Autism Rocks Founder Sanjay Shah Brings In New Trustees

Sanjay Shah has brought in two new trustees to his live music charity, Autism Rocks. As announced through The Sunday Times, the London-based charity organization has appointed brothers Will and Pete Best to the Board of Trustees.
Autism Rocks founder Sanjay Shah is a longtime acquaintance of the brothers, and is confident they will have a positive effect on the charity. The Best brothers will oversee general managerial process, funding management, and live fundraising events.

About Pete Best

Pete Best has 21 years experience in finance, notably as brokerage firm Icap’s Chief Operating Officer until changing his focus to family and charity in 2015. His deep experience in finance is particularly important for his new role with Autism Rocks.

About Will Best

Will Best is an international TV presenter specializing in music events, with experience in advertising. His knowledge of live events is a critical skill for live fundraising events, which are the core focus of Autism Rocks conceptually. The charity puts on events including such luminaries as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Snoop Dogg, and Shah believes Will is a great choice to organize these large events.

About Sanjay Shah

Financial services expert and longtime philanthropist Sanjay Shahof Solo Capital founded Autism Rocks in 2014, in response to his son Nikhil’s autism diagnosis. Using contacts in the music industry, Shah stages live concerts to raise funds and build awareness for autism research. The proceeds from each event go to various organizations that specialize in researching autism.

Shah is also founder of Solo Capital Markets, a London-based, international boutique financial services company. With years of experience under his belt working for Credit Suisse, Merill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, Shah started the company in the wake of the 2009 financial crisis. Although he considers himself retired, Shah continues to oversee Solo Capital Partners as CEO.