An In-depth Look into Andy Wirth and His New Position in Reno Airport Board

Andy Wirth is tasked with responsibility for overseeing daily operations and implementing the overall strategic plan at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He serves as the CEO and President of the company. He has worked determinedly to transform Ski area to a prominent tourist destination.

He financially supports community-based organizations that focus on maintaining a clean and sustainable environment. Wirth‘s goals are to better the lives of people of diverse ages in the community. At Squaw Valley, he leads a team of highly trained professionals to offer exceptional services.

The Reno airport board attained a new look after including three new members and appointing Andy Wirth as the chairperson. He will be leading nine members that include the newly sworn in members: Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli, and Sferrazza.

Andy Wirth expressed his gratitude for his new position and hinted that the Reno Airport will benefit from new ideas from the new appointees. He ascertained that the air travel services were going to be boosted to a top-notch level considering the new members are highly trained and experienced.

Andy Wirth became a member of Reno Board in 2013. He has a long-term experience in management of international resorts. Additionally, he has collaborated with several airlines in developing more airlifts for resorts in Colorado, Utah, and Canada.

As a board member, Wirth connected Reno-Sparks and Lake Tahoe, while serving as a representative of the airport that allows travelers to access Lake Tahoe.

Launch of Iron Team

Andy Wirth sustained serious injuries after being involved in a skydiving accident. He accidentally met and established a friendship with a team of Navy Seals who were training at Squaw Valley. He believes that their continued support played a significant role in his recovery. You can also learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Together with his friends, he established an Ironman team known as Wounded Warrior Support. The team accumulates funds to support programs of Navy Seal Foundation. In turn, the foundation helps men serving in the Navy as well as their families.

During his recovery period, Wirth took time and reflected the challenges that the Navy servicemen and their families endure. The stories from these groups of people motivated and gave him the strength to press on. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine and Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

Yeonmi Park Reveals North Korean Escape In Memoir

The memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Jounrey To Freedom” an Amazon best seller and has proven a success around the world after details of the life lived by author Yeonmi Park were revealed through her public appearances and media articles. Yeonmi Park began her life as a member of the government elite owing to the position held by her father in North Korea; life changed dramatically for the Park family when her father was forced to sell goods on the black market in a bid to provide food for his family during one of the regular periods of famine.
The change in lifestyle Yeonmi Park saw as she moved from the very top of North Korean society to the bottom gives her memoir an added insight into the problems that affect each area of life in this closed society; Park also reveals the issue of food shortages can affect members of the society at all levels in her detailed memoir.

Since enduring what can only be described as a harrowing journey to freedom that is detailed in her memoir the life of Yeonmi Park has changed in a variety of different ways. Since finding her way to freedom Yeonmi has detailed her story in a number of different ways and highlighted the plight of refugees in public appearances and articles written prior to the completion of her memoir.

One of the moments that can be credited with prompting the change in life Park has seen in recent years was her appearance at the One World Summit in Dublin, Ireland; Park’s appearance at the summit was uploaded to YouTube and prompted her rise in popularity as a speaker across the globe.


Videos In Emails Boost Marketing To A Tremendous Degree

Email marketing is not a new concept. Some of the ways promotional emails are “tweaked” to garner better results are new. One method has been around for some years, but has only recently gained a tremendous amount of traction is the integration of video in advertising-oriented emails.

Anyone utilizing an email marketing strategy without also weaving in video content may be making a mistake. With video, the email can have a greater impact on the recipient. A recent article in Hello Tesla covers a host of points as to why email/video marketing is worth attempting.

The main reason is these types of emails get greater results. The open rate of emails with videos sees and increase of 20% over those emails without videos. Video emails also generate an increase of about 40% in revenue.

These stats are known thanks to an effective study performed by the Relevancy Group. The study was carefully performed and executed. So, anyone weighing options for adding videos to emails may put some credence into those figures.

Videos in emails really do add a lot to the content. Anyone who receives such an email is seeing advertising material that truly sets itself apart from the mass of millions of boring emails commonly sent out.

Video is able to get information across in a manner much different than traditional prose email text. Even incredibly written advertising copy could be at a disadvantage when trying to sell a particular product or service. A short video, however, provides the audio and video better capable of appealing to the senses in a dramatic manner.

Talk Fusion was a company that pioneered the use of video in emails. Year ago, Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, found himself unable to send video through AOL. AOL wasn’t doing anything to enhance its email platform to accommodate video sending. Although AOL was a corporate and internet giant, the entity ignored or dismissed the notion video could be used in emails. Talk Fusion saw its opening and launched an incredibly innovative marketing concept. Video entered the realm of email marketing as a result.


The doors are now wide open. Rather than rely on generic emails, take things to the next level.

DEVCO on Gateway and the Heldrich

In 2005, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority loaned $20 million dollars to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority for construction of a a New Brunswick hotel and conference center called The Heldrich replacing a blighted hotel that sat on the site. This 365,000 square foot project has been heralded as a landmark development in what can be accomplished when the public and the private sector work together. It contains 248 hotel rooms, 48 condominiums, a 50,000 square foot conference center, retail, restaurants and the Workforce Development Center for Rutgers University.

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority already missed almost $7 million in payments during the last five years. In January,the Middlesex authority DEVCO says that it will miss another $1 million payment plus interest payments on its loan. These loans are already provided at a lower interest rate than the authority could get if they went to the local bank.

Many real estate developments did not do as well in 2007 and 2008 as investors had hoped. Officials with the Heldrich like Chris Paladino say it was no different for them. The hotel continues to receive only 63.5 percent occupancy rates with Johnson & Johnson being their largest customer. Interestingly, executives with Johnson & Johnson serve on the board for the Middlesex authority.

DEVCO has asked to borrow millions in bonds for the Gateway project that will include a university campus, along with some office space. In March, the Atlantic City Improvement Authority approved $145 million for the Stockton campus and $12 million in state tax credits for construction of South Jersey Gas’ new $50 million headquarters which has previously been located at the other end of the county. The facility will also include a $35 million 886-space parking garage with South Jersey Gas paying for about 200 of those spaces.

DEVCO has many exciting projects in the works including the redevelopment of College Avenue. There is no doubt that these projects will be successful over time.