expand their businesses.

The upgrade of the app has come with the development of the new features such as the group chats, and it has made contact access much easier. In the feature, the users can quickly text, talk, and they can as well track the movement of their team members easily. It has a user-friendly familiarity, a sleek, modernized appearance, the added upgrades as well as its brand-new technology which has made video chat gain popularity globally.

Jeanne Edimo who is the Independent Associate at Talk Fusion said the video chat from their company is fantastic. Video chat has lately continued to influence user due to its dependability, convenience, and its compatibility, and as Jeanne mentioned it is the new fashion to communicate all over again across the world.

Talk Fusion offers a unique product away from its competitors as their app can be easily shared among several mobile devices with no requirements like registration or signing up. The app from Talk Fusion also allows android and apple device users to connect on equal platform instantly. Bob Reina who is the founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion trust that video chat is in a league of its own. The app allows people to dialog face to face from any and every device. The CEO believes that the new development will assist the video chat users to expand their enterprises, stay in contact with their team members as well as increasing efficiency.

Talk Fusion is described as the home of the world’s first all in one video marketing solutions. It was established in 2007 by Rob Reina who is also the CEO. Their advanced products and services are marketed person to person with the help of Independent Associates who currently operate in more than 140 countries. The organization also gives a free 30-day trial to anyone who wishes to purchase their products which can easily be downloaded from Google play or iTunes. Talk Fusion does not only distribute communication services but it is also involved in community work, and it gives away to friends, family as well as animal’s charities world over.

Reliable and Customer Driven

Securus Technologies is an information technologies corporation that directly stands by its customers, serving them with powerful answers to their communication and security issues. The company recently received the highest of honors from the Better Business Bureau, who accredited the company with an A+ rating, allowing it to outshine the competition around it. Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoyas, attributed an increased in customer appreciation to working alongside the Better Business Bureau, with this accreditation undoubtedly going to provide additional customer base in the near future.


Securus Technologies provides incredible products to customers that are normally ignored as a consumer base by other corporations. The company focuses its attention on the United States penal system, those working directly for item as well as those currently serving time within it. Inmates are given communication support through Securus products in order for them to remain connected to their loved ones and family members on the outside. Products such as a free video chat streaming application make communication not only simple but fun and personal. This allows family members to successfully bypass the annoyance of visitation times, which normally include long drive times and security checks that can take hours to finish. This new application allows them to remove the middle man and immediately talk to one another, which is a huge advantage over the more traditional visitation methods. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


As a company Securus technologies is already providing excellent products and services to their customers, with this accreditation only increasing their ability to serve customer needs. New customers will be able to see this accreditation and have peace of mind knowing that their choice to choose Securus was the right one for the service that they need. It is a bright time for this company.


How EOS Came to be the Second Best-Selling Lip Balm Brand

Evolution of Smooth is one of the leading lip balm brands. Most people know this fact. However, what people don’t know is how the brand came to being a top-rated player in the industry. Following an interview with the founders of EOS lip balm, we are able to understand how the brand came to being the second best-selling lip balm brand.

EOS was started after identifying a gap in the beauty industry. Particularly, in the lip balm department. They did their research and found out that many of the players in the industry were competing through cutting of costs and competing on the basis of cost. This to the company founders seemed lazy.

They also found out that lip balm was highly used by women as a beauty regimen. But even then, they never found it to be fun. They hated the tubes that easily got lost in hand bags and had the feel of a medical products. Also, they slightly liked the potted balms that were finding their way into the market. The only problem with the potted balms was that it required the use of fingers for application. The problem was in the application, many women found it unhygienic. From this research, an opportunity was found to produce EOS lip balm, a product that women would enjoy applying and still maintain hygiene.

The founders, after a series of tests, decide to come up with a product that utilized organic ingredients, was soft in the hands, tasted and smelled good, and had varying colors to choose from. This was followed by hiring of sales persons that saw their product launched and selling on the likes of Walmart and LuckyVitamin. Also, they had to buy their own production equipment. Next was online and offline marketing efforts, followed by strategic partnerships. This basically saw them beat Chapstick. For more info on EOS company, visit them on Linked In.