Videos In Emails Boost Marketing To A Tremendous Degree

Email marketing is not a new concept. Some of the ways promotional emails are “tweaked” to garner better results are new. One method has been around for some years, but has only recently gained a tremendous amount of traction is the integration of video in advertising-oriented emails.

Anyone utilizing an email marketing strategy without also weaving in video content may be making a mistake. With video, the email can have a greater impact on the recipient. A recent article in Hello Tesla covers a host of points as to why email/video marketing is worth attempting.

The main reason is these types of emails get greater results. The open rate of emails with videos sees and increase of 20% over those emails without videos. Video emails also generate an increase of about 40% in revenue.

These stats are known thanks to an effective study performed by the Relevancy Group. The study was carefully performed and executed. So, anyone weighing options for adding videos to emails may put some credence into those figures.

Videos in emails really do add a lot to the content. Anyone who receives such an email is seeing advertising material that truly sets itself apart from the mass of millions of boring emails commonly sent out.

Video is able to get information across in a manner much different than traditional prose email text. Even incredibly written advertising copy could be at a disadvantage when trying to sell a particular product or service. A short video, however, provides the audio and video better capable of appealing to the senses in a dramatic manner.

Talk Fusion was a company that pioneered the use of video in emails. Year ago, Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, found himself unable to send video through AOL. AOL wasn’t doing anything to enhance its email platform to accommodate video sending. Although AOL was a corporate and internet giant, the entity ignored or dismissed the notion video could be used in emails. Talk Fusion saw its opening and launched an incredibly innovative marketing concept. Video entered the realm of email marketing as a result.


The doors are now wide open. Rather than rely on generic emails, take things to the next level.