The Lime Crime Look

When really looking good matters, women will always choose makeup that works for them. Whether it’s that reliable shade of pink lipstick from a tried and true brand or a powder that has stood the test of time, women choose makeup because it delivers on a promise of making them look better than average. A step up from there, however, is makeup that delivers on a whole other level. That’s makeup that makes a real statement, and that is a statement that says, “Yes, I’m beautiful.”

Rocking a Great Look With Lime Crime

Lime Crime cosmetics is a rock and roll makeup line that first came on the scene in 2007/2008. The brand was created by a Russian emigre Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere who started out with a fashion line and then moved into makeup. What really drives this brand is the idea that makeup shouldn’t just make a woman a little better looking. Instead, her makeup should make a statement that shouts out “I’m bold, I’m brave, and yes, I’m really beautiful!”

The Lime Crime look delivers all that and more, with a fabulous selection of lip colors and shadows and glitter pots that bring a compelling artfulness to the whole daily beauty routine. The Lime Crime look is one that goes far beyond the usual selection of foundation and concealers into cosmetics that blast an everyday look into something that’s really quite extraordinary.

Lip Color That’s Truly Fabulous

The Velvetines lip color line on is a key innovation from Lime Crime. Developed by Deere herself with a dedicated chemist, these unique lip colors are the first to go on “liquid to matte.” They also keep their wild colors without crumbling, for a look that’s kissable as can be. Velvetines are also certified “cruelty free” and they come in a range of gorgeous colors that run from hot pink to deep purple, blacks and even a mushroom shade of beige brown.

Catch a Unicorn

Women can also choose from a wilder range of lip color in Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick line. These smooth, slightly more wet matte lipsticks are available in gorgeous shades of pink, purple, red, orange and even yellow, green and wildly electric blue.

For an even more stunning look, women can add a dose of gorgeous glitter onto their lips and eyes with Zodiac glitter pots from Lime Crime.

Is it any wonder that Lime Crime is catching on a big way? Women who love looking good know that this brand has what they want, and what they need, beauty wise.

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