Discover How To Save For College Today

NexBank has an extensive article in BizJournals concerning their merger with College Savings Bank. They have a wonderful program that allows students and their parents to save big on college. College Savings Bank is glad to partner with NexBank and bring you the superior college savings programs. They have over 5,700+ programs that are available to you under their same likeness and name. Dallas based President says that this has been a wonderful transaction for everyone involved and they hope to bring more savings to their customers in the future. You’re invited to become a member and learn more today.

NexBank Features

They have created a car buying program that has put several local area residents in their dream car. NexBank gives their customers that they can afford and they have a reasonable installment loan that meets their budget. You can find out more about their car buying program by visiting their easy to read and navigate website. You can also become a part of their mortgage program that will allow you to buy a new home. As a client you have the option of many services that will allow you to maximize your money and do more than let it sit in a bank.

– Direct deposit
– 24/7 customer service
– Mortgage account
– IRA accounts

NexBank is pioneering the industry as one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the industry. They give their customers the same services that are available at their local branch over the phone. When you register for your account you instantly have immediate access to your account. Best of all, you can check your account anytime you want over the phone with Nexbank’s online banking. You also have the ability to check your account from any device including your smartphone or tablet.

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