Meet Us On The World Stage As We Present Lovaganza

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Are you ready world? Set the days aside for an event that promises to be the event of the decade. It’s not too soon so mark your calendar. You won’t want to miss this event. Mark your calendar. Come May 20, 2020 and running through September 2020, you are invited to join a gathering of mankind to celebrate the greatest worldwide celebration of all time: Lovaganza. Someday, people will ask: “What were you doing on May 20, 2020”.

We will simultaneously assemble with others from AMERICA, EUROPE, AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST, ASIA AND OCEANIA as we celebrate love thru-out the world

The clock is ticking off the minutes as the widely anticipated Bohemian Adventure Lovaganza continues to evolve in time for its May 2020 world premiere.

The theme of this huge theatrical feel-good undertaking is:”Love is universal”. Lovaganza is the worldwide expression of human emotion rolled up into one ultimate expression spanning all corners of the earth. It is a huge experiment that delves into the human spirit. With total devotion and boundless energy, the producers of the trilogy promise to present their incredible production to the world in May of 2020. Be prepared to become transformed.

Travel with the imaginative convoys of Lovaganza creators through the beginning in Mumbai,India, through an amazing lineup of possible locations and studios throughout the country. Continue with the crew as they film opening scenes at Warner Brothers Lot in Hollywood. Follow the crew as they move to Lancaster CA, Lompoc, Agua, and the Disney Ranch for more scenes before embarking on their shoot in FRIGILIANA, SPAIN

The pace is on-course and hectic as 2020 no longer seems so distant.

Film Trailers are being released and a painting of the Lovaganza theme has been commission and underway INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED PAINTER DAVID UHL.The operation is firing on all cylinders.Can you feel it?

From the jungles of Kenya where Masai warriors were filmed expressed their support to the studios of southern California, the artistic communities are excited and “all in” for the kickoff of this “far-flung”? bohemian Adventure”.

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