Dr Sergio Cortes Tour Flood Ravaged Xerém

Xerém, Duque de Caxias is the epicenter of the recent storms that have caused extensive flooding in Brazil. The Xerém, Duque de Caxias area is being visited by the State Sec. of Health Sergio Cortes was medical expert and leading the governments’ fight against the likely spread of several diseases associated with large reservoirs which contain contaminated water and mosquitoes. The government sent Dr. Sergio Cortes and he is serving the area along with teams from the Department of Health. Dr. Sergio Cortes met with the Municipal Health Secretary, and according to an article in Extra.Globo.com
they are coordinating with the National Health Force Conception de Mendonca to help combat
the emerging health crisis. It was agreed upon that the state would deliver emergency kits in Cazias along with 3000 antibiotic tablets to help with the early intervention and early-stage treatment of leptospirosis.
The majority of the measures taken place here concentrate on preventing the proliferation of these diseases spreading through the contaminated water. Hepatitis A and diarrhea, meningitis and dengue plus alarming Zika Virus that Dr. Sergio Cortes says on twitter may be linked to 4000 birth defects among Brazilian women. So far seven shelters have been erected in Xerém alone. The Health Surveillance Secretary of State has also sent out teams from the Department of Health and deliver 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochiorite to help with daily disinfection of the water. Also tons of all water has been trucked into the area and all residents have been urged only use the bottled water for drinking and for food hygiene.
There is a special situation room were Sec. Sergio Cortes and other Linked In officials can meet in a centralized location to monitor the information coming in from the outpost and emergency shelters under their management.
Department of Health Sec, Dr. Sergio Cortes has been instrumental in coordinating the efforts combat series of mosquito transmitted diseases affecting the area.  The World Health Organization has begun testing people infected with the Zika Virus. Dr. Cortes is running a campaign to help educate the residents in the area about the dangers of the Zika Virus and now both the governments of Colombia and Brazil have called on a voluntary moratorium on pregnancies.

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