Meet Us On The World Stage As We Present Lovaganza

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Are you ready world? Set the days aside for an event that promises to be the event of the decade. It’s not too soon so mark your calendar. You won’t want to miss this event. Mark your calendar. Come May 20, 2020 and running through September 2020, you are invited to join a gathering of mankind to celebrate the greatest worldwide celebration of all time: Lovaganza. Someday, people will ask: “What were you doing on May 20, 2020”.

We will simultaneously assemble with others from AMERICA, EUROPE, AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST, ASIA AND OCEANIA as we celebrate love thru-out the world

The clock is ticking off the minutes as the widely anticipated Bohemian Adventure Lovaganza continues to evolve in time for its May 2020 world premiere.

The theme of this huge theatrical feel-good undertaking is:”Love is universal”. Lovaganza is the worldwide expression of human emotion rolled up into one ultimate expression spanning all corners of the earth. It is a huge experiment that delves into the human spirit. With total devotion and boundless energy, the producers of the trilogy promise to present their incredible production to the world in May of 2020. Be prepared to become transformed.

Travel with the imaginative convoys of Lovaganza creators through the beginning in Mumbai,India, through an amazing lineup of possible locations and studios throughout the country. Continue with the crew as they film opening scenes at Warner Brothers Lot in Hollywood. Follow the crew as they move to Lancaster CA, Lompoc, Agua, and the Disney Ranch for more scenes before embarking on their shoot in FRIGILIANA, SPAIN

The pace is on-course and hectic as 2020 no longer seems so distant.

Film Trailers are being released and a painting of the Lovaganza theme has been commission and underway INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED PAINTER DAVID UHL.The operation is firing on all cylinders.Can you feel it?

From the jungles of Kenya where Masai warriors were filmed expressed their support to the studios of southern California, the artistic communities are excited and “all in” for the kickoff of this “far-flung”? bohemian Adventure”.

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Martin Lustgarten’s Involvement in Investment Banking

One of the more well known and significant fields in the finance industry is investment banking. This is a field that entails helping a number of businesses reach certain objectives in terms of raising capital. With investment banking a number of companies can get the assistance they need in order to issue new stock, increase the value of its stock and also merge with other companies. As a result investment banking often plays a significant role in helping businesses succeed as well as maintain and improve the overall economy.

There are a number of ways in which an investment banking firm helps companies. One of the most common ways it helps companies is by making mergers and acquisitions. This is the process of two companies coming together to form as one new company. There are times when one company is losing money and instead of shutting down it will look to merge with another company that is prospering. In this situation both companies can combine resources and therefore form a new company that provides more services, better products, keeping jobs and expanding.

Most investment banking firms are large and usually just work with businesses. However there are a number of smaller firms that work with individuals. One of these firms is run by a man named Martin Lustgarten. Martin currently runs a small firm in Florida where he works with both businesses and individuals. When working with businesses he often helps them acquire capital to expand as well as merge and acquire other companies. Therefore Martin helps improve the local economy with his assistance through his investment banking firm.

Another aspect of Martin Lustgarten and his firm is providing financial services to individuals. With these services he helps many people through financial advisory. He will help them invest for their retirement as well as save up for things such as college. Martin works very hard to keep up to date on financial trends which will allow him to give valuable information to his clients. Lustgarten also helps advise clients on what to invest in such as stock and mutual funds. Therefore he offers very effective financial advice that will benefit individuals as well as businesses.

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The Contributions And Success Of Malini Saba

Malini Saba is among the world’s top investors and a well-known philanthropist. She is the Chairman of the Board of Saban Capital Group. As a philanthropist, she founded the Street Foundation: Global Investment for Women. Malini Saba is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. She sees Ipswitch as an organization of enormous potential. Malini Saba was born in Perth. She relocated to America and settled in San Francisco in the 1990’s.
She has run her own business for over 25 years and made investments in 22 other firms. Her company, Saban, retains varied investment interests worldwide in technology companies in America, oil and gas in China, and real estate in India and Australia. In 2005, she donated $1 million to initiate the first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, California. She toured Tsunami-hit areas in India and Sri Lanka and also pledged $10 million to victims of the tragedy
Her first company began out of an idea to invest in companies. Therefore, she founded Saban to retain investment interests in various sectors. Malini wakes up at 5 a.m., takes her daughter to school at 7 a.m., and then walks back to her office. At 3 a.m., she goes to pick her daughter from school.She comes up with ideas by looking at market trends and doing the opposite. Malini used that approach to investing in real estate in India early in the Millenium.
Malini Saba is fascinated by the commodity market because of its volatility and significant returns. She believes that her fearless character is what has made her be a successful entrepreneur. Malini has always taken the “Bull by the Horns” and is never afraid of risks. Her worst experience in her career was when her company began operations in a country where corruption was very high. She refused to play by their game and soon, the media targeted her in an attempt to discredit her. From that experience, she learned never to let people bully her.
She is always on the ground and in the fields to know what her staff is experiencing. Her advice to the aspiring and upcoming entrepreneur is always to trust their guts and believe in themselves. Her role model is Steve Jobs, whom she described as a fighter. Malini loves good food and wine. She uses Yelp to locate new restaurants.

George Soros Will Continue While Glenn Beck Fails

In his mission to achieve personal wealth and power, Glenn Beck has used a lot of unfair and unjust tactics. One of Beck’s favorite tactics is to attack perceived enemies with allegations of crimes that are essentially invented from whole cloth. Numerous times, Beck has used his national platform to attack George Soros, a major financier, public figure and philanthropist. Fortunately, a number of courageous journalists and commentators have taken Beck to task for his unwarranted character assassinations. Learn more about his profile at

As reported by the New Yorker, Glenn Beck has wrangled a number of Soros quotes in the pursuit of his bizarre conspiracy theories. Echoing many of the tropes of classical anti-Semitic theorists, Glenn Beck accused George Soros of heading some type of conspiracy to control the world. In making this paranoid claim, Glenn Beck utterly ignored the fundamental truths about Soros’ philanthropy and his political activism. Awarded and applauded by numerous important bodies, Soros has moved forward with absolute confidence as he works towards a more just global society. Glenn Beck’s ignorant attacks on George Soros would seem less alarming if Beck didn’t have such an exaggerated influence on the Republican discourse. Although Beck is something of an extremist, he has managed to win a fair amount of influence in the Tea Party sphere of the Republican party.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

And Now: Anti-Semitism

Like it or not, Fox News remains one of the highest-rated cable news networks. It is absurd that such a prominent voice as this allowed incredibly Beck’s paranoid Soros theories to broadcast worldwide in 2010. With nary a concern for accuracy or fairness, Beck aired three hour-long episodes specifically targeting George Soros with libel. The truth about Soros is far different from the paranoid facsimile Beck peddles. In all likelihood, George Soros contributed more to the downfall of European Communism than any other private Western citizen. Without doubt, Soros’ pro-democracy initiatives are creating positive results worldwide. With full respect for the law and international norms, Soros’ Open Society movement has taken thoughtful action to nudge countries towards transparency. Today, Soros is particularly focused on fostering democracy in Burma, a region long ripe for grassroots reform. As a major financier, Soros has the clout to raise millions for cutting-edge liberal policy institutes. This philanthropist also supports advocacy groups with real integrity. Worldwide, these groups use peaceful means to advocate for democratic change. In all of his dealings, Soros exemplifies the caring, modern attitude towards handling income inequality and structural inequity.

Moving forward, it is likely that George Soros has much to add to the national conversation about wealth and inequality. On the other hand, it is almost certain that Glenn Beck will continue to face commercial decline and waning influence. Since losing his flagship television program on Fox News, Glenn Beck has struggled to maintain relevance in the modern political scene. Fortunately for journalists and philanthropists worldwide, Beck’s influence will continue to dim.

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