A Recap of Highly Nutritious Dog Food Innovations

Dog food is seeing advancement as an industry again.

Freshpet CEO is leading the company into a new era with their gourmet dog food. The quality and fresh ingredients don’t use preservatives. Instead, they limit the amount of time that the food sits on the shelves so that the food still has plenty of flavor by the time your dog tastes it.

Keep in mind that this attention to detail is happening with dog food, not human food. What we’re talking about is a huge trend toward innovations that are attempting to make dog food so delectable that even humans will want a bite.

Traditionally, lamb and salmon have been used to make dog food more healthy. Now, the good news is that the healthy sector of dog food has become so competitive that even more new creations are being created. For example, Colgate has a new dog food to help your dog shed pounds. And Nestle on en.wikipedia.org offers a product where pet owners can select special blends for their pets which are completely personalized according to the dog and their owner’s needs. Another trend is the farm-to-table movement. Take Nutro Farm’s Harvest line, for instance, which folds rich cranberries and blueberries into the dog food.

If dessert and fruit aren’t enough, thee is always Italian for your pooch. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights now have beef stroganoff or lasagna on the menu. In addition to genres of food, if you have an older dog you can find a special mix as well. There is now something called Bright Minds which has medium-chain triglycerides. This ingredient is a fat that comes from coconut oil, which is easier for older dogs to digest. This lets them have more energy to play with you.

Beneful is another great dog food. They ensure that the quality of their product is the top priority using special, strict procedures. Beneful’s tracking system ensures that dog food is analyzed through every step of the process.

The ingredients of Beneful are highly nutritious and hand-selected. The high regulation of pet products ensures that only the best quality is delivered to your dog. Beneful is a clear choice for those who want to offer their pet the best.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Takes The Lead Of Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the key figures in Coriant Networking Company. The firm was formed through a series of events where the original name of the Company was Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir is an electrical engineer who specializes in offering solutions to the control systems and mobile networking platforms. He has encountered several achievements such as in the provision of a common network to serve the investors and employees on an everyday basis. The efforts and commitments have led to the success of Kheradpir.


He is currently the Chief Executive of Coriant Solutions, a firm that offers networking solutions to more than one hundred and twenty countries in the whole world. This company serves as the best providers of communication services in the entire world. Kheradpir has been providing telecommunication services and technological support services in more than twenty-five years. In return, he has encountered considerable experience and expertise in the field. He has been working with Juniper Networks as the Chief Executive Officer before signing a commercial deal with the Coriant Solutions Limited.


Kheradpir has dedicated his efforts to raise the company standards to higher heights in the optical communications networks. According to Kheradpir point of view, distance achievements and capacity building have a significant role to play in the counteracting of optical communication systems. Coriant Solutions Limited and the Orange team have joined forces to make a vivid demonstration of a flex-rate modulation by the use of an interface that supports the Information and Technology rates. The achievements encountered led to a realization of an efficient and reliable network that can be used by firms and institutions that used the 100G network model.


Coriant solutions offer networking solutions to more than one hundred countries at a global level. The use of Coriant Cloud Wave Optics enhances n empowerment of the adaptability and the flexibility of the networking solutions. The cloud wave is in demand by the technologically advanced countries to improve reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of the products they offer. The networking solutions will also bring a tremendous change in the banking sector. The cloud wave optics will bring about the flexibility of frequency and enhanced scalability.


The former JP Morgan’s partners separated from the JP Morgan Chase to form the CCMP Capital Company. The company is the among the largest private investment firms focusing on leveraged growth and capital transaction. Mr. Steve Murray is remembered as the man who took the president of the company after the separation. The company ranks in the world biggest and influential invest firms. With over fifty employees, CCMP operates offices all over the world in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The company is among the leading the top in the competitive investment banking industry.

The former president is remembered for as a private institutional investor and philanthropist. Steven is a graduate of the Boston College where he graduated with an economic degree. The skilled and experienced business mogul acquired his masters from the Columbia business school in 1989. Right from the world of academics, Murray began building his prosperous career at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He worked as a credit analyst in a training program from the Corporation. Before chemical bank purchased the firm in 1991, he joined the MH equity organization.

Murray joined the JP Morgan partners in 2005 and became the head of the buyout business at the company. He co-founded his investment firm currently known as the CCMP Capital that was a spin out of the JP Morgan Chase. Murray became the CEO of the company in 2007.

Steve was a shrewd entrepreneur who built the new CCMP Company to reach the top private equity firms in the country. He is more remembered for his philanthropic acts in the construction of a better life for the society. Murray supported the make a wish foundation in metro New York. The Foundation in a non-profit making organization registered in the United States. It specializes in organizing aid for children with life-threatening medical condition aged between 3 to 17 years. The physician treating the children is the determinant of the child’s eligibility.

Murray also supported other causes including his former school the Boylston College. He supported the Stamford Museum and the Columbia business school where he attained his master’s degree. The museum location is in Stamford Lincolnshire in Britain. The museum had its original place in the Victoria building and was run by the local city council. It houses the collections from the 18tyh century pottery from Daniel Lambert and Stamford ware. It also contains Stamford’s Eleanor cross collections.