Politifact confirms George Soros has not donated to Kasich campaign

Campaign ads running during the Wisconsin primary accuse billionaire George Soros of backing the campaign of Republican John Kasich, former governor of Ohio, according to the Politifact website. Although the campaign has received donations from two people connected to the Democratic billionaire, Soros has not donated to the Kasich campaign directly on opensocietyfoundations.org. The political fact checking website rated the claim as false earlier this week.

With only three candidates left in the Republican primaries, the campaign attack ads on http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/ have become more focused and more vicious. The candidates have not chosen to attack the party’s frontrunner. Instead, they are attempting to persuade the former Ohio governor to drop out of the race.

Representatives from the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz campaigns have asked Kasich to pull out of the race because he is taking away votes that could be going to either candidate. Some conspiracy theorists believe the former Ohio governor is remaining in the race in the hopes of causing a contested Republican convention.

Radio talk show hosts have accused the Republican establishment of wanting neither Trump sides believe that this year has seen a political rebellion against party establishment candidates. Trump leads the Republican side on Bloomberg, but pundits are still guessing about the outcome of the Democratic primaries. Clinton has the most delegates at the moment, but later races have gone to Sanders.

Both George Soros on politico and the Kasich campaign issued statements denying any connection between Soros and Kasich. Conservative media routinely criticizes Soros, and former Fox News Host Glenn Beck refers to him as “the spooky dude.”

Although George Soros donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign, he has not donated to any candidate since 2004. He donated heavily to the John Kerry campaign to prevent the re-election of former president George W. Bush. He is the founder Moveon.org, and he provides financial backing to the Media Matters website.